The Power of Belief and The Power of Intention

The first seven years of a child´s life is molded by the beliefs of the parents or the family raising the child, mixed and followed by the immediate family, friends, teachers and society in general.  The power of belief starts to be shaped and ingrained in a child since childbirth, while the power of intention is designed in continuum and later put into practice, when the naïve child makes it into an adult, who knows who it is and where to go, gaining maturity by experience and choice – but this is neither an easy task nor the same for everyone. The Power of Belief and Power of Intention were always hard to understand, differentiate, handle and stand by; globalization and social media made it all even harder.


Globalization and social media made it so much harder because large amounts of humanity (most who use social media) seek to be just like the one they see on social media with a brilliant smile – pretending to be rich, famous and happy – making everyone envious of their success. Success has been since measured by “likes” and “likes” are given to smiles, cuteness or to rich and famous for whatever it may be.  Success by merit still exists but is something viewed as belonging to the past! Because of this, a new belief turned into a new intention in society  and so the wannabe was born. 

The wannabe´s belief is: well-being, happiness and success  depends on being  like anybody who pretends to be, something they are not, and so their intention is well set into being exactly that: - the wannabe.

Wannabes mirror wannabees. They are happy on the outside – they are incomplete and sometimes miserable  inside.

It is hard not to be a wannabe, because the wave is growing larger and taller making the energy on Earth somewhat difficult for us – the NO-wannabes!

There is hope for whoever wants to go back to basics and return to being original; ultimately, making some silence and having a nice talk with oneself is enough to change the power of belief, and set a new power of intention; meditation is a great help. 

Yes, we do create a new reality everyday if we want to! If we do not, we just follow the crowd and do nothing different.

Wannabees are not true to themselves, they are acting; they are not evolving, so one day if they don´t change in this lifetime,  they will pass away and play repeat, experiencing the same things over again. 

Yes, we do create our life, or better we do co-create our life as we go along by using freewill and changing anything -  we so desire -  from the original model we did before incarnating into this life.

No, it´s not true our life´s print is set in stone and we can´t change it.

Changing or not changing the beliefs or intentions is a decision each one of us must make. It is by doing this that we are able to change our reality. But, what works for me might not work for you!

We each have a different agenda,  that is normal - what is not, is  this "phenomenon" of the “wannabes” and so it must not continue for too long unless humanity wants to lose individual identity. 

I am not an advocate of following rules set by some guru, leader or authority on the matter of beliefs or intentions and there are many good books written by many incredible and talented authors, but if you do, there’s no problem about it at all.  I am usually quite inspired and like originality so when I  guide someone,  I like to give them the means or the ideas to get to their path, instead of giving counselling to be followed step by step, as I firmly believe the contrary of what I was taught.

I was taught – we are all the same, bla,bla,bla. And the equality soundbite becomes louder (each day), almost deafening! 

OF COURSE we are all the same as human beings but diversity makes us all so much better and richer and fantastic.

Of course I am not going to sit and do everything following an instruction book, although some tips here or there might generate some awesome new ideas.

Of course I am going to do things my way, using all the gifts GOD - THE SOURCE -  has imprinted in my DNA, and so, I can be a different personalized addition to all there is out there, instead of being part of a bulk mass with the same expression.

My parents, my family, my friends, society in general generated my first beliefs, but then I did the rest, carving my own way into new beliefs through my own experiences, making my own ways into new intentions  and keen on new perceptions, then riding into new decisions with new outcomes. The power of the mind does all of this – the power of my mind has done and continues to do this every day making me unique in one sense, unusual to others, against all odds to others yet; to me what really matters is: being true to who I really am, with the complete notion that I am who I am, who I chose to be before I was born into this lifetime.

We are all unique, and  our uniqueness adds variety for all to experience. 

If you resonate with this and want to start changing your beliefs and your intentions tap into your inner self and ask the question:

 - What can I change to be true to who I really am?
 - What should I do to make that change happen?

Listen to yourself, don’t sabotage the answer, just listen and if not clear ask your spiritual guides and angels to help you, the answer might not come immediately and as clear as a sentence, but in a vision, a message from someone or just an event.

Once you put out into the Universe that message that you want to change, your awareness will be different – you will pay attention to things you didn’t before, and your power of belief will definitely start to change into, a whole new power of intention of the new you, that never left its base but was lost just for a little while.

Much Love and Light! 

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