Energy Healing and Believing Without Seeing

Several types of energy healing  have been used for many years but are still way less used than medical mainstream therapies, so we know there is a long way to go, in order to change the minds of the skeptics; believing without seeing is impossible to most.

As I usually say  - I started to plant the seeds - whether they sprout and bear fruit, it is entirely up to the individual person. Going back to simple basics is hard for some and to compete with sophisticated ways the mainstream medical enterprise's uses is even harder.

About a year before my awakening someone asked me: - Do you believe without seeing?  I was puzzled by the question and took a split moment to answer; not even knowing this was the beginning of a difficult but extremely interesting journey!... My answer was: - As a true admirer of Jesus I know -  that is, the ultimate wish anyone can have fulfilled in order to have absolute true faith... and I did not reach that point yet! The person immediately answered: - You will, you will!

What does believing without seeing have to do with energy healing?

We can´t see energy with a naked eye, but everything in the entire Cosmos has energy.

We can´t see the energy flowing through the electricity cables or internet, we believe it´s there, simply because we see it being used and can plug it in and turn it off and on.

The energy in people, animals and plants (all living things) can´t be seen thus can  be felt but not everyone feels it or recognizes it, and though it can be measured it is less (hardly) known.

There are methods used today (just to name one) by Dr. Johan Boswinkel a  Dutch biophysicist, lecturer and managing director and founder of the Institute of Applied Biophoton Sciences – IABS.   Dr. Boswinkel  a Chiren Practitioner in Biontology offering Biophoton Light Sessions, uses an instrument called the “CHIREN”. With this instrument the energy is seen and measured. This method was actually discovered by the Russian scientist Professor  Alexander G. Gurvich back in 1923. He called his discovery “mitogenic rays” but only in 1974 the biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp was able to develop the instrument to properly prove the existence of mitogenic rays and its origin in the DNA.

Dr. Johan Boswinkel has a practice in the USA in the state of Arizona but he travels all over the world, to divulge the “Chiren” and the Light session treatments, that can cure so many diseases that mainstream doctors can´t.  All in all, because most diseases are caused by a dis – ease (un-ease),  an energy  unbalance in the cells,  all that has to be done is to first identify, and then produce and permeate the balance, needed for all systems  to function normally and with normal "ease";  though as Dr. Boswinkel  usually says – he is only looked up when everything else fails,  and even though his practice is not widely spread,  he has saved many lives with absolute no invasive treatments.

As Dr. Boswinkel learned the language of light energy, we must learn that not everything we see is true and not everything unseen is not true.

As an advocate of good health by good habits that start with good and proper nutrition, I started early in age to study nutrition, then  becoming a Certified Nutritional Consultant back in the days it was not the “in” thing (yet). We were in the eighties and the doctors who treated the person as a whole, with supplements, were not many and neither were  the shops selling the proper supplements. Now there is a whole industry behind all of this! New products show up like mushrooms - to the point people get confused as to what is healthy and what is not - what is necessary, and what is not.  This, with everyday stressful life, makes the perfect cocktail for energy unbalance, depletion or simply bad, dissonant, toxic energy.  The balance is always needed and for all it´s worth  - the big question -  remains as in everything else: - How do we obtain balance in our lives? - How to  recognize who has our best interest and what we really need?

We need:

1 -   To open the perception field and listen to our intuition.

2 -  To open up our awareness and put all our senses to work.

3 -  See with our ears and hear with our eyes.

4 -  Detach from the mainstream and listen to ourselves instead.

5 -  Think with the heart.

6 - Clean up all the debris from long past beliefs.

7 -   Learn from everyone – follow no one.
8 -  Use all our senses to understand the needs of our body.

9 -   Not to follow trends.

10 - To be - absolute true to ourselves - only we know what we want, what we are here to do.
After my awakening I was uncertain as to what I should learn to better put in practice my call of duty to be a healer – a light worker; in addition to the Nutrition area, I chose Reiki to start with, to be followed by Radiestisia (the use of the pendulum) which helps and guides the Reiki analysis and the progress of the therapies, and then Crystal Therapy, Chromotherapy and Angel Therapy - as these may all be complementary to one another.

After the Reiki level One  course there is a 21 day adaptation to the new life as a Reikian. It is during this time the adjustment is done turning it to a habit. It is during the 21 days one perceives whether to continue or to completely drop it.

Being a Reikian, either a practitioner or just someone who takes the courses for personal use and benefit, one must have in mind that Reiki is a way of life.

Reikians live by 5 basic principles:

Just for today…
1 - … I am calm
2 - … I trust
3 - … I am grateful
4 - … I work honestly
5 - … I am kind to all beings

What do these five basic principles do to the person after going through the 21 day process?

