How Many Chakras Do We Have?

Before giving a straight answer when there is really none  (so far) – this question – how many chakras do we have – raises many questions and when you google it, you might get 100 000 results! So, I would like to start with the most important information I learned, when I started my Reiki courses, and then proceed with what I found when  researching  to compliment that data, and  to conclude (or not) to how many chakras we have, after all.

At this point, I would like to say that I don´t like to use the word “chakra” but only do it because it is wide spread, and so, it´s easier to identify. I do like to use “energy points” or “energy centers” as what they really are in the English language. In order to better educate ourselves regarding this matter, let´s first review what is a chakra and the origin of the word.

We do know the yogis are much more advanced in this area than we are, but now that we know the origin, we can go back to using the term in the English language: energy centers or energy points.
Within the 100 000 results we get, when we research “how many chakras do we have”, many are about the most known – the 7 inside the body that start at the base of the spine and run along it and up to the top of the head.

There are many others in the body, though, as we do have them on the base of each foot as well as on our hands and even under our tongue.   

According to some yogis, there are over 100 and when we think about biology and the human body, it will be easily understood that even not knowing exactly what the number is, it is very possible to have something around 100 energy points or centers in our body.

At this point, when most of us are still trying to understand what are energy points, their location and their function in our body, is it important to know there are so many more? If you are like me for knowledge then the answer is YES; but I am also practical and therefore pragmatic, so then I have to balance it all out, and go by priority.

The priority is knowing and understanding, how the major energy centers work, so then we are able to advance to the others we still don´t know about, but are majorly important as well,  to the ones awakened or awakening to these new times Mother Earth is enabling us in collaboration with Source – the CreatorGod.

The primary seven energy centers, their location and their very basic relation are: 

1stRoot or Base – located at the base of the spine - relates to trust, security, connection to Earth
2ndSacral – located 2 inches below the navel— relates and regulates sexuality and creativity
3rd - Solar Plexus— located 3 inches above the navel  -  relates to power
4th - Heart — located at the heart  - relates to healing and love
5th Throat –located at the throat - relates to expression
6thFrontal or Third Eye - located between the eyebrows - relates to awareness and intuition
7th - Crown – located on top of the head – relates to spirituality

Each of these energy centers regulate emotions and emotions when negative, persistent and repetitive interfere with the wellbeing and health, to the point of becoming diseased; so, it is extremely important to have all the energy centers balanced.

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I will write about the detailed functions and imbalances of each energy center on a separate article as well as what to do to balance or clean them.

When further researching about energy centers, right after my first Reiki course, I did run across articles about the 12 “chakras”, whilst I learned of the existence and location of each one, I felt that was information to be dealt later on, as I still  had to concentrate on the 7 major ones first. I did have a whole lot to learn and practice first!

After 2 years of learning and practicing on me and others; after many therapies done on me as well as on others, I automatically started to let the flow in on my outside energy centers.

The 12 Energy Centers are the 7 described above and which are inside the body, and the other 5 are outside.

Before describing their location and what they relate to I will tell you how I became to acknowledge them on myself and the energy flowing through them.

I often channel information from my Angels, as I was told I would work with them as a Healer. It is often I ask questions about issues I don´t find in any text book or google search… sometimes I get no answer as I am not supposed to know it then, but most of the times I do receive the data I am looking for; though, the most fascinating thing for me is - when I am not asking or looking for anything and the downloads come through.

I was meditating and Archangel Metatron came through to tell me I was receiving energy downloads to fill my “outside chakras”.

He already knows me too well – when he tells me something brand new I am like Alice in Wonderland! So, he said – because you like to know everything, go and find out about the 12  energy centers, learn about them and then  write about it as well, but for now just stay there and receive the downloads of energy, as your 8th center is being filled up with energy from Source. Even before I would start asking the next question he would say: - And yes then the others will follow! And, do not get up immediately when the download is finished as you will get dizzy. Pretty amazing…he would answer my questions before I finished formulating them in my mind. I know this works because of the different vibrations we are at, but it is still amazing to experience it! You are still formulating your question and you are getting the answer before you finish it!

He went on to tell me this energy in these 5 additional energy points would, and will make it easier for me to work with them (Angels) and the people I help on Earth. He explained I will not be able to do anything that I haven’t been doing (already) but the tools are more perceptive,  clearer and faster for me, as the vibration makes the connection between me and them much easier.
To my understanding it´s like having a much better WiFi! In practical terms, I've really experienced it as clearer and faster, especially when I do remote healing.

And that was that! A meditation that turned to be quite special and left me throughout the day feeling blessed.

So let’s go through the 5 additional or outside energy centers:

8th – Time Transcendence & Connection to Spirit – Located slightly above the crown chakra, about one inch above it, relates to entering  realms transcending space; it gives access to the realm of the Akashic records ( lifetime records, past and future)  and it is a useful center for energy healing and communication with spirit guides.
9th  - Seat of the Soul – Located further above the crown chakra – relates to the access to the  soul’s code or higher purpose, patterns, path and destiny.
10th  - Earth Connection – Located about a foot and a half below the surface of the ground – relates to  ensure the connection with planet earth regulating grounding energies.
11th  - Mind Over Matter – Located outside of the human body but accessible through the hands and feet – relates to  the energy field that connects the human sphere to Source by using the  mind as a powerful tool to manipulate and balance matter.
12th  - Universal Unity – Located on the outskirts of the 12-chakra system relates to something beyond our common scope of understanding about  universal unity. It is the mastery of the soul’s purpose through human existence.

All in all, in my understanding the 12 Chakras – The 12 Energy Centers give us a complete translation and understanding as to our connection to the Whole Universe really is. Each of us is grounded to planet earth and linked to the universe via a thin blue cord. That cord stretches from roughly three feet below our feet to miles and miles up through the atmosphere and on deep into outer space.

We are always connected to Source, independently of how aware we are or how much knowledge we have as to how many energy centers really are; independently of our beliefs, or how much science discovers and revels to the common person, we are always connected through the blue etheric cord as well as through all the energy centers, linked to each individual person in each human existence. We probably are not certain as to how many energy centers (chakras) we have, but we are absolutely certain they are part of us and are therefore unique and important for our existence.

Much Love and Light!

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