How to Deal with Different Ethics or the Lack of them

Whether you have learned social or work ethics in your past and now you don’t identify or resonate with the one’s that surround you, is important to learn How to Deal with Different Ethics or the Lack of them, so you stay true to your values while respecting others. 

Ethics are learned, or not, early in life either from parents, teachers or friends. Sometimes you even learn by the lack of ethics of others by choosing to be different.

Having a moral compass as a guide for daily living such as – don’t do onto others what you won’t do onto you - helps evaluate whether the behavior is appropriate for us and others.

Ethics, morals and beliefs are usually personal and society's sense of right or wrong, appropriate or not, is too divided in groups with different personal interests which affects our way of living. This great divide is in most cases so deep that is able to change people’s lifestyles making them feel they belong! It does this by establishing new rules, principles, and values on which people base their conduct but sometimes do not resonate with…but continue to support it just for the sake of “belonging” to the group.

On the other hand it is difficult when you have a whole set of rules, ethics, morals and beliefs that do not resonate with your peers, and so you either annul yourself or them; either way is not easy or convenient.

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If you annul your own ethics and withdraw from your own beliefs to be in good spirits with others, sooner or later you will resent yourself for it and your stress hormones (cortisol) will build up and accumulate, making a good combination for a perfect storm between you and the others involved.

If you annul other’s ethics for the sake of your own, sooner or later you will have plenty of enemies.

How do you deal with this sense of “you’re dammed if you do and you’re dammed if you don’t”?!

 - No one has to lose their identity for the sake of others.

 - No one has to drop their beliefs, ethics and morals just because they are different.

 - No one has to suffer from someone’s lack of ethics, lack of a moral compass, or different beliefs.


Respect is what is requested in every instance and every situation…but this does not mean you have to accept the lack of ethics from others.

Acknowledge, respect and step aside. If you can’t physically step aside, simply do it mentally.

You may choose to express it to the other person somethings like – I respect your way of being but I do not accept it as I am different, or instead or verbalizing you may simply say it in your mind. By doing this you establish a distance from the thought energy of the other person and it is the start to building a new boundary.

Complaining about ethics of the lack of them, does not help or resolve the matter.

People are all different and the sooner we all understand and respect the difference the better.

We are ALL ONE – Yes! We are all the same – NO!

The beauty and richness of human beings is exactly in the difference, and the difference must be respected.

We are all created with the same basic body parts and functions, but ethics, feelings and needs might be different, and that is fine as long as we respect each other equally.

Mutual respect!

How to deal with different ethics or the lack of them? – With mutual respect! But if mutual respect is not reached, then the only feasible way is to make a distance – between you and the other - which may be physical but it may be mental and spiritual as well, depending on the type of engagement or arrangement you need to have with those people.  On a last note: the distance may be only mental or spiritual when it is not possible to physically distance yourself from the other – by disengaging yourself and your thoughts from the other you are no longer a participant of their own ethic or belief, but your very own.

Much Love and Light!

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