Sexual Energy Healing

The words sex and sexual are many times misunderstood, misjudged and even mocked by society in general and mostly by certain niches connected to certain groups associated with religions, and so it is important to clarify or demystify certain taboos, as well as learn how important is sexual energy healing for the whole wellness of each individual person.

According to God, in the Conversations with God Trilogy Book Series by Neale Donald Walsch,

SEX is and Synergistic Energy Exchange

Was I surprised to read this definition? At first I certainly was, but as I furthered my energy studies through different lenses, sciences and perspectives, I became more aware of what it meant and how to take the “romance” out of this equation, as well as take the taboos or even cynicism out of it all, in order to be able to work this specific energy, clear, shift it and use it the best way possible for wellness and simple good sexual health.

Sexual health and the connection with whole health is rarely touched upon because culturally sex and sexuality is still a sensitive subject. The alignment of masculine and feminine energies is important for the overall health and is part of a dynamic process where sexual energy plays an important role.

My second experience in a Reiki healing physical session was simply extraordinary and related with sexual energy.

Normally in a Reiki therapy session, the patient is asked questions about what is the reason for the session, just like when you go to a doctor’s office; as I was still being trained, I was not communicated anything about the person I was supposed to be treating, and I was not allowed to ask any questions (either), before I would do what we call scanning the energy of the person. The purpose of this lesson was to train my own capabilities of feeling the patient’s energy through my scanning.

As I started to scan the lady’s energy I immediately felt tension and dissonant energy all along her body, but the area where it made me even shake and get myself out of physical balance was her sacral chakra. My teacher/Master came to my rescue and held me so I would not fall, and when I told her what I felt she allowed me to ask the questions I thought necessary to understand  the problem and eventually treat it.

Knowing the sacral chakra -  the second chakra (energy center) located two inches below the navel— relates to sexuality and creativity, passion, desire,  fear, guilt and anger while regulating the energy to the bladder, lower back, ovaries, or testes, womb, uterus, adrenal glands and all the fluid functions - I also knew that when the sacral chakra is in balance there is no tension or odd sensitivity when scanning that area, so recognizing such a strong unbalance, I asked the lady what her sex life was, and myself and my teacher/Master were offered the whole reason/story why I felt all of the dissonant and odd energy in that area. This lady did not only have any sex for the past 5 years, but she resented and blocked it because of a past experience with her ex-husband.

Mind you - the energy centers/chakras have their own memory storage, so unless you clear it and shift it, they will hold all the bad or good memory energies of the past!

I did all the clearing and shifting of dissonant energy followed by the channeling of new divine energy into this lady, and as a newbie and a trainee I did a good job and was proud of myself and so was my teacher/Master; nonetheless all the praise I heard was not enough to take away the bitter taste I had, in the fact that this lady told us she did not intend to explore the perspective of making herself available to the possibility of having a healthy sexual life with or without a partner - "ever again" her own words!

Frustration was to say the least, what I felt then and yet another lesson I started (slowly) to learn right there and then, as I was told by my teacher/Master, I was not supposed to interfere in anyone’s will, or force them in any sort of way. As an Energy Healer, I was supposed to offer my suggestions and let it go if those suggestions were not attained.

So this “hands on” early experience was for me a lesson and some!

People carry dissonant energy from their past experiences but also from their own actual behavior that impacts their lifestyle and wellbeing, and because of their lack of will to procure a change within themselves, they prefer to take another pill, or several.

This woman took different pills to help her with her insomnia and to calm her during the day as she said she was always a nervous wreck. She had a nice job where she travelled and met a lot of different people, so she did not lead a boring life; she was actually inflicting the unbalance and maintaining it on herself.

It is frustrating to offer a step by step solution that requires nothing else but a conscious open mind and the clear desire of wanting a change, and get a plain round NO!

Before moving on, if you need to, go and read more about the seven main energy centers and their functions in the body, HERE.

Sexual energy is part of the vital energy that connects the whole of us – physical, mental and spiritual. Balance between the masculine and feminine energies is extremely important. Independently of sex or genre, humans have a certain percentage of masculine and feminine energies.

The good and healthy flow through all the energy centers/chakras is essential to our health, and when we cut this out, we are basically blocking ourselves from a normal way of life for what we were created.

I have seen people being “kept alive” with energy flowing only from one or two chakras, where usually one of which is the solar plexus as that is the energy center “fed” mostly, but not only, through the food you eat; all the other five energy centers are as if “closed for business”. These people keep surviving by eating and using medication for just about everything else!

Too many people are disconnected from themselves and lack intimacy with others as well as with themselves.

Humans by design come with sexual energy, and kids feel that energy before they are made aware of it (usually)  in the improper way.

Being intimate with oneself and exploring one’s sexual energy is a primary need that should be seen as normal as breathing is.

The lack of desire or the fatigue, the numbness, the feeling unattractive or uncomfortable in your body, the excuses – “headache” for the ladies and “I’m busy” for the men, are all part of a bigger problem – the unbalance in sexual energy.

Sexual energy balance not only provides pleasure, but as part of life force, it gives an overall sense of wellbeing and good health.

Expressing and experiencing regular sexual energy flow through sex is one of the quick ways to balance it, as it provides a quick surge and shift in the energy flow, through the actual Synergistic Energy Exchangebut not the only way, and you don’t necessarily need a partner to practice it either.  Experiencing a good sexual energy flow may start by sensing your body through all your senses.

“The sensory system consists of sensory neurons (including the sensory receptor cells), neural pathways, and parts of the brain involved in sensory perception. Commonly recognized sensory systems are those for vision, hearing, touch, taste, smell, and balance.”

Using “Volupia” (from the Roman mythology, Voluptas or Volupta, the Goddess of Joy and Pleasure) – the great pleasure obtained through all the senses, is one of the best ways to train yourself into feeling and knowing your body, measuring and knowing your needs and desires, and the ways into the sexual energy balance and Sexual Energy Healing, you need to move smoothly, through the path of overall good health you choose for yourself.  

Much Love and Light!

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