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Life after Death – Truths and Myths about the Afterlife

Life after death will most likely be an uncertainty for as long as the concept of the Creator´s intention will continue to be as is -  when we come back to another cycle of  life, we purposely do not remember anything about previous lives, so whilst – the curious ones - rely on the information channeled from the spirit guides or past life regression, others just keep inventing what is suitable to their own belief, and so, truths and myths get mixed up easily making the afterlife a cocktail, one mixes the best way it pleases them; so today we talk about  Life after Death – Truths and Myths about the Afterlife. What do we know? -            Life is eternal. What is eternal? -          Our essence, our spirit, our soul (whatever you prefer to call it. Being an eternal spirit means that in each life cycle we experience it with a different physical body, gender, personality, country or planet depending on the evolution one achieves, as well as, what one really pretends to

Energy Cleaning and Maintenance

All matter has energy and each individual energy vibrates at a different frequency; thoughts, feelings, decisions, situations and circumstances change the vibration accumulating bad energy which many a times stagnates and forms blockages that originate disease. All of this  dissonant energy needs to be cleared, shifted – in plain terms – energy cleaning and maintenance is needed in order for a well-balanced and harmonic life. Clutter and debris from bad energy is accumulated from all the bad treatment to the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, inflicted on self over the years. Many times, this accumulation may give symptoms of disease because the energy centers (chakras) become out of whack and depleted of pure clean energy, making an  impossible  proper flow or  blockages in one or several parts of the body, causing diseases that can be totally avoided or treated by a simple cleansing.  The same happens to the space we live in or work at. If it is not possible to clea

Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment

Spiritual awakening and enlightenment usually happen one after the other,  while some understand it as it is, others think it is something that happens only to gurus or monks. In reality -  spiritual awakening and enlightenment – happens to all of those who have somehow evolved and chosen it for this lifetime. It is also possible for those who along this lifetime choose to change their path by using freewill. Spirituality is the use of part of a human being; it is the use of the soul. When properly connected with the rest of the self – the mental and the emotional – the balance is then obtained and the use of spiritual intelligence is put into practice. -           There are the IQ people , the ones who use majorly the left brain – these are the Intellectual Intelligent ones.  -           There are the EQ people, the ones who use majorly the right brain – these are the Emotional Intelligent ones.  -           There are the SQ people , the ones who use the whole

Energy Healing and Believing Without Seeing

Several types of energy healing   have been used for many years but are still way less used than medical mainstream therapies, so we know there is a long way to go, in order to change the minds of the skeptics; believing without seeing is impossible to most. As I usually say  - I started to plant the seeds - whether they sprout and bear fruit, it is entirely up to the individual person. Going back to simple basics is hard for some and to compete with sophisticated ways the mainstream medical enterprise's uses is even harder. About a year before my awakening someone asked me: - Do you believe without seeing ?   I was puzzled by the question and took a split moment to answer; not even knowing this was the beginning of a difficult but extremely interesting journey!...  My answer was: - As a true admirer of Jesus I know -  that is, the ultimate wish anyone can have fulfilled in order to have absolute true faith... and I did not reach that point yet! The person immediately an

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