Evolution by Choice

Evolution is definitely growing even if it is not being measured or quantified in spreadsheets like other things are. Slowly but surely, humanity is waking up from an unconscious chance to a conscious choice.  It is interesting to discuss today how this Evolution by Choice is coming to be more obvious to our eyes, and how we all may contribute to the spread of this New Age of Consciousness.

As we continue our journey into the Age of Aquarius, leaving behind the Karma from the Age of Pisces, we slowly enter the first Age of Conscious Evolution, even if through chaos. Chaos is many times an opportunity to throw away the old and embrace the new.

All of our choices are not random choices as they are the result of our stage in life, reason why we are all in different stages of evolution.

No one else can change your destiny but yourself – they can delay it, but not change it!

Many do procrastinate not wanting to change, not wanting to move, not wanting to hear, not wanting to speak, not wanting to change their status quo, because they are lead to believe that trying to be like others is the key to their joy which they are never able to attain.  And they are convinced there is no other way to life!

But there is, there surely is another way, the authentic way – the going within way, the searching for who you are and how to evolve within your own path.

Humans are a species with amnesia. We are born with amnesia about who we are and what we come in to Earth for. Our Creator has chosen this to be, so we remember as we go along as a challenge and an experience. It’s up to us to believe and embrace our own choices.

I’ve read many books by Gregg Braden and I find them all fascinating because he is a scientist that meticulously researches through science methods but bridges it all and envelops it with spiritually in practical ways. The book “ Human by Design: From Evolution by Chance to Transformation by Choice” starts by sending us through a journey beyond Darwin’s theory of evolution, and then through new discoveries that have led to more unanswered questions, created deeper mysteries, and brought us to the edge of “forbidden territory” when it comes to explaining our origin and existence. Gregg Braden takes us through discoveries that reveal extraordinary facts about “Our Origin”, “Missing Physical Evidence”, “New DNA Evidence”, “A Rare DNA fusion”, and the fact that I liked the most:

-         Fact 5. Our Extraordinary Abilities—We are born with the capacity to self-heal, to self-regulate longevity, to activate an enhanced immune response, and to experience deep intuition, sympathy, empathy, and, ultimately, compassion—and to do each of these on demand.

In this book “Human by Design: From Evolution by Chance to Transformation by Choice”, Gregg Braden in his usual way of crossing the traditional boundaries of science and spirituality, answers questions that go to the core of our existence as to “who are we” and reveals science-based techniques that awaken our uniquely human experiences of deep intuition, precognition and advanced states of self-healing, to name a few!

On the title of this article I use a short version of the subtitle of “Human by Design” and although it might look like a contradiction it really isn’t.

Gregg Braden takes us through a journey which he calls From Evolution by Chance to Transformation by Choice, and I am focusing today on what I call Evolution by Choice because I see us as a species, going through this at this time in a broader way than before.

Every crisis offers the opportunity for transformation, and transformation is the way to evolve.

Evolution may be part of a chaos that creates a radical new life or it may be a subtle change that raises new awareness and consciousness.

A shift is underway and empathy is rising through a positive contagious awareness, even through what seems to be a chaotic situation.

What do we need now?  What do we need to continue our Evolution by Choice?

More people need to be able to see without seeing, in other words – see through the awareness of their intuition; people need to put their spirituality to work to their benefit first and the ultimate advantage of all as a collective of the Universe.

The time is now, the choice is yours!

Gaia has given everyone a chance to rethink, regroup, reorganize and relive, but the ultimate choice is yours as individuals who make creation possible, complete and whole with God, the Universe.

Evolution by Choice should be a priority for anyone, at these conflicting and troubling times, independently of age or status, and you can only do it by going in - within yourself - and ask all the questions to get answers pertaining to - who you are, what did you come in to do in this lifetime, your challenges, your pleasures, your joys, and what you can change or do to when choosing to evolve now, and continue to grow in an awakened and conscious environment?!

As we are all travelers in the same boat, it is time we ALL ROW IN THE SAME DIRECTION, even if dropping off in different ports. 

Much Love and Light!

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