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The Meaning of Love, Compassion and Faith

"Love means never having to say you're sorry" was a memorable line said by the actress Ali MacGraw in the movie “Love Story” in 1970. This line has been repeated in several contexts, sometimes, not the most appropriate ones, but meanings and perceptions are sometimes different. What does this have to do with  The Meaning of Love, Compassion and Faith ? Well, read along and find out! I remember seeing the movie in 1970 and confess that at that time I did not understand the real meaning and strength of the phrase. "Love means never having to say you're sorry" is a phrase based on a line from the Erich Segal novel “Love Story” and was popularized by its 1970 film adaptation starring Ali MacGraw and Ryan O'Neal, but this line can be so much more intense, when we understand love in a broad sense and align it with compassion and faith. When we do this, we see love through a different perspective. The meaning of love, compassion and faith and how

Rethinking Health

I think we agree that as years go by, the healthcare industry gets to be more and more costly, either by new expensive medication or new extremely ever sophisticated equipment. There are outraging examples but I am not going to refer any, instead I will focus on why the collective must do some serious rethinking about healthcare and get back to basic balance. The dependency, the industry has, on ever sophisticated medical equipment and technology has made it impossible, for doctors to give a simple diagnosis without requesting an array of tests, some of them quite invasive, and all of them quite expensive. If this was not enough, the “checkups” are another way people get more and more invasive technology going through their bodies, receiving an assortment of energy rays that most have no idea how bad they are, how aggressive they are on the human body. It is imperative to start rethinking health as a whole. It´s all about balance! It´s all about quantities! It´s all about e

Mindfulness, or Plain Full Attention?

There are fairly new terms invented by certain communities that serve well to sell books, as in a way, they seem to reveal development of   new concepts but in reality it merely   describes in a fancy way, something quite simple with an old concept. There are several, but today I write about “mindfulness”   - this word someone invented , wrapped around an elaborated concept whilst - Mindfulness, or Plain Full Attention -   simply and plainly,   means paying full attention. According to    -   Mindfulness is a state of active, open attention on the present. When you're mindful, you carefully observe your thoughts and feelings without judging them good or bad. Instead of letting your life pass you by, mindfulness means living in the moment and awakening to your current experience, rather than dwelling on the past or anticipating the future. According to Wikipedia     -   M indfulness is defined as moment-by-moment awareness of thoughts, feelings, b

Live in Love not in Fear – Truth and Trust in Thyself

Soon in life we assimilate the fears our parents, family, teachers and society infuse in us almost since birth. To free ourselves from those instilled fears, in order to, live life in love instead of fear, knowing and owning our truth by trust in thyself, is sometimes a work of a lifetime. Most of my life was lived through fear; from the fear of punishment from my parents from early childhood and throughout all my teenager life, to the fear of not being enough in school, career or as a wife, or even as a mother continued throughout most of my life until one day, one day I can´t even remember, I had no fear whatsoever, to the point I did not even lock my door when living alone in a remote place. I was frequently asked: Are you not afraid to live here all by yourself? Without hesitating I would say  NO! When I realized this, I was   not even sure how it happened but now looking back, I think my reset button was set when I was literally sick and tired of people telling me t

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