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Post Spiritual Awakening

A spiritual awakening is an appeal to the higher or consciousness of the WHOLE, and deeper mental awareness of who you really are.  It is a process and like any process, some take longer than others, but independently of how long it takes, it brings inevitable personal transformation and a shift in one’s global worldview and interests; post spiritual awakening brings out a new way of life where enlightenment grows, making way to the full comprehension of your life in general or a situation in particular. I have celebrated my fourth anniversary of my awakening, and looking back in my path, and looking in the mirror, nothing compares - where I see the same person in the mirror, I do not see the same person in my today’s daily routine, beliefs, wishes, wants and needs, and much less the vision of the Universe and God. I realize I gave some extra work to my Spirit Guides and Angels for my awakening as I apparently was delaying by procrastinating and as they said at the time -

The Path of Resilience and Resourcefulness

Not everyone was born resilient or resourceful; some never felt the need or the appeal, others have had the need or the appeal and already learned, while others are yet coming to the awareness that maybe now is the time to learn , the path of resilience and resourcefulness as a whole new way of life. The Theory for Everything (TOE or ToE), the final theory, ultimate theory, or master theory is a hypothetical single, all-encompassing, coherent theoretical framework of physics that fully explains and links together all physical aspects of the universe . But today I am not going to specifically write about Physics or the Theory of Everything which I find quite fascinating; I am merely mentioning how important it is to acknowledge it and maybe even translate it into simple words – everything is linked to everything . There is, a theory for just about anything and while I don’t find any problem about theory in general, I find a problem residing in the practice or non-practice

Angry or Irritated often?

Ever thought why you are often angry or irritated? Ever given some deep thought into the real reason without the excuse of something outside yourself ?!... If you truly have no clue, let’s go over the possible real reason behind you being angry or irritated often and how to deal with it. Ever thought you would like to be like the hippies in the seventies – where nothing really bothered them and their mantra was “peace and love”?! Well, the hippies used psychedelics which helped them calm down and view the world through different lenses, but I am not suggesting this at all. My proposal is to walk you through to pinpoint to the reason and then eliminate it and balance it. Maybe you feel angry so regularly as well as irritable, short-tempered and grouchy that you are known by family and friends, that it’s because of your character and that cannot be changed. Or maybe it’s not your trait or character but it’s something that along the years of accumulated stress you started to ge

Who Are You, Really?

You’ve probably read somewhere, or heard that you are not your thoughts, but get perplexed by your thoughts commanding your feelings most of the times, and sensations from those feelings make you return to the same ever clinging thoughts over and over; if you are not this loop of thoughts, then who are you really ? Studying behavioral science has given me the great insight of mental training and personal development in general, as well as to teach others that we are not our thoughts . Whatever thoughts or feelings pop up or linger in our head at any given moment do not define or control us, unless we allow it. In general, any time you run into a disturbing thought or emotion, remember that it does not define or control you and you can actively choose whether to engage in it or not. If you choose to engage, think of how, and the consequences; if you choose not to engage or participate, just acknowledge the thought and shift it to something else. Build a system – when you have

Talking to God or Talking with God?

This title might be suggestive of simple different semantics for the same thought, but I truly believe that talking to God is different from talking with God , and I will explain my reasoning. A good conversation always involves talking as well as listening. Before moving into the subject of Talking to God or Talking with God , I would like to - once again – as I have done in several articles here in Awakening of a Blue Moon – disclose that - MY GOD has no religion – MY GOD is above all religions, and I know there are over four thousand religions out there! I respect all of them. I was born and raised as a Roman Catholic and taught the New Testament – Jesus life more precisely, to teenagers, and I loved it. Jesus is actually my only idol, but I must take God out of the religious context because - My God is the Creator of ALL – the Source of All – the Energy of All and for All . And by the way – I say MY GOD but I know God is not only mine… I do it in a very tender-loving w

The Immune System and You

The immune system is the body's primary defense mechanism against infections, and imbalances or disturbances in the system can cause (dis)ease, or, if the activity is harmful to the host as in auto-immune states. A healthy and robust immune system is essential to normal health. The Immune System and You is the urgent talk needed today, for a basic understanding, of how it works for you as it underlies your health or your disease. Before we go into how to boost your immune system or how to strengthen it , it is important to have the understanding that the fact that there are so many viruses in so-called animal “reservoirs” is not a surprise to scientists and researchers are studying them. But the concern is that the evolution of human behavior, both social and economic, is increasingly reaching out to this army in animal habitats. Experts say this is the result of massive deforestation and the expansion of agricultural land to provide food and other goods to a human populat

Self-Sufficiency vs Codependency

In Psychology Self-Sufficiency is the quality of feeling secure and content with oneself, a deep-rooted sense of inner completeness and stability, and Codependency is often someone who builds their identity around helping others.   Self-sufficiency and codependency should be balanced for a better way of living relationships in general but even with yourself. Self-sufficiency is associated with the ability and the desire for people to make their own decisions, rather than having their life choices made by others. They trust in their own intuition, and are prepared to go their own way, even if it means going against the expectations of others, and so facing incomprehension and ridicule sometimes.   Self-sufficient people are authentic and truthful to themselves and others. A self-sufficient person, usually learns very early on in life, the several tools needed to be self-sufficient, so their inner sense of well-being and completeness is   more resilient to the vicissitudes

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