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Mood, Trait and Character – How to Sort them and Change them

In psychology, a mood is considered an emotional state. In contrast to emotions (feelings) moods are less specific, and less likely to be triggered by a particular stimulus or event. Moods are typically a short lasting state or mode. What is the difference between Mood, Trait and Character – and how to sort them and change them? Mood differs from temperament or personality traits, as the latter is longer-lasting – sometimes endures through a lifetime. Nevertheless, certain personality traits such as optimism and neuroticism may predispose certain types of moods. Long term disturbances of mood such as clinical depression and bipolar disorder are considered mood disorders. Mood is an internal, subjective state but it often can be inferred from attitude and other behaviors. Most people consider the character traits described as aggressive, arrogant, bossy, cruel, cynical, domineering, finicky, fussy, greedy, grumpy, harsh, impolite, impulsive, inconsiderate, intolerant, nasty

Shadow Work – What is it and Should You do it?

We all have a closet, an attic or a basement where we keep stuff for years on end, procrastinating a clean-up, forever more. And what about the storage of our dark secrets, the pain from bad experiences or relationships, the sad feelings, the anger, the hatred, the trauma, where are all of these feelings deposited? Is it time for a clean-up? Let´s talk about Shadow Work – What is it, and if and how you should do it? The expression “shadow work” comes from Carl Jung , the Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology.   Through Jung's work experience with patients, he discovered that people store their bad experiences or negative emotions in a separate part of the human psyche somewhere in the subconscious.   He called this area the Shadow or the Dark Side and to some it is felt as if it´s a part outside of themselves. The uncluttering of the Dark Side or the Shadow is called Shadow Work.   People tend to store unresolved issues in their sub

Rethinking Physical and Spiritual Nutrition

As a kid I had a problem; I did not like to eat!   I was never hungry and my mother used to frequently say to me: - “do you think you’re nourished by the air you breathe”?   Well, little did she know or I, for that matter, she was not very far from the idea! Years went by, and with so much that I have studied and experienced, I think it is time we talk about rethinking physical and spiritual nutrition. As I grew up with continuous “no appetite” and was punished for not eating, by teenage years I was already in the kitchen, when no one was home, trying to cook by myself, to experience eating my own cooked food. The adults loved my experiences and I thought – wow(!...) I was able to cook and actually started to like eating – but never large quantities of food; I was satiated with very small amounts, so even though I was eating,   I would still not get away from hearing: - “so you think you are being nourished by the air you breathe”? As a young mom at 23 in the seventies, I was al

How to be Happy in this Lifetime

When we ask someone if he or she is happy - we rarely have a straight answer; most of the times we will get: sometimes, I have days, I have moments, and we even have – I don´t know, but we rarely have a straight and honest YES. How to be happy in this lifetime is being written for the benefit of those who want to be truthful to themselves, while dealing with all that´s going on, on their daily outside world. All of my articles have been written with the help and knowledge of my Higher-self (I call it my Library Upstairs), the 7 Archangels that are helping me in this lifetime, as well as my Spirit Guides, and today, most especially, I was told to let this be known, that no article has been written and put out randomly – nothing is random.   Awakening of a Blue Moon is infused with Love and Light Energy from Source , and the intention put out is to help someone with each reading – to receive and spread more love and light. Whether we are able to touch and help one person, 100, 1.0

The Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius

Astrology's studies basic principle is that cosmic bodies — the sun, moon, planets, and constellations — have influence over or are correlated with earthly events. Astrology unveils to us the influence celestial bodies have on our personal life as well as the collective; as we have been transiting from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius , the next few days will be of extreme importance for a good transition. Let´s see why and how we as responsible collective may help. On the cosmic level, we know there are twelve constellations across the zodiac. These make up the natural zodiac; they do not move and always remain in the same place around the zodiac. However, because of a particular movement of the Earth's pole, the Sun crosses the Equator at a slightly different point every year. With the passing years, this point shifts from one degree approximately every 72 years and shifts signs approximately every 2,156 years. This movement is called precession of the equinoxe

Being in Our Very Own Flow

It is the beginning of another year, another decade, and many are doing a brand new wish list, a New Year resolution list, but what we should be doing first and foremost is – to focus on receiving clarity, in order to start this new year and decade, in our very own flow .   Take note -  I write  - “our very own flow” – meaning our own, not someone else´s! There is a tendency to follow or to go with the flow that is trending on social media, or to go with the flow of the family or friends, forgetting or neglecting our very own needs and desires. It is too often, when I ask “what is it you want to change so you have joy in your life” I get the answer “I don´t know”! There is a state of numbness or confusion, and this  is common because we, too often, don´t stop to think or stop to listen to our own wishes, needs and desires. We just go with the flow of others, we let everyone else´s flow take us on a never ending river, but when we get back to the shore we ask: - ho

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