Rethinking Health

I think we agree that as years go by, the healthcare industry gets to be more and more costly, either by new expensive medication or new extremely ever sophisticated equipment. There are outraging examples but I am not going to refer any, instead I will focus on why the collective must do some serious rethinking about healthcare and get back to basic balance. The dependency, the industry has, on ever sophisticated medical equipment and technology has made it impossible, for doctors to give a simple diagnosis without requesting an array of tests, some of them quite invasive, and all of them quite expensive. If this was not enough, the “checkups” are another way people get more and more invasive technology going through their bodies, receiving an assortment of energy rays that most have no idea how bad they are, how aggressive they are on the human body. It is imperative to start rethinking health as a whole.

It´s all about balance!

It´s all about quantities!

It´s all about energy!

Yes, all is energy – good and bad! And it all starts with energy blockage and unbalance. 

There are so many questions unanswered…our ancestors know that healthcare took the wrong turn onto profit (lots of it – humongous lots of it)  and now only a few have the courage to take another direction.

It is not easy, not everyone is informed, or even pays attention to their health, considering their doctor knows best, just follow instructions spending money that could very well be allocated for something else, like good health and disease prevention.

As I mentioned on another article – (dis)ease is actually when the body becomes out of ease, out of balance; using the tools we all have inside it is easy to get back to be at ease, by balancing the energy points with new fresh, clean energy from the source.

Sometimes there is a need to clean bad energy first and then balance good, fresh energy from source, throughout all the energy points; when this is detected immediately by recognizing body symptoms well, we are able to instantly or almost instantly begin the work needed to regain normal energy.

When this is not done, through the years, the energy does not flow throughout the body, blocks and clogs up and originates serious health problems that still can be resolved by energy work but due to unawareness, people are most of the times treated by extremely invasive therapies. To name a simple one – a headache always starts by an energy blockage or imbalance, as soon as this is recognized, with very simple work of a few minutes, the headache goes away. All we have to do is learn how to use our internal tools.

Then there are the bad habits!

In general, in the western world people eat too much and instead of reducing the amount of food intake, they pop pills or go on crazy diets. Food is energy, and the body only needs a certain amount from food, depending on each physiological need.

Our energy intake depends on other factors as well, water intake for instance – there has been a trend for the past years that we all should drink a lot of water and in as much as it is a fact that water is the preferable drink, the truth is we should drink the amount of water our body needs per the use we give it.  It´s all common sense.

Our body actually tells us when it´s thirsty and when it´s hungry but we were taught to eat and drink at certain times and that became a habit as well as a social trend.

We get energy from other sources such as the air we breathe for example and the sun rays on our skin, so when I heard about Breatharians I was quite amazed! I had no idea this was all possible – I always thought that if we don’t eat food or drink liquids we die in a few days. I follow the work of one Breatharian and he never ceases to amaze me with the wonderful work he has been doing all over the world. Although not something I would choose to do, I think Breatharianism - also called Inedia  made me realize that even me who studied Nutrition had it somehow wrong; all because our energy intake is from several sources, not only from food or drink.   

Another source of energy comes from our wonderful SUN – it is a vital source, where we get such invaluable energy, so does it make sense the health care industry coming up with such high UV filters? The higher the filter the harder it is for anyone to absorb the energy from the sun! For instance, one of the benefits from the Sun is Vitamin D, which is a vital nutrient for human health, which the body makes it easily through exposure to UV rays. Sunscreen, or UV filters, block UV rays. So, in using sunscreen all of the time, prevents a person from getting the proper levels of vitamin D. Okay, we don´t want to get skin burned either – again it´s all about balance and common sense! From 5 minutes to half an hour a day of sun exposure is enough to have the daily equivalent to the vitamin intake; when not being able to be out in the sun every day, a balance is needed here as well. 

It´s very hard to break habits, it´s extremely hard to unlearn from long lasting beliefs, but in an age of too much information available all the time, people have no excuse to only follow the crowd as it is the easy way, or the only way.

Our health is too valuable to be left in the hands of people who only want profit – we must practice discernment and use our knowledge and freewill.


It´s all about balance!

It´s all about quantities!

It´s all about energy!

We have the obligation of relearning, rethinking and choosing what we want out of this life! If we want good health we must start by Rethinking Health in a way that we use all our available tools, which are free by the way, in order to become balanced, free and happy, just the way we chose to be but completely forgot!

Check out this interview of Dr. Diana Alba by Rebecca Rosen and see for yourself other possibilities of Rethinking Health

Much Love and Light!

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