What is the Real Meaning of Karma

Karma is a Sanskrit word (carma) originated in India which along the years has been the  object of other meanings  depending on different beliefs – most of them religious; hence some wrong ones are just spread socially across mostly the western culture. With the awakening of so many of us, it is important to spread throughout the  planet the real meaning of Karma, so everyone will know what to do when feeling “stuck”.

So what is the real meaning of karma?

The Sanskrit word carma which originated in India and is professed by Hindus means action.
From the original Hindu definition anyone can make their own conclusion of the proper meaning, aside any other religious beliefs.

Action causes movement or a shift and is contrary to inaction.

Action has causes and effects.

Action may cause a positive or negative reaction.

What Karma is not?

-          Karma is not punishment!

When I say “our mistakes” that´s exactly what they are - ours – no one else´s.

Why?  - Because what we view as our mistake, might not be viewed by someone right next to us.

Life is not a school where everyone learns the same thing.

Life is an experience and there is no right or wrong as what is right for me might be wrong for you.

Life is an experience lived through our own personal perspective.

With karma the rule is the same: my actions, reactions, causes and effects only pertain to me and there’s no right or wrong equally to everyone as it  is totally personal.

Karma walks side by side with personal evolution – some evolve while others stay equally the same along the years, doing the same every single day, preferring not to have more knowledge or different experiences, wanting no change at all. This is totally fine for the person, as it is their choice – their prerogative! Not everyone came into this lifetime to make progress, but this is not good for the collective energy evolution (we will talk about this in another article regarding the different energy vibration and dimensions).

Karma in practice is an action with a positive or negative outcome. When positive, the experience is carried on and there is no need to repeat it. When negative, the experience is repeated till exhaustion, sometimes, until you have decided it is enough and take the necessary steps in to the right action. Some do get “stuck” in the chapter of inaction, blaming  others, sometimes not knowing what to do, and spend the whole lifetime on a play/repeat -  the same over and over again.

You have to be in a spiritual trusting mode in order to go into your higher self and ask  where you are getting “stuck” and what you need to do to correct that, what action needs to be taken for you to change your repeated pattern. Meditation helps  to get into a receptive mode and listen to your higher self´s answers. You will know what to do as long as you open up into a receptive mode.

There are other more dense karma energies that are carried on from several previous lifetimes that are more difficult  to get in to, and take longer to clear, but the Reiki Karma Therapy can clean that out and may be done remotely, as long as your spiritual being is ready to accept the change. The physical body may want something and do something entirely different just by pretending, but the spiritual self DOES NOT. The spiritual self is pure love and love is truth; if you want to change something in your karma, you must want it from your heart where the connection to your spiritual self resides.

Unless you want to be inactive the rest of your life by ignoring what the real meaning of karma really is, take some time to become aware of what different actions you may take to have a more fulfilled and truthful life! Breathe and live life in a new way, with new actions, new reactions through your own personalized path full of love and light. Don´t forget to smell the flowers along the way!

Much Love and Light!

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