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How Many Chakras Do We Have?

Before giving a straight answer when there is really none  (so far) – this question – how many chakras do we have – raises many questions and when you google it, you might get 100 000 results! So, I would like to start with the most important information I learned, when I started my Reiki courses, and then proceed with what I found when  researching  to compliment that data, and  to conclude (or not) to how many chakras we have , after all. At this point, I would like to say that I don´t like to use the word “ chakra ” but only do it because it is wide spread, and so, it´s easier to identify. I do like to use “ energy points ” or “ energy centers ” as what they really are in the English language. In order to better educate ourselves regarding this matter, let´s first review what is a chakra and the origin of the word. According to the Merrian-Webster dictionary a chakra is: any of several points of physical or spiritual energy in the human body according to yoga philoso

The Awakening of a Blue Moon - on the Right Road

Where is and what is the right road? One day talking to someone who has been awakened for much longer than I, I was asked: - don´t you see you are walking on the wrong road? To which I asked - what road? I was then advised to close my eyes and visualize the road I was taking, and so I did. I saw myself walking barefoot on a dirty road; my feet were dirty, icky and achy. I carefully walked in zigzag as I didn´t want to step on the rocks and hurt myself even more. As I described what I was visualizing I was told to look to the sides – what do you see? I saw, next to me at my right - a white straight road, and I was told to cross it and walk on that path. I then asked: - may I? I was told:  - You may do whatever you want!  And so I crossed to my right and started to walk the white straight path while laughing like a little kid, as I felt the soft, tingling,  warm path covered with white talcum powder; as I continued to walk and the “talcum powder” rising softly up in the air, I smel

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