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The Energy Field – What Science Proves

We often hear that we are ONE and that is, simply because we are all entangled in this gigantic field of energy called Multiverse which spreads throughout the entire Cosmos, and along the years, cosmologists, philosophers, physicists and biologists have proven that several of their experiments have verified  theories about how energies work, behave, act and react, depending on time, space and reality; they have proven all is related, all is subjective, all is entangled; let´s then  talk about The Energy Field and  What Science Proves. The Quantum Entanglement was first discovered by the Austrian Theoretical Physicist Erwin Schrödinger   in 1935; later studied by Einstein as well as other scientists. The Quantum Entanglement is a quantum phenomenon that has no equivalent in conventional physics. The groups of entangled particles lose their individuality and behave as a single entity – as ONE !   Any change in one of the particles leads to an immediate response in the other, even

Meditation and Prayer

I have been saying for years - there are times I need silence to hear my inner self.  I started saying this way before my awakening, and so, knew nothing about meditation,  and the prayers I knew about, were the ones I learned in church – the ones done through repetition of the same words over and over, to the point I think some people just say them automatically getting lost in the words. Nothing bad about it ( I guess); though, if there is not an understanding of the real meaning of the words and the intention put into it, it will be just time wasted. Meditation and prayer can be much more productive, once one knows how to do it and use it to its own specific benefit. Since childhood, I did my own meditation without knowing I was doing it… because I did have the capacity of making silence and hearing my inner self. I remember sometimes being asked: -How do you know that? And I would answer: I don´t know how, I just know! Of course I would not be believed and all I got would be

Fate, Destiny, Freewill, Faith and Karma

As part of a non-ending story, each human, following each one’s own beliefs may live by fate - not learning with Karma , whilst others follow their destiny making new choices as they go along, using freewill  with awareness of true faith and evolve. Popular belief attributes faith to religion; in this case, having faith in God or Saints with the expectation (hope) they will answer the requests (prayers). In other words, faith as part of this religious belief system is an expectation of fulfillment done by Higher Beings. It also puts the blame or responsibility on the Higher Beings when things don´t go as expected, or normal, according to their own conviction. But faith is much more powerful and important, than the hope, that someone out there in another realm will answer or do the work of oneself. Faith is complete trust, complete and naked truth, the simple knowing given to us by our intuition , and this, depends on no one else but us. Faith is the truth in, and, wi

God, Humanity and Religions

What if God was like one of us? What if God was in all of us? I was raised, believing God was a Christian Catholic God, only because I was told to go to Catholic Church and... and much later on as an adult, I was part of a wonderful catholic community doing a lot of volunteer and totally altruistic work. In that community the priests, the nuns and volunteers all had a main goal - helping others and doing good – and with no taboos we worked together the best we could, even though, there was sometimes, an ego, here and there, trying to overshadow or overpower the goodness.  With this thought in mind, I often think of God vs today´s humanity vs religions and all its power, but what if God was like one of us? Not like the song, but for real? What if God was in all of us? Like the catholic say: God is in all of us… but they never explained why and how?! And why not? One day someone who had converted from Catholicism to Judaism said in a conversation, something so simple

Roads, Crossroads, Parallel Roads, Infinite Trails

When you don’t know which road, crossroad, parallel road or infinite trail to take - don’t take the high road - without asking yourself first; then, make sure you listen and follow your own advice! “Hello, it’s a pleasure to meet you! I see you brought company! Nice company!” I literally looked back, naively thinking someone must have followed me confusing me with somebody else! Astonished by not seeing anyone I asked: - Who? “ – Your spiritual guides!” What am I talking about, am I sort or rambling here? I am telling you about the day I was literally sent on a mission to change my life! Literally because I did not get it for too many years! Long conversation short:  - My Spiritual Guides were there on that sunny bright Spring afternoon,  making themselves visible to give me a message – the message – the message I apparently was unable to receive or decode all by myself during all my life! I was literally told I had been pretending not to understand I

Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity…

“Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.  Pierre Teilhard de Chardin” Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was born in Château of Sarcenat at Orcines, France, on 1 May 1881; he passed away on April 10,1955. He was a French idealist, philosopher and a Jesuit priest trained as a paleontologist and geologist.   Pierre conceived the idea of the Omega Point - a spiritual belief and a scientific thought that everything in the universe is destined to spiral towards a final point of divine unification. Although many of Teilhard's writings were censored by the Catholic Church during his lifetime mainly because of his views on original sin, Teilhard has been afterwards praised by Pope Benedict XVI as well as other catholic figures, and his theological teachings were cited by Pope Francis in the 2015 encyclical, Laudato si

Infinite Imaginary Bridges

A bridge is here symbolizing the gap between people. Curiously it is by this bridge on  my photo, I normally do my grounding but that we will go into in a specific separate post. Physically - Whilst giving the perception of a measurable distance, there is a real possibility of connection, a way through, a clear way of making a long distance the shortest way possible. Spiritually – It is a quantum leap as the speed of light, which can be proved by Quantum Physics.  I am here and I am there - wherever you are - upon reading, you will be blessed with the light that transcends through me because it is my intention in all my writings through this - Awakening of a Blue Moon - where you only have to put yourself in a receiving mode (if you want to). How? Close your eyes for a minute and breathe in the energy I put into these words. The general energy I put into my writings in this Awakening of a Blue Moon  website, is of harmony, tranquility and univer

The Awakening of a Blue Moon

In the Beginning… … there was a perception of a difference, then, the separation from the unwanted, or,   the unknown – finally - the surrender made way to the clear path of the awakening of the spirit in me, and so - I was born again . Blue There are several definitions and symbolism for the color blue and why I chose it to be my favorite one, was for sure a combination of them all: “ Blue is the color of the mind and is essentially soothing; it affects us mentally. Strong blues will stimulate clear thought and lighter soft blues will calm the mind and aid concentration. Consequently it is serene and mentally calming. Blue is the color of the sky and sea. It is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven. Blue also represents meanings of depth, trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability, faith, heaven, and intelligence. Spiritually, blue signifies th

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