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Remote Services may be provided for Personal Energy Cleaning of Chakras, Energy Cleaning of Home or Office, Karma Energy Cleaning Therapy, Angel Energy Therapy, Reiki Therapy Energy Healing

Aside from all the free content on this site Awakening of a blue Moon through the published articles, Virginia Dias may provide paid services that can be done at a distance, for a one on one therapies:

1 - Energy Cleaning (clearing/shifting)of spaces such as home or office
2 - Energy Cleaning (clearing/shifting) of a person
3 - Karma Energy (clearing/shifting)Cleaning Therapy
4 - Angel Energy Therapy
5 - Channeling Reiki Energy for specific healing purposes
6 - Channeling Reiki Energy to energy centers (chakras)


a) All work is calculated on a 80€ per hour base.

b) A free estimate will be provided upon analysis of data which will determine the approximate length in time for the therapy and its cost.

c) Personal information such as full name, date and local of birth, and, or, full addresses of home or work will have to be provided for the energy assessment,  in order for the initial analysis and estimate to be provided, as well as future therapy work to be done remotely.

d) All work will be started upon receipt of agreed payment in full via  but payments by phased installments may be agreed in the cases of lengthy therapies or cleaning energy sessions.

e) Weekly reports will be sent with the progress of work being done and it´s evolution.

f) All reports and contacts will be made, initially, via email, but when and if necessary it can be arranged through a call via Signal.

Privacy Policy and Disclaimer

By participating in any of the work described above, you agree to the terms and conditions. Please read them carefully. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions within this agreement, you may not participate in the work described.

All content within the energy work made available by any other feature or energy practitioner, other than the one offered herein,  may not be used in connection with any other product or service, nor used in any manner which disparages or discredits the work of Virginia Dias – the Reiki Master and author of Awakening of a Blue Moon.

All healing work practiced by Reiki Master Virginia Dias is intended to offer energy cleaning (clearing/shifting), balance and, or energy healing purposes only, and does not in any way constitute medical advice or replace medical treatment.

If you have any comments or questions regarding this agreement, and or about services,  please contact me via email using the form at the end of this page.

Much Love and Light!

Virgínia Dias
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Payment or Donation by Bitcoin -  My BTC  Wallet:  1JrUdcwXKfCj1kXKeLJuFgfgxckF52yxSw