Roads, Crossroads, Parallel Roads, Infinite Trails

When you don’t know which road, crossroad, parallel road or infinite trail to take - don’t take the high road - without asking yourself first; then, make sure you listen and follow your own advice!

“Hello, it’s a pleasure to meet you! I see you brought company! Nice company!”

I literally looked back, naively thinking someone must have followed me confusing me with somebody else!

Astonished by not seeing anyone I asked: - Who?

“ – Your spiritual guides!”

What am I talking about, am I sort or rambling here?

I am telling you about the day I was literally sent on a mission to change my life! Literally because I did not get it for too many years!

Long conversation short:  - My Spiritual Guides were there on that sunny bright Spring afternoon,  making themselves visible to give me a message – the message – the message I apparently was unable to receive or decode all by myself during all my life!

I was literally told I had been pretending not to understand I was sensitive and had psychic abilities that were in my DNA; they came from someone in my family that was no longer living but was there as one of my spirit guides.

Actually I knew… I felt, since childhood, I was accompanied by that figure I had never met but was fascinated by. That figure was my grandmother, my father’s mother who passed away before I was born, knew very little of and had the same name as her – Virginia. I did talk to her so many times but thought she never answered me, thinking I was a bit crazy, so for many years I never told anyone about this.

Now, having this out in the open, I said  - I doubted I had all of those powers and gifts I was told I had, and,  very bluntly,  I was informed I was late putting into practice what I knew! It was time to stop pretending and time to start learning how to use my gifts in order to help myself, my immediate family as well as those who in the future would approach me for help, but most of all to help channeling the light into Earth, into the Universe.

I was told about the awakening process so many were going through in order for the evolution of humanity.

The new reality is part of a plan, a plan which includes vibrational shifts where in 2012, when so many made fun of the “end of the world” in the Mayan calendar, that end of the world was actually – the end of life as it was – as Planet Earth went through a major ionic shift making energy different to the perception of the awaken.

Meaning – all of those who were already awake felt it and adjusted their vibration into optimal living, experiencing  the new Earth, the new life, the new reality and will definitely will continue to evolve; those who didn’t or will not  -   the forever resistant to the truth of life’s purpose, the forever skeptical, the ones who say  only “seeing is believing” will continue to live in a 3rd dimension reality which provides them the exclusive pleasure and pain of “having” more of what they want, more money, more cars, more houses, more of whatever makes them look like they are powerful, living in a fantasy world of the “having” -  the material world; whilst living in constant fear of losing or lack all their lives. 

As we are in transition to the Golden Age where humanity will shift into living from the heart instead of solely from the rational brain, in peace, prosperity and harmony, many are invited to join this sort of train that is on route to a much better destination.

I will write specifically about dimensions and the Golden Age but for now this continues to be a preamble for whoever reads me, to understand how I got to where I am today.

I was told I had all the tools but did not know how to use them! I was told I was a healer but didn’t know how to heal. I was told I had to go and learn!

I asked: - Learn what? Start by learning what? I didn’t have the faintest idea!

I was given a bunch of papers with lists of courses I could take, some of which would take years to finish! I did not want to go back to school!? What was I supposed to do?

I got out of that office with my mind in an infinite maze! I don´t even remember how I got to the ocean, I must have geared into hypnotic mode and just drove to where I felt more comfortable.  I got out of the car, took deep breaths of the strong breeze and ocean mist and asked very loudly in my mind: - What am I going to do? What am I supposed to do?

A loud laugh was the reaction I had when I heard in my mind: go have a nice dinner, have a nice gin, and you will figure it out…not today, but the answers will come to you when you are ready!  You will know!

And so I did! I will never forget that dinner, that gin, and all the thoughts racing through my mind!

original photo by ©Virginia Dias

The answers did not start to come through until I realized I had to accept who I was and commit – I had to agree to a new life – a new declared purpose – a life of service – a life of awareness, a life of unconditional love.

I always wanted answers for everything and expected to have them explained by science so I went to look for them and made the perfect connection between science and spirituality being amazed every step of the way, by how much information is out there for whoever wants to learn.

I always knew God, The Source, The Creator, who I affectionately call Father  and has nothing to do with any religion, had involved in his master creation all kinds of Science, actually he is THE ONE Master of all Sciences and for everything he/she/it has an answer . All we have to do is to be tuned into his frequency by being aware and awake. It helps if one discards the esoterical, mystical, foggy or religious beliefs we were taught to believe; instead, see and feel the real God who is Source, Creator of all the immense energy where a tiny spark is inside each one of us in our DNA, and making us part of the WHOLE God Matrix.

So , I, the eternal curious for knowledge,  went searching for answers and in a continuous process I took courses, master classes, workshops or simple but exhaustive online research studying, read books by extraordinary authors, and so, I have dived deeply into several types of energy manipulation and healing, where I guess the main one that started the seeding was Reiki, but then came others.

The list of my studies and courses is still in a continuum cumulative rise but for now and with the exception of the first 3 being in a correct order, the rest are just random!

1-      Reiki I
2-      Reiki II
3-      Reiki III (Master’s)
4-      Radiesthesia
5-      Crystalotherapy
6-      Angelology
7-      Kundalini Energy
8-      Binaural Beats and meditation sounds
9-      Vibration sounds
10-   Chromotherapy
11-   Earth Resonance
12-   The Kybalion -  Hermetic Philosophy
13-   The Universal Laws
14-   Cosmology
15-   Physics, Quantum Physics – principles and theories
16-   Neuroscience
17-   NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
18-   ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response)
19-   Heart Math
20-   Noetic Sciences
21-   Biology and Epigenetics
22-   Hypnosis Meditation and Therapies
23-   Remote Viewing
24-   Remote Healing
25-   Law of Creation
26-   Law of Attraction
27-   Co-creation
28-   Power of Intention
29-   Bioresonance
30-   Akashic Records

The ALL Knowing is the God Kingdom;  the so called Heaven  - and I am still in the experience phase, but by learning, I will evolve and get there simply because I opened up and made myself available, and so will you – but only if you want to, only when you are ready. Some people like to repeat things, others like change.  Some learn fast, some learn slowly. Each human has different patterns. Each one walks in a different pace. Each soul is given the time and space to travel its path. Nothing is random. God has given humans freewill, where combined with good knowledge more and diverse options are available to choose from.

I was walking on a parallel road to the one I am now; roads, crossroads, parallel roads and infinite trails - and by being on the hard road I was taking more time than I should to the same destination! Since synchronicity always comes to the rescue to give us hints or as wake-up calls - I was once asked: -don’t you see you are walking on the hard and wrong road? There is one right next to it and it’s an easy and soft road! I immediately visualized in my mind a white soft road; it was like walking on a road covered by talcum powder, it was warm, soft and nice smelling – all I had to do was to crossover, and so I did!

"die before you die so you can start to live before you die"
Grateful for your gift, your talent and dedication Bentinho Massaro

Much Love and Light!

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