Energy Clearing, Shifting and Reiki

I have written about how does Reiki really work , which you may read again by clicking herebut today I have to clarify some confusing emerging thoughts about energy clearing, shifting and Reiki.

If you need to understand how Reiki works you should read the article first and then comeback to this page, but just as a quick review let’s just say - life energy force flows within the physical body through pathways called energy centers or chakras, meridians and nadis. It also flows around us in a field of energy called the aura, the auric field, that looks like a colored bubble of energy around the body.

In a balanced state, energy life force nourishes the whole body through its organs and cells, supporting them in their vital functions, promoting good balanced health.

In a normal Reiki session the energy is channeled from Source/The Universe/God which through the hands of the practitioner, that serves as a vehicle, or mentally if done remotely, is transferred to the person receiving the therapy, and here is where the confusing ideas or thoughts arouse, so I will now clarify.

Channeling new divine energy to someone does not clear (clean) or shift the pre-existing dense, dark, negative - any kind of dissonant energies – on that person, and their energy field.

In order for a Reiki therapy session to be successful, the energy of the person must be cleaned first. You can’t simply channel good vibrant divine energy into someone who has dissonant energy – it does not work – it’s the same as applying wax on a dirty floor!

It is useful to the practitioner to have a talk with the patient to know about any pre-existing conditions and complaints, although when he/she does the initial energy screening of the body, either physically or remotely, he/she is well able to identify the dissonant energy, where is mostly located and sometimes even knowing where it came from. The biomagnetic human energy field is composed of information from each organ and every bodily tissue, and the practitioner is able to read/feel/see and interpret this information.

The dissonant energy may be some kind of lightly dense energy coming from accumulated stress, arguments, long term sadness, bitterness and extreme anger, resentments, and or, long term negativity of your own or passed on by other people around you, or even very dark energy that comes from black magic; these are sometimes carried on for years on end without the person knowing what they are carrying – they only know they feel ill and they have recurrent episodes of what they call “bad luck”, incidents, or even accidents that are unexplainable to the recipient.

With the understanding that everything is energy, whether a person, animal, plant or an object, and considering that each particle is within a huge interconnected web of electromagnetic vibrational frequency that makes the Universe as a whole magnetic field, we recognize that - people who carry bad energy on themselves also move it and transfer it to others or to places either intentionally or not.

The place where such people with bad energy live, in consequence, accumulates dissonant energy which does not disappear unless it’s cleared, shifted and transmuted.  Some places in the house or apartment where such people live, get a little relief by the actual washing, like for example, the bed sheets – but the bed itself and the mattress continues to have dense and denser energy, unless a true shifting of that energy is performed, and no, the mattress does not have to be thrown away! The same happens to the office where people work. Some offices have “energy cleaning plants” which may help to a certain extent, but not all do because people simply do not have the awareness.

So to wrap it up and clear up the confusion that by having a Reiki therapy session, the bad energy disappears – no, it does not!

In order for a Reiki session to work properly, the therapist must proceed in the following way:

1 – Question the patient about preexisting conditions
2 – Do energy screening/scanning of the body
3 – Clear and unblock dissonant energy
4 – Shift, recycle and transmute the dissonant energy

There are cases when this procedure has to be done in more than one session due to the density of the energy, but when the whole physical and etheric parts of the body are finally clean, then and only then, the practitioner should channel new vibrant and divine energy from Source/The Universe/God, onto the patient, in order for the therapy to be a success. Sometimes there is also a need to channel energy from Gaia/Mother Earth – this depends on the existing energies of the person being treated.The cleaning procedure done to the physical and etheric body of the patient should be recommended to be done to the residence and in some instances the place of work as well, in order to guarantee the prolonged effect wanted.

Much Love and Light!


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