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How to Deal with Different Ethics or the Lack of them

Whether you have learned social or work ethics in your past and now you don’t identify or resonate with the one’s that surround you, is important to learn How to Deal with Different Ethics or the Lack of them , so you stay true to your values while respecting others.  Ethics are learned, or not, early in life either from parents, teachers or friends. Sometimes you even learn by the lack of ethics of others by choosing to be different. Having a moral compass as a guide for daily living such as – don’t do onto others what you won’t do onto you - helps evaluate whether the behavior is appropriate for us and others. Ethics, morals and beliefs are usually personal and society's sense of right or wrong, appropriate or not, is too divided in groups with different personal interests which affects our way of living. This great divide is in most cases so deep that is able to change people’s lifestyles making them feel they belong! It does this by establishing new rules, principles, and

The Law of Divine Oneness, The Law of Cause and Effect and The ALL

The adverse or different period most of humankind is living right now, is not by any means, the result of a random sort of unfortunate fate, but a consequence or outcome from the whole erratic behaviors along decades or even centuries, and so today it is important to talk about The Law of Divine Oneness, The Law of Cause and Effect and The ALL , in order to integrate the information of these laws and learn how to go from here. I have written about the 12 Universal Laws and the 7 Universal Laws that may be found here  for a better understating or a simple review of the laws. The very first law out of the 12 is the - The Law of Divine Oneness - everything is connected to everything else. What we think, say, do and believe will have a corresponding effect on others and the universe around us. YES, thoughts have energy, thoughts good or bad, aligned or erratic – all have energy that flows along the all of us as a whole Universe and ONE consciousness.   Law number 5 - Law of

How Toxic is Envy, Gossip and Persistent Complaining?

The constant or persistent pulling, pushing and stretching of energies such as the ones derived from envy, gossip and complaining accumulate as some sort of slimy dense energy that when it lingers in the body for a long time it is hard to shift and clear, so the simple answer to - how toxic is envy, gossip and persistent complaining - is – very toxic, harmful, and to make matters worse – usually the ones involved do not have the knowledge of how toxic that is! It is toxic to both the receiver as well as the giver as it interferes with the energies of both. I know…I know…energies are not seen with a naked eye, by any person, so how can anyone tell these energies are being harmful and toxic to their life? But Energy Therapists are able to see them, identify them and measure their intensity. When measuring the level of toxicity between envy, gossip and complaining, I say envy is the winner, as it is the most intense. The energy of envy sticks in such a way that is th

Is there a Science to Happiness?

There are “happy” hormones you can learn how to boost (without using drugs) in order for your body to access the chemicals that increase and maintain your “happy” bodily effects, but is there a science to happiness ? If there is, once you learn it are you able to maintain it? There are way too many people taking drugs to enhance or mimic their “happy” hormones to give them a false sense of happiness… they feel they can’t live without them, but there are healthier and totally natural ways to do it; after all these hormones are indeed produced by the body. The body is hardwired properly with everything that’s necessary, but most people haven’t been taught on how to use their own body tools; when they become unbalanced there is a major preference to use drugs instead of available healthier ways, and today I will help you understand why – there is always a reason for everything, isn’t there?! Hormones are chemicals produced by different glands across the body. They travel th

Heart and Brain Coherence

The capacity or ability to modify your emotional responses is essential to your overall well-being and effectively contributes to everyday demands as well as eases your lifestyle and health, so today I would like to review the heart and brain coherence , in the sense as how science sees it, as well as in the practical terms for our everyday life journey. Did you know (?!): 1 -That your heart sends many more signals to your brain than your brain sends to your heart? 2 -Your heart and brain are in constant communication, but your heart is doing much of the talking without you realizing? 3 -You have a “little brain” in your heart? The saying “talk with your heart” is many times misunderstood - as the heart - and love - are popularly connected with romantic love; although it may be, it is not always the case. If you don’t know yet about heart and brain coherence and the true meaning of “talk with your heart”, you will after reading through this article. Research

Energy Clearing, Shifting and Reiki

I have written about how does Reiki really work  ,  which you may read again by clicking here ,  but today I have to clarify some confusing emerging thoughts about energy clearing, shifting and Reiki . If you need to understand how Reiki works you should read the article first and then comeback to this page, but just as a quick review let’s just say - life energy force flows within the physical body through pathways called energy centers or chakras, meridians and nadis. It also flows around us in a field of energy called the aura, the auric field, that looks like a colored bubble of energy around the body. In a balanced state, energy life force nourishes the whole body through its organs and cells, supporting them in their vital functions, promoting good balanced health. In a normal Reiki session the energy is channeled from Source/The Universe/God which through the hands of the practitioner, that serves as a vehicle, or mentally if done remotely, is transferred to the pe

Social Distancing, Physical Distancing and the Neuroscience Behind Change

The global health current state in the world has put authorities demanding a so called social distancing for (better) safety ! I don’t know who came up with this term, as it is absolutely wrong! The correct term is physical distancing and what I would like to bring up today is the neuroscience behind these terms associated with change . Social distancing, physical distancing  and the neurosience behind change is well worth discussing in today’s reality. We all know or should know that in order to be safe in a situation of a spread of any kind of contagious disease or virus, either globally or even within family or friends, we must keep a physical distance . This is an absolute! The distance must me physical , not social ! We may, if we feel like it, continue to communicate with everyone we’d like while keeping a physical distance. This is basic knowledge! Why the confusion between social and physical I don’t know (?!) but it is, to say the least quite senseless as in today’s li

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