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The Power of Belief and The Power of Intention

The first seven years of a child´s life is molded by the beliefs of the parents or the family raising the child, mixed and followed by the immediate family, friends, teachers and society in general.  The power of belief starts to be shaped and ingrained in a child since childbirth, while the power of intention is designed in continuum and later put into practice, when the naïve child makes it into an adult, who knows who it is and where to go, gaining maturity by experience and choice – but this is neither an easy task nor the same for everyone. The Power of Belief and Power of Intention were always hard to understand, differentiate, handle and stand by; globalization and social media made it all even harder.
Globalization and social media made it so much harder because large amounts of humanity (most who use social media) seek to be just like the one they see on social media with a brilliant smile – pretending to be rich, famous and happy – making everyone envious of their succes…


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