Life after Death – Truths and Myths about the Afterlife

Life after death will most likely be an uncertainty for as long as the concept of the Creator´s intention will continue to be as is -  when we come back to another cycle of  life, we purposely do not remember anything about previous lives, so whilst – the curious ones - rely on the information channeled from the spirit guides or past life regression, others just keep inventing what is suitable to their own belief, and so, truths and myths get mixed up easily making the afterlife a cocktail, one mixes the best way it pleases them; so today we talk about Life after Death – Truths and Myths about the Afterlife.

What do we know?

-         Life is eternal.

What is eternal?

-        Our essence, our spirit, our soul (whatever you prefer to call it.
Being an eternal spirit means that in each life cycle we experience it with a different physical body, gender, personality, country or planet depending on the evolution one achieves, as well as, what one really pretends to experience next.

Life is an experience not a school!

In every experience some evolve, others do not! Some like to experience something once, others like to repeat it infinitely.

So if the soul has so many different actions and reactions while living in a body, why should it have definite and “saintly” ones when it passes away?

The body is finite, the soul is infinite.

The afterlife is the journey the soul takes after the body dies (perishes).

How one conducts their own afterlife is different in everyone except for some of the steps one must, or better said – should – take to proceed.

The soul transports the history of the DNA, the individuality, the personal identity and obviously, a low energy person, a low dimensional person, a toxic person, a corrupt person, a dark energy person, will not be converted into a high vibration being full of light just because they pass away!  It is curious though, how sometimes people refer to some of their beloved when they pass as “another star shining in heaven” or “now he or she will be looking out for me in heaven” or the most globally used one “RIP (rest in peace). All of these sayings have been repeated over and over the years without making any sense,  as a person who passes away will go on with their journey – many times – totally different than the previous one, and many times they do a quick transition, a quick crossover  – meaning – they will go through all the steps and procedures and come right back to another cycle of life – so no, they might not be in "heaven" looking out for the loved ones they left behind, simply because they are not – they have to come back and have other family, other gender, other everything else! So these are some of the myths, but there are more.

I have repeated in some other posts that we have freewill and we can and may use it anytime we desire. Having this in mind, let’s now think of someone passing away, getting through the "tunnel", arriving in the so called heaven and having God sitting on a throne waiting to judge this person; then according to that judgment that soul transitions accordingly! Does this make any sense? Isn’t this the opposite of what makes sense to anyone who knows God our Creator gave humans freewill?

God gave humans freewill making them totally responsible for their choices, so, when one passes, one, does go through stages or procedures to go on with their soul´s journey.


There are several stages and the time spent in each is different, depending on several variables that pertain to individual choices or specific needs.

-          1)  Passing away – I like this term in English as it defines it much better than the word death. It is the actual death of the body and the passing away of spirit into another dimension.  Some say they actually see their beloved left on earth, but others just go on towards the light in the tunnel. Some are even able to communicate with the ones left behind because they are still in limbo and closer to the vibrational frequency of the person being contacted on earth.

-          2)  The Tunnel – the gateway to the spirit realm is through the tunnel of light. As the spirit realm is not far but simply another dimension, the distance is not important as to some may seem far and to others very close, this really depends on which dimension the departed one lived their last life. Actually, most live in a 3rd dimension but there are people living on the 6th dimension now.  Unfortunately we still have many 2nd dimensional people living among us. Going through the tunnel  is easy and awesome to some as it is like getting back home, but to others can be very confusing as some pass away in such perplexing situations such as suicide or murder that they take a while to figure out they actually do not have a body anymore. Some even try to come back through the tunnel; they actually can’t see they do not have a body anymore.  The time to arrive in the spirit realm is really unpredictable; and by the way we are the only ones who count and account to time! Time is actually an invention of men, just like religions.  Cosmologists say “time is an illusion”! Anyway, getting back on track - there are many confused, wondering lost souls that sometimes need guidance to ascend and go through the tunnel back home. These wondering souls may get stuck for many, many years without being able to ascend - they are earthbound.  At this stage they can disturb, scare or even  harm people they dislike on earth by manipulating their energy and influence their journey in a negative way.  In case of a contact by one of these souls we should compassionately invite them to go on with their journey.

