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What is the Real Meaning of Karma

Karma is a Sanskrit word (carma) originated in India which along the years has been the  object of other meanings  depending on different beliefs – most of them religious; hence some wrong ones are just spread socially across mostly the western culture. With the awakening of so many of us, it is important to spread throughout the  planet the real meaning of Karma, so everyone will know what to do when feeling “stuck”. So what is the real meaning of karma? The Sanskrit word carma which originated in India and is professed by Hindus means action . From the original Hindu definition anyone can make their own conclusion of the proper meaning, aside any other religious beliefs. Action causes movement or a shift and is contrary to inaction. Action has causes and effects. Action may cause a positive or negative reaction. What Karma is not? -           Karma is not punishment! Karma is the opportunity to learn and change. Obviously if we don’t learn what we

The Seven Main Energy Centers or Chakras of the Body

The energy centers, also known as chakras, regulate emotions and emotions when persistently negative, interfere with the wellbeing of the physical body and its health, to the point of becoming diseased; it is then extremely important, to have all the seven main energy centers (chakras) of the body energetically balanced all the time; thus this being almost impossible with our normal day to day life – we should at least be conscious enough to become balanced as much as possible. Disclosure: 1 – There is so much information available throughout the internet on energy centers (chakras); much of it is, in my opinion,  confusing and contradictory. 2 - Although I am not the owner of the truth on this subject, I do own the truth of what I write and believe in. 3 - I only share information I have learned from both spiritual teachers as well as from the scientific community. 4 - I do not use Sanskrit language as it was not the language I have learned or practice, but this does

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