How Toxic is Envy, Gossip and Persistent Complaining?

The constant or persistent pulling, pushing and stretching of energies such as the ones derived from envy, gossip and complaining accumulate as some sort of slimy dense energy that when it lingers in the body for a long time it is hard to shift and clear, so the simple answer to - how toxic is envy, gossip and persistent complaining - is – very toxic, harmful, and to make matters worse – usually the ones involved do not have the knowledge of how toxic that is!

It is toxic to both the receiver as well as the giver as it interferes with the energies of both.

I know…I know…energies are not seen with a naked eye, by any person, so how can anyone tell these energies are being harmful and toxic to their life? But Energy Therapists are able to see them, identify them and measure their intensity.

When measuring the level of toxicity between envy, gossip and complaining, I say envy is the winner, as it is the most intense.

The energy of envy sticks in such a way that is the most difficult to shift and clear!  When examining the energy field, they are identified as thick cords between the giver and the receiver. These cords are usually connected to the part of the body related to the envy; for example if one is envied for their loving way, or their love relationship, the cords are usually attached to the heart chakra, and this may even involve a third person (the loved one).  The cords can be very harmful, and frustrate, thwart or simply ruin the recipient’s relationships because of the constant pulling, pushing and stretching of those energies. The recipient usually thinks is the bearer of relationship “bad luck”, when in reality it is something very different and mostly not seen by just anybody.

Envy is a frequent feeling and a reminder of not being enough, or a lack of something in an area that matters or pertains to the one being envied.  The one who envies is jealous and resentful of something someone else has or is. The one who envies thinks he/she is not as smart, talented, successful, attractive or loving (or whatever) as he/she would like to be; they envy the ones who to them are. Instead of admitting their difference or limitations, they envy.

There is no doubt that envy is a dark aspect of human nature, as it produces dense dark energies and aside from the toxic energy that is not seen with a naked eye, it can damage a relationship by isolating and disaffecting the people involved. The thoughts of jealousy, competition, status, and resentment are a constant threat.  

Gossip is a toxic habit that does no good to anyone, and just like envy – pulls, pushes and stretches energies that should be very well left alone to flow in harmony with the rest of the Universe! Tearing down someone, putting them down, mocking them or judging them is simply deceitful and does not bring happiness or joy to anyone; it is toxic and harmful to all involved.  

Complaining is toxic when coming from the chronic complainers.  They do not usually recognize themselves as negative people while they see the world as negative, and everyone else for that matter. Chronic complainers are unhappy people, they are unbalanced to their core; they are aggravated by almost anything and do not see good in anybody or the World as a whole.  The more they complain the more they resonate with aggravating situations and anger becomes part of their daily reality. Their hostility calls for more annoyance and sometimes even rage. The “bad luck” situations keep on happening while blaming everyone else for those happenings. They think those happenings are happening to them when in reality they are happening by them.

The toxic energies of envy, gossip and persistent complaining not only remain on people’s body affecting their health, but also  their energy field and all the places they are most frequently at while envying, gossiping or complaining. These energies not only stay in and linger in their environment, but also stay in furniture or objects used. For example, if you usually talk to someone - gossiping, complaining,  arguing or yelling while seating in your favorite chair, sofa or even your bed – rest assured those pieces of furniture are full of bad, dense, toxic energy.

There is no good or bad when we think we are all made of the same ENERGY OF GOD; there are many, though, way too many people not seeing the truth and very unbalanced to their core.

These people become toxic to others who are balanced and have a different sense of what life really is about, or should be. Sometimes these people do not want to change and it is nobody else’s duty or business to change them, and when this happens it is important to stay away from them as much as possible. In the event it is not possible to be and stay away, there are techniques that can be learned and used to stay clear from their drama while shielding from their toxic energy.

The ones who envy, gossip or complain also have an opportunity to change these divisive mindsets that have become part of their character and have made their interpersonal relationships so complicated, but usually their willing to change is seldom part of their plan. Yes, even character can be changed - humans have free will, remember? 

Regardless of who you are, what you are or in what situation you are in now, be assured that there are strategies or techniques you may choose and use – you must want to (though) - either to have an Energy Practitioner clear and shift all the toxic energies from you and around you, or find some protection from those dissonant - dense and toxic energies -  or even yet to choose being someone more aware and thoughtful of yourself as well as others - if only - you want to  make a considered effort to pursue balance and harmony in your life, the toxic energies of envy, gossip and persistent complaining will no longer bother you the least, and your energy will be able to shine in your life bringing you to the balanced way of lifestyle you so deserve and always wanted.

Much Love and Light!

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