Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment

Spiritual awakening and enlightenment usually happen one after the other,  while some understand it as it is, others think it is something that happens only to gurus or monks. In reality -  spiritual awakening and enlightenment – happens to all of those who have somehow evolved and chosen it for this lifetime. It is also possible for those who along this lifetime choose to change their path by using freewill.

Spirituality is the use of part of a human being; it is the use of the soul. When properly connected with the rest of the self – the mental and the emotional – the balance is then obtained and the use of spiritual intelligence is put into practice.

-          There are the IQ people, the ones who use majorly the left brain – these are the Intellectual Intelligent ones. 
-          There are the EQ people, the ones who use majorly the right brain – these are the Emotional Intelligent ones. 
-          There are the SQ people, the ones who use the whole brain – these are the Spiritual Intelligent ones.

Spirituality has absolutely nothing to do with any type of religion, even though the majority still confuses it, idolatrizes it or ostracizes it. Someone is not spiritual because they go to a church and pray. Someone is spiritual because all humans are, period.


- Because all humans have a soul!

Whether they believe or not, whether they use the whole brain or not, all are spiritual – the only difference is - some are already born with the specific purpose of using the whole brain, they are the born free spirits, others are open and willing to learn and evolve, whist others, yet, will remain skeptics and close up their possibility to evolve in this lifetime.

In reality, all is good… it really depends what which one desires and chooses to do!

Spiritually is then not something special for anyone special as some try to imply. It is merely a question to what one desires and chooses - nothing else. Some will live through the ego; some will live through the whole. Some do not receive a "VIP invitation to the spiritual awakened and enlightened lounge"; all are given the choice,  and it is up to each one to accept it and be open and willing to participate and evolve.

When one chooses to use the Spiritual Intelligence embedded in the self, the experience of life becomes WHOLE with a deeper meaning and purpose much beyond the ego. One experiences life with the whole being instead of with just part of it; at first it seems astonishing, amazing, miraculous, transcendent; then giving way to a normal way of life at its full capacity, the way it should have been,  the glorious way from the beginning.

Spiritual Awakening may be considering in very simple terms - the waking up of someone who has been unconsciously asleep to their full potential in this lifetime.

Spiritual Awakening is then the opportunity or ability to use the whole brain, using the intellect together with the emotions to obtain a WHOLE way of life.

When the spiritual awakening occurs, the self decides whether to use the Spiritual Intelligence to its full capacity; whether it is accepted and used,  it is entirely up to each individual person. What is done with that new way of being is also entirely up to each individual one.

What is Enlightenment?

Simply put is to be aware of the whole through the light that we are.  

Better explained:

Enlightenment is seeing  the light that we are individually as well  as the  WHOLE COLLECTIVE. This is only seen/felt,  through our spiritual intelligence being used to full capacity, giving the perception of just knowing through an earthly experience. This experience is not absolute, as the absolute Knowing is God/Source/Creator and this is only seen/felt in another realm,  but for an earthly experience perspective - the enlightenment,  comes to those who are spiritually awakened and use their innate light energy with the awareness and intention of  their well-being as well as the WHOLE COLLECTIVE (whole collective is the whole Cosmos).

In practice Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment is a package with extremely useful tools to be used by those who desire to experience their existence with full capacity, by turning on the spiritual intelligence kit that comes embedded in the mind, body and soul package that comprises the whole human being.

And then you will appreciate the beauty of a tiny being, sprouting from a seemingly dead tree!
 You will experience beauty beyond all the ego.

Love and Light 

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