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The Act of Forgiveness

(This is a full transcript of a channeled message from Archangel Metatron received on February 17, 2020) Forgiveness should not be trivialized! Forgiveness is not something that should only be said, but felt. For the act of forgiveness to be complete and correct, you must go to the root of the issue that caused someone to behave inappropriately with someone else. Only after, you can see and review the situation, or issue, can you understand why and without accepting it or judging it as good or bad, you should compassionately understand why and then forgive the reason. The reason may go beyond your own perception of reason, but it must be understood as the perceptioned reason of the person who has to, or must be forgiven. The reason why you feel hurt by this same action must then be seen or reviewed; when it hurt you, how it hurt you, when you let yourselves be hurt by that action. Understanding is the first step, forgiving is the second step and the third i

What we Desire and How to Manifest it

This tittle gets an immediate attention drawn to the Law of Attraction, so well-known and better disclosed when the documentary “ The Secret ” went out; since then it has been  interpreted with infinite twists and tweaks, some of them too vulgarized to the point - many people think it works with some art of hocus pocus - so today we also dig deeper into the Law of Attraction and   what we desire and how to manifest it , with my personal view of this theme as well as the precious help of Archangel Metatron . In very simplistic terms, the Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on; when we focus on negative or positive, we will for sure attract the same into us. Remaining in the simplistic terms, thoughts are like magnets - they attract thoughts alike - so for someone who is a negative person, who is constantly complaining and bickering with others, for sure they will attract people who complain and bicker all the time, and within

What does Love and Light Mean?

I finish all my articles with this saying:   - “ Love and Light ” or “Much Love and Light ”, and I am sure many of you will think it´s just another “New Age” phrase; with so many definitions out there I will give you mine – in other words – I will reveal what I mean when I finish my articles with Love and Light and where I got this definition from. I find the synchronicities funny and I smile or even laugh out loud when I see them or hear them… and yesterday, when I thought of writing this article about Love and Light, I started thinking about the divine feminine and divine masculine energies and thought: well, I already have two articles in the making, although I already have some sort of a long list, to do, anyway! So today when I sat down to start writing my article on Love and Light, I am told by Archangel Metatron to pause as he wanted to channel some information. Metatron comes out saying that I should write about the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Energies ,

Feeling Other People’s Energy

Whether emphatically or not, it is impossible not to receive other people’s energy every single day; the question is: do you feel it? Most don’t, but since the number of people that have been awakening is fortunately rising, to feel other’s energies becomes more obvious, even if at the beginning it cannot be identified as such, and most often, even, confused with something else. Each human being consists of seven different layers of energy, but today we will go over the most important five, for the sake of our discussion of “feeling other people’s energy : 1 - Physical Energy This is the visible layer of our physical selves. The physical body that some call ”suit” or even “avatar”, consists of flesh, skin, bone, organs, muscle, blood, other fluids and cells, all organized and fueled through energy centers also called chakras. 2 - Etheric Energy The etheric field is an electromagnetic grid that weaves around the physical field and it’s located approximately one quarter

How Important is Your Name

The name identifies you like the name on your street or the number at your door; it identifies you within the family, friends and society – in a broad sense – in the collective on this earth plane, but there is much more to how important your name really is , than it meets the eye! Because the majority of people still judge others, a name is many times the first impression that will lead someone to a good or bad judgment. Sometimes the name is not enough and some need a title to precede the name, and when all of that is not clear or enough, occasionally some will ask: -“who is she/who is he”? I remember hearing this years ago when I went to a meeting – the person announced me to the one I was supposed to have the meeting with, to which he asked after first listening to my name:   - Yeah, but who is she? He did not realize I could very well hear what he was saying, but the assistant did, and just shrugged his shoulders when he turned to me and asked me to follow him. That ins

Where Do We Go When We Are Sleeping

We spend one third of our lives sleeping, and this plays an important role in how energetic, productive and how healthy we are, as well as how the other two-thirds of our lives can be spent. Understanding how sleeping interferes with our efficiency and quality of life, is something we should all consider, while others may also ask, or look for answers about where do we go when we ae sleeping? Usually when we sleep well, we wake up feeling peppy, refreshed and alert for another day´s activity, but maybe there is something more to the structured sleep activity we go through every night. During a normal night sleep the body has time to complete all of the phases needed for muscle repair, memory consolidation and release of all the hormones that regulate proper growth and health. A normal sleep structure follows a pattern:      Alternating REM (rapid eye movement) and NREM (non-rapid eye movement) sleep - throughout a typical night, in a cycle that repeats itself about every

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