Stages of the Soul Consciousness

To most people living today, the “soul” is, still, a mystery because it is a part of themselves they do not see or even believe in;  to those, it is important to know in what stage of their physical life they are – their health, their wealth or their social status. These usually self-centered people, do not give much thought or importance to the part of themselves that is not seen – the soul - but to those who either have an interest to know and learn more about the whole self  - the whole being - or want to clear some doubts or uncertainties, I come today asking you questions,  so together we can clear up some of those issues regarding the Stages of the Soul Consciousness.

-          Do you know in which stage your soul consciousness is?
-          Are you manifesting from your Soul?
-          What is the best version of yourself?

Stages of the Soul Consciousness:

Stage 1 - The Victim:
-          Life happens to us. There usually is blame on someone, or something, or both. There is a permanent excuse, and the attention is directed to what we don´t have, instead of what we have.  The focus is on something from the outside of us, doing it to us. We offer constant resistance and have no control of our misgivings, misfortunes and difficulties. We think life is just a matter of own random “luck”.  Life just happens to us.

Stage 2 – The Manifester:
-          Life happens for us. We come out of the “victim” stage and learn the laws of creating and manifesting; we start shaping, shifting and taking control of our lives. We start recognizing infinite possibilities, infinite scenarios for our lives. We start feeling the desire to be more of ourselves – the better version of ourselves. We manifest life to happen for us.

Stage 3 – The Channeller:
-          Life happens through us. Surrender begins and we allow the activation of us. This activation gives us bliss as we in tune to a new something within us that wants to emerge, come out of the shadow and thrive. We have awareness and perception of what we are and what we want and why we want it. We have mature wanting. We channel life as it happens through us.

Stage 4 – The Being:
-          Life happens as us. Awareness, perception and surrendering to the Universe’s natural laws give us the bliss of feeling as ONE. We are no longer separate and at the mercy of anything or anyone – we become a being synched in our mental, physical and spiritual self with the Universe. As we move through life, life moves through us. We are the best of ourselves and life happens as us.

Will you be surprised if I say most of the population living on Earth today is in Stage 1 – The Victim Stage? Apparently more than 90% are still living in this stage 1.

There is an ongoing change though. The energy is being felt and spread by the ones spiritually awakened, who are called to participate, in a collective endeavor to shift and heal, in order for the ascension to move forward into the Golden Age where no darkness of any kind can exist.

So, after reading this…
-              Do you know in which stage your soul consciousness is?
-              Are you manifesting from your Soul?
-              What is the best version of yourself?

This read today is for a good reflection; it´s to make you go inside yourself and ask important questions to your higher self.  

A few hints or clues to help with that intimate conversation with your higher self:
-          Thought is the act of thinking, a mental process, manipulation of information.
-          Action is a thought in movement.
-          Wish is a thought converted into prayer.

When you use the above together, while connecting your heart’s wisdom with your soul’s, just breath, focus, ask and then listen.

Each morning when waking up and being grateful for a new day, open your arms wide and ask the universe:  - What should I do to be the best version of myself today?

Life is like a winding staircase – you may choose to stay on the ground floor, you may choose to take one step at a time while looking around, or you may run up as fast as you can – the choice is only yours, and yours alone.  Only you know what your goal is.

Meanwhile – I usually say – don´t forget to look at the flowers on the side of the road an smile.

Note: This article was inspired after attending the Masterclass – “True Manifesting from the Soul” by Michael Bernard Beckwith, a Religious Science major, a New Thought minister, an author and the founder of the Agape Spiritual Center in Beverly Hills, California.

Much Love and Light

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