Self Psychological Integration in Today’s Hectic Life

The feeling that “bad luck” instances follow you too often with no time to catch a breath, and the idea it comes for no reason and out of nowhere – is the result of being internally off-balance for way too long, and the need for a Self Psychological Integration in Today’s Hectic Life should have a definite top priority in your life.

In a global all ONE (energy) Universe everyone is influenced by, not only, our partners, or whoever lives with us or works with us, but also society in general – it’s ups and downs – opinions, feelings, judgments, criticisms, as well as it’s trends, too often, unhealthy! But you continue to follow the same old, same old… every single day as habits take over your mind, your actions, where your days become a “play repeat” and becoming a slave of your own wrong choices.

The knowing of what triggers your insecurities making you feel broken and hopeless, is the key to resolve the internal off-balanced; once you recognize this you will be able to integrate the whole you and change the pattern – forever – but only when you really want to!

Reacting or acting out of an impulse is normal if not done often; when this occurs regularly it means – again – you are not balanced and you need to go within and change this pattern as well.

According to Carl Jung, the Swiss psychotherapist and psychiatrist who created the field of analytical psychology, integration is the process during which both the individual and collective unconscious are integrated into the personality. Integration is then considered a positive psychological development that indicates psychological maturity and may help an individual move past negative habits.

Jung also focused on individuation which he described as one's unique self-identity, and is separate from that of any other individual. Individuation is ongoing and can be considered both a goal and a lifelong process.

According to Jung when individuals lose touch with certain aspects of their selves, they may be able to reintegrate these aspects of their nature through individuation. Because individuation contributes to the differentiation and form of the individual psyche, those who do not experience difficulty with the ongoing process of individuation may find it easier to maintain mental and emotional well-being.

The individuation as a process is largely more difficult in these days where social media continues to implant in society the notion of a non-realistic portrait of ideals or goals – being beautiful, rich and successful!  The need to belong to this kind of social ideals or goals delays the need for self-personal psychological integration, with excuses such as  - today’s hectic life -  does not allow the necessary free time for the meditation and healing needed for the process.

When it comes to mental health and emotional well-being it is usually preferred to get relief from a prescription pill to get rid of the symptom instead of discovering the reason and eliminating it in order to move forward – drug free. It is, sort of, believed as a quick fix!

A lot of what can go wrong in the brain, such as certain  mental disorders, may manifest in symptoms and dysfunctions caused by substances toxicity, sensitivity or unbalance, or other more specific reasons… but a very simple one, that is way overlooked, is the lack of health integration in the whole body – mental, physical and spiritual. The more integrated the brain is, the more resilient and capable it becomes to overcome certain situations that may trigger it to an unbalanced state.

It is impossible for the brain to be healthy if it is under constant stress; while running into  it every day can be normal, the way you deal with it may be detrimental to chronic stress which is not well processed or tolerated in the body for too long. In a general situation of stress - do you act upon it (?!), do you react (?!), do you face it (?!) or do you ignore it?! In a healthy, normal state you should do all of the above, depending on each different situation, but if you realize that you tend to always or most of the times do the same thing over and over, then it means you need to understand what is triggering you and eliminate those triggers.

In order to understand optimal integration, a self-personal psychological integration where individuation is needed, it is important to also understand what intuition is and how to connect it to the whole being.

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Intuition is the direct knowing that comes with confidence and peace through the senses synced with the heart. When this is also in sync with the mental, the conscious and subconscious mind is able to translate feelings into personalized perceptions that are unique and healthy to the whole being. Becoming adaptive and flexible, even when encountering stress or challenges, is easier at this state.

The whole body has an intuitive knowing, as integration and synchronization occurs at every level, from the cell to the nervous system to the psyche. At the cellular level, all cells throughout the body are more synchronized, and hormones and organ functions follow a pattern when integration occurs. When stress hormones are in normal low levels, the heart produces more coherent electrical rhythms, and the brain’s rhythms become more coherent—improving cognitive performance—as well.

The point of the matter is - breaking stress cycles, wrong beliefs, triggers and patterns is detrimental for the change and benefits that are necessary for a healthy mind, body and spirit – a healthy human being. The integration at any level helps create worthy, rather than, vicious and unhealthy habits and cycles.

Whether you do your self psychological integration with the help of a professional therapist or by yourself through meditation or self-hypnosis, is totally up to you - as in today’s hectic life, you have to realize that it’s a choice you have to make, on how you use your time on route to a different and healthier lifestyle - where you rest, rejuvenate, re-sync and reset to be resilient and better integrated with the whole of your being.

Much Love and Light!

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