-          3) Arriving home – once the transition through the tunnel is accomplished, the soul is finally home and is greeted by the spirit guides and directed to the next steps such as the review of the last life. When this review is done, the soul regains memory of past lives in order to make a broad analysis of the past and present   reality in order to be able to choose what to do on the next life cycle.  The ones who passed away through murder or suicide and have made it fine through the tunnel, usually review their path and come right back quickly as their intention to terminate their last life was in a way to press the reset button and do a do over. So, the time spent on this review stage is totally dependent on what the desire of that soul is. This stage is totally accompanied by Spirit Guides and some specific Angels.

-          4) Transition – During or after the review and depending on the life path, or all the lives paths, the soul will be able to evaluate each memory and involvement and in the case of traumatic ones the help of the guides is crucial for understanding and overcoming each experience, in order for the transition to take place. In this stage some extra light energy is given to the soul to replenish its original vibration. When this is accomplished the soul discusses ideas as to the next life project with the guides. In this stage the soul might see family members from the different life times, friends or simple acquaintances; these are the souls that keep reincarnating with over and over. These are the souls who have made contracts/agreements to meet over and over in different lifetimes. There might be exchanges of ideas between them, until the soul who is being oriented meets the Grand Counsel who is actually an Angel responsible to help the soul make the final decision. This Angel does not influence the decision but sometimes points out to the difficulty, if there is such, and gives the soul some more time to make the final decision.

-          6) Choice - after the choice is finally made and backed up by the Grand Counsel/ Angel a whole plan has to be put in action in order to choose the several variables pertaining to selecting a family and body with specific physical appearances. In this stage the soul is able to see and choose the family that will be a better match to the life path pretended.

-          7) Crossover/Reincarnation/Rebirth - the soul travels through the tunnel but now back into life, according to the choice previously made. Some die before birth, some die during the birth, some have long lives – but everything has been chosen, programmed and managed previously. Nothing, absolutely nothing is bad fate, bad coincidence or bad planning – everything is well planned. There is no such thing as punishment from God. There is no such thing as “bad Karma”.  Actually Karma is an opportunity to learn and change, and this opportunity may be implemented by using freewill. 

Depending on the path chosen and whether this soul having a new body decides to change anything, previously chosen, is entirely his or her responsibility. The evolution of this soul with a new body is totally it's choice – some like to keep evolving, some like to stay put. Evolving will definitely determine the next journey and dictate whether that soul will keep reincarnating or will stay in the so called “heaven” - spirit realm or the ALL Knowing God´s dimension.

In as much as human beings like, or have the habit of, dividing people by name tags, good or bad, rich or poor, fat or slim, they also like to divide the life after death into subdivisions, such as heaven or hell, good souls, saintly souls or evil souls, making way to some sort of a folklore or a even romanticized version around the  truths and myths of the afterlife.

And last but not least – do we see God in the afterlife?

God, the Source, the Creator is a massive, colossal, gigantic cosmic amount of energy and there is no form to this energy as it is spread around the Multiverse including in our DNA, so we can´t actually see it but we can sure feel it; by feeling we can imagine any figure shape or form we want or is more convenient for our own belief and evolution. As God has said: You may see me in any shape or form you so desire.

When Moses asked God for his name, or to whom should he refer to, or when others would ask him who sent him, God responded: I am that I am.

Independently of the names, labels and opinions, we are who we have chosen to be and should live each life cycle true to our essence, making it possible for each mission to be truthful to whom we always meant to be, free from untruths, myths or speculations, and full of life here in the present or in any afterlife we choose to be. Talking and understanding Life after Death and Truths and Myths about the Afterlife is more important than ever, if we really want to continue to evolve into the best version of ourselves.

Lots of love and light!

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