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Perfectionism – How We See It as Bad, Good and Ugly

Watch out when someone says they are perfectionists as most likely they lack perfection.  Perfectionism is an obsessive behavior and even though it seems, that being perfect may be good and perfect (pardon the redundancy), being a perfectionist can be, not only bad, it can actually be ugly – not becoming at all. What Is Perfectionism? Perfectionism is an obsessive personal trait or behavior that gives the endless need for more accomplishments. Perfectionism becomes toxic, as while those in its continuous desire for success  -  for being always the best in everything -  they are actually most focused on avoiding failure than anything else. They fear failure and so they brag about “perfectionism”.   In their obsessive trait they need and expect other´s adoration and approval to be unconditional and want to be seen grandiose and flawless. They actually live in an alternative reality –  their reality of being perfect and adored for it. In psychology, perfectionism, is seen as (p

Who do you Talk to after your Spiritual Awakening

A spiritual awakening is usually an ongoing process taking sometimes many years; many a times we don´t even realize we are awakening, we simply feel strange in our skin and when falling ill, we often blame it on something other, than, simply being out of balance within our very own essence. Once we start realizing what is truly going on, we begin the process of our spiritual awakening, and then who do we talk to? Who do we open up to? I see in my mind, the astonished faces of the people I tried to talk to when I didn´t know better, and now I simply smile! Spiritual awakening is not a “woo-woo” something, reserved for monks in Tibet   or other parts of the Eastern Word, who are more inclined to a lifestyle that embraces the spiritual and the whole being wellness as a natural process.   Spiritual awakening is happening to all of those who have decided to catch the ongoing train into the Golden Era where  darkness does not exist.     Spiritual awakening is simply put:   - a rem

Stages of the Soul Consciousness

To most people living today, the “soul” is, still, a mystery because it is a part of themselves they do not see or even believe in;  to those, it is important to know in what stage of their physical life they are – their health, their wealth or their social status. These usually self-centered people, do not give much thought or importance to the part of themselves that is not seen – the soul - but to those who either have an interest to know and learn more about the whole self  - the whole being - or want to clear some doubts or uncertainties, I come today asking you questions,  so together we can clear up some of those issues regarding the Stages of the Soul Consciousness. -           Do you know in which stage your soul consciousness is? -           Are you manifesting from your Soul? -           What is the best version of yourself? Stages of the Soul Consciousness: Stage 1 - The Victim: -           Life happens to us . There usually is blame on someone, or somethi

How to Connect Talent Purpose and Passion

Passion and talent usually walk hand in hand, it´s easier to notice and identify.  But purpose is something more enigmatic, and I would say, most people walk through life without being aware of theirs. Connecting talent with purpose and passion is therefore somehow challenging but extremely rewarding and fulfilling, in reality is part of our evolution.  A friend told me about twelve years ago, he knew what his purpose in life was, and he was living it. I was quite surprised and answered: -   How incredible and lucky you are!…I have no idea what mine is! At that point, I guess, l had a foggy and very naïve idea of what a purpose in life was! I assume now, I thought (then)   it had to be something out of the ordinary - saintly or something like it. Today I, of course, think differently! In the process of my awakening, three years ago, I was literally sent to a sanctuary, an hour and a half drive away from where I live, to hear an important message.   I arrived there and a reli

Fear of Lack and Fear of Being not Enough

Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by any type of a considered threat.  A certain fear may even be the origin of a phobia.  There is a long list of fears related to considered threats, some of those physically quite dangerous and, obviously understandable, but fear of lack and fear of not being enough are different as they are non-physical.  Fear of lack and fear of being not enough, are fears not seen with a naked eye, often not easily identified or recognized, exponentially growing in this society, who encourages people to a continuous “want” to have more and more every day. The result is becoming catastrophic to everyone, physical and non-physical as it is quite destructive to the environment of our beloved planet Earth. At a time so many are talking about the environment and climate change, there should be a wide surge of interest in helping those that are, at this time, deeply   involved in this fear of lack and fear of not being enough, many of which are not even awa

Love, Wedding, Marriage

Is the Universal meaning of  Love, Wedding and Marriage the   same our actual society attributes to them?  Love is an energy, a force, a force of Nature, a force of the Universe , but it is usually and mostly thought as a feeling, an emotion. Love is a way of being . Love is mostly thought of as a feeling or an emotion that can create addiction and pain. Neuroscience has concluded, people sometimes respond to some love feelings and emotions the same way they respond to addictive drugs – the more they have, the more they want. Simply thinking about the person you love generates activity in the ventral tegmental area (VTA) of the brain, releasing a flood of the neurotransmitters - dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin (dopamine = “pleasure chemical”) into the brain’s reward (or pleasure) centers—the caudate nucleus and nucleus accumbency. This experience gives lovers moments of amazingly addictive highs .  In addition, people often seek love and adoration to feel

What is the Real Meaning of Karma

Karma is a Sanskrit word (carma) originated in India which along the years has been the  object of other meanings  depending on different beliefs – most of them religious; hence some wrong ones are just spread socially across mostly the western culture. With the awakening of so many of us, it is important to spread throughout the  planet the real meaning of Karma, so everyone will know what to do when feeling “stuck”. So what is the real meaning of karma? The Sanskrit word carma which originated in India and is professed by Hindus means action . From the original Hindu definition anyone can make their own conclusion of the proper meaning, aside any other religious beliefs. Action causes movement or a shift and is contrary to inaction. Action has causes and effects. Action may cause a positive or negative reaction. What Karma is not? -           Karma is not punishment! Karma is the opportunity to learn and change. Obviously if we don’t learn what we

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