After the process of 21 days the principles turn into habits:

1 - the habit of being calm and tranquil in all situations, resolving all problems peacefully and with proper discernment.

2 – the habit of trusting oneself fully as well as the Universe.

3 – the habit of being grateful for who we are and what we have.

4 – the habit of working honestly and nothing but that.

5 – the habit of being kind to all beings alive (people, animals and plants).

After the 21 days, one is sure whether Reiki is our way of life, and not everyone who takes the courses believe this, simply, because they remain skeptics.

Now a little bit of what Reiki is:

Reiki is made of two Japanese words - Rei meaning  "God” and Ki  "life force energy".

Mikao Usui , the Japanese man who created this concept “ God´s life force” or “God’s Energy” did it with no religion beliefs or credits behind it. Mikao Usui chose the word Rei meaning God but as a Source, an Energy Creator; not a religious God.

Basically and put into simple and extremely summarized words - Reiki Healers, heal by channeling life force energy from the Universe to a specific person, animal or plant.

Reiki healers receive the proper attunement after having their energy channel open by the Reiki Master teacher giving the course.  If the channel is not properly opened and the attunement is not done correctly, there is no way the healing can work; why? – Because there is no energy being channeled.

But let´s continue!

The human nonlinear electromagnetic field is a reality and it´s usually weak, thus controls all the functions in the body through its energy reception or control points called “chakras”. 

How does Reiki Energy work?

The energy is channeled from the Source/the Universe or God, it does not matter what you prefer to call it - going through the hands of the practitioner  with specific intent and purpose - then transferred to the patient in each therapy session in order to unblock, clean, calibrate and, or,  balance the energy in each chakra as well as the auric field. 

This can and is a total success for many, but for others – the ones with a skeptic  mind, the ones  who are reluctant to embrace something not seen but can only be felt  - by truly believing with absolute faith  - in the practitioner as well in oneself, Reiki will not work.

Some western science and medicine still labels energy healing as a pseudoscience,  even though in some countries Reiki is offered in some mainstream hospitals,  more as a support  in addition to the treatment than a treatment itself, it is a good start!

What Reiki is NOT: a massage! Yes, unfortunately, some people think Reiki is some sort of a massage! Well, it´s not even close! The practice of Reiki manipulates the energy of the person and it's auric field without even touching the person - and it may be done remotely from far far away!

The perception is starting to change though, as more and more, scientists and academics begin to understand the principles behind the techniques and benefits that have, after all,  been known to eastern cultures for centuries.

The learning in Quantum Physics has proven over and over that our bodies consist of and run on energy.

The Quantum Field Theory is more than proof even to the most skeptic:

 …“The simplest “practical” quantum field theory is quantum electromagnetism. In it, two fields exist: the electromagnetic field and the “electron field”. These two fields continuously interact with each other, energy and momentum are transferred, and excitations are created or destroyed. So for instance, what we picture intuitively as an electron absorbing a photon is, in quantum electrodynamics, a specific interaction between the electromagnetic field and the electron field, in which the electromagnetic field loses one excitation quantum, and the electron field gains its energy, momentum and angular momentum”…

The coolest thing about Reiki, in my very personal opinion, it is the possibility of applying the sessions remotely – in other words – the energy may be channeled without the presence of the recipient, using the energetic power of the mind - in other words - applying the Quantum Physics theories. 

Combining Reiki Healing Sessions with Radiestesia, Crystal Therapy, Chromotherapy or Angel Therapy (or others) with specific individual needs and applications,  give broad optimized results that are amplified  as well as shorten the treatment period.

Before the first Reiki session treatment is decided and set, a complete analysis should be prepared in order to offer the client the best results. As a mainstream doctor asks the patient several questions pertaining to habits, traits and environment, so does a Reiki practitioner!

We have, or perhaps – should - take in consideration, one cannot clean and balance the patient´s energy and have them go back home or the office full of bad energy! The results will simply not be the same! What to do? – The practitioner should recommend the patient a cleaning of the energy of the house or apartment as well as the office or place of work, or the place where he or she spends the most time.  If this is not possible, other measures must be taken in order to shield and protect the good, clean and balanced energy of the patient.

As mentioned previously, there are people who view a Reiki session as a massage, but it is not – not at all – not in the least! Unfortunately there are people practicing it as if it is. A massage as good as it is and feels, is intended for the relaxation of the muscles of the body. A Reiki session is (in brief) intended for healing of the body through channeled Universal energy to balance all the energy centres (chakras) and auric field, in order to promote a cure or permeate and guarantee good health.

Energy Healing either by the Reiki method of others alike, will one day be accepted as “normal” as well as the knowing we need air to live. For now, as I continue to plant seeds, I know Reiki is still for the fortunate ones who are on the road to Believing Without Seeing – in any case – I am so very grateful for us all!

Love and Light!

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