The Awakening of a Blue Moon - on the Right Road

Where is and what is the right road?

One day talking to someone who has been awakened for much longer than I, I was asked: - don´t you see you are walking on the wrong road? To which I asked - what road? I was then advised to close my eyes and visualize the road I was taking, and so I did. I saw myself walking barefoot on a dirty road; my feet were dirty, icky and achy. I carefully walked in zigzag as I didn´t want to step on the rocks and hurt myself even more. As I described what I was visualizing I was told to look to the sides – what do you see? I saw, next to me at my right - a white straight road, and I was told to cross it and walk on that path. I then asked: - may I? I was told:  - You may do whatever you want!  And so I crossed to my right and started to walk the white straight path while laughing like a little kid, as I felt the soft, tingling,  warm path covered with white talcum powder; as I continued to walk and the “talcum powder” rising softly up in the air, I smelled the wonderful scent of cleanliness, freshness and newness, and  on that day I decided to walk on the right road, crossing to the other side and surrendering to the only right way the Awakening of a Blue Moon could proceed, prosper and evolve was and is to be on the right road.

The Right Road has since been my main road.

It´s been two years of my awakening described hereas well as since  the conversation above.

While to the majority of people I know, I am just the same person as always, only a very small few know the incredible turn around my life has taken.

Amongst many things, I have learned a lot about the path, the right path, the right road and mine is certainly not yours, not my family’s,  not my friend’s, not anyone else’s – period. My path is my path!

The tendency to teach everyone and take by the arm to cross to the right side is still in me, I guess it is the motherly nature in me;  even as,  and while as I tell myself repeatedly each one’s pace is different as well as each one’s past experience, reasoning is different as well.

I know, each one of us is here for the experience we have chosen, which is accordingly appropriate to the evolution we still need to acquire in this life time, and sometimes I am faced with the obvious fact that some do not want to change or evolve – and so I must learn (and I am) to accept and respect their decision.

The right path, the right road is not, contrary to popular belief, the path to no pain or no problems. 

No, not at all!

Where is and what is the right road?

The right path, the right road is supposed to take us in the right direction of the experience we have chosen for our path, and sometime along the way we forgot and went off the road, off track.

Do you know where and what is your right road?

Make silence and ask your inner self - learn to hear your whispering you, and be brave enough to be good to yourself. You are worth it; you are here for a specific purpose, follow it and get back on the right track, on the right road, on the right path.  Never mind what others might think or say… you are you, you are unique, and you are the most important person in your world.

In learning to make way for others to evolve at their own pace, I have educated myself in doing this in silence, respecting their space while loving them for their own choices.

It´s been quite a ride, full of awe, wonderful surprises and experiences, as I advance acquiring more knowledge that will benefit me in this new journey of the old soul, I really was, and did not remember.

I journal most of the experiences and channelings during my meditations and I share with you a sentence I channeled from Mother Mary a few months ago. To contextualize – I was channeling Mother Mary relating to a certain issue, and when given the answer which pertained to - me no longer seeing life through certain filters, I said to Mother Mary: - I have been all my life seeing with these filters! Will I still have time to get back on track and fulfill what I’ve always wanted? To which she answered:   

                            “There is always time to make time for what in time will arise”  

I am grateful to God my Creator, Jesus my Idol, Mary his Mom, Gaia Mother Earth, as well as my Angels and Spirit Guides who have been dedicating their time to me with patience and love from here to eternity.

Because nothing happens randomly, the day I did celebrate my second awakened year on the 27 of April, I asked spirit for a message, from a deck of “Postcards from Spirit” by Colette Baron-Reid, and the following,  is the one I got from the 52 deck  card.

©Colette Baron-Reid
in Postcards from Spirit

Random? Magic? Not really! Teary eyed, I thanked the spirit community - my partner in life, for the assurance I needed on that spring new day, to continue the path of The Awakening of a Blue Moon  - on the Right Road, on the right track, the one I always knew and almost forgot and lost forever.

For me, for my Angels and Spirit Guides and for all of you - may there will, always, be love and light in your path.

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