Awakening of a Blue Moon - The Book

Sometime this year, I think in the Spring, I heard in my mind " you have to put Awakening of a Blue Moon in a book form and publish it"! And I answered, in a me to me conversation - oh no...that's a lot of work!

Of course the most of the "a lot of work" had been done already, by writing all in the form of articles that have been published here since 2018, so I was not being totaly fair to myself. But I dreaded the amount of editing work that had to be done, although I like to do it.

One thing is write a book from scratch, the other is to reorganize and edit what has been written in a different individual form.

I procastinated for months as I was busier with painting! You know the song “Torn between two lovers” by Mary MacGregor that says “Torn between two lovers, feeling like a fool, Loving both of you is breaking all the rules”. That’s how I felt! This happens more than often with my two passions of writing and painting.

Awakening of a Blue Moon

Eventually, the voice came back to remind me, so I put all the painting material away, cleaned up, and then I felt as if I was working for an editor with a dealine date.

I finally did it! On the 31 of October 2021 I was able to publish the first version of Awakening of a Blue Moon in an ebook Kindle form, and then the paperback and hardcover versions followed.

Awakening of a Blue Moon

The book content of 73 chapters in 345 pages is very similar to the content on this site, but is another form with which you can use all the information, teachings or insights in the most convenient form for you. It is a way, you can now read Awakening of a Blue Moon, anywhere you are in the world if you purchase the book in whatever format is better for your needs.

The book is available in the main Amazon Store in the USA,  this clicable link but it is available in the ebook/Kindle and paperback formats in the Amazon stores in these countriesas well:

India, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Japan, Brazil and Canada.

The hardcopy is only available in United States of America, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, France and Germany, so far.

So, just go into your regular Amazon Store you normaly shop from and write on the search bar: Awakening of a Blue Moon.

Awakening of a Blue Moon

My Author Page on Amazon where you can follow my work  

And on Goodreads 

Much love and light!

Virgínia Dias

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