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Spiritual Identities and Traps

We’ve all heard – nobody is perfect… and we all know that is a true fact; identifying with being perfect is often associated with the ego and I can understand that, but I am also questioned sometimes about certain people’s choices, relating to their (new) spiritual identities that look like they have fallen into certain traps or stereotypes.   Spiritual identities and traps can easily enter your (new) life when your awakening does not come in from your own spiritual calling, but is just imposed by wrong beliefs or practices. Many spiritual teachers lead on the belief that once you are awakened you have to lose your ego, or be at war with it. Humans have a physical body that needs the ego to identify with that same body. Each individual person is comprised of the mental, physical and spiritual selves.   Each person is invited to develop their mental, physical and spiritual beings, as they please through any activity they so choose. Some are more oriented towards the develo

Evolution by Choice

Evolution is definitely growing even if it is not being measured or quantified in spreadsheets like other things are. Slowly but surely, humanity is waking up from an unconscious chance to a conscious choice .   It is interesting to discuss today how this Evolution by Choice is coming to be more obvious to our eyes, and how we all may contribute to the spread of this New Age of Consciousness. As we continue our journey into the Age of Aquarius, leaving behind the Karma from the Age of Pisces , we slowly enter the first Age of Conscious Evolution , even if through chaos. Chaos is many times an opportunity to throw away the old and embrace the new. All of our choices are not random choices as they are the result of our stage in life, reason why we are all in different stages of evolution. No one else can change your destiny but yourself – they can delay it, but not change it! Many do procrastinate not wanting to change, not wanting to move, not wanting to hear, not wantin

Quantum Physics and Spirituality

The link between Quantum Physics and Spirituality is real and obvious to the ones who study the science and spirituality, taking the religion out of the equation. Quantum Physics or Quantum Mechanics use equations but they are all mathematic, not religious dogmas. Understanding the correlation between Quantum Physics and Spirituality becomes more important than ever when we embrace a new earth . Even the Dalai Lama has expressed he believes that the connection between quantum physics and spirituality is obvious, but I haven’t heard that (I might be wrong…) from religious teachers. All of the atoms in each and every body are part of the whole universe. Infinite lights or stardust are connected biologically to all living creatures. This invisible, pulsating energy is connected to everything that exists. Quantum Mechanics is a physical science dealing with the behavior of matter and energy on the scale of atoms and subatomic particles / waves. Quantum Physics theories a

Sexual Energy Healing

The words sex and sexual are many times misunderstood, misjudged and even mocked by society in general and mostly by certain niches connected to certain groups associated with religions, and so it is important to clarify or demystify certain taboos, as well as learn how important is sexual energy healing for the whole wellness of each individual person. According to God, in the Conversations with God Trilogy Book Series by Neale Donald Walsch, SEX is and Synergistic Energy Exchange Was I surprised to read this definition? At first I certainly was, but as I furthered my energy studies through different lenses, sciences and perspectives, I became more aware of what it meant and how to take the “romance” out of this equation, as well as take the taboos or even cynicism out of it all, in order to be able to work this specific energy, clear, shift it and use it the best way possible for wellness and simple good sexual health. Sexual health and the connection with whol

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