Who do you Talk to after your Spiritual Awakening

A spiritual awakening is usually an ongoing process taking sometimes many years; many a times we don´t even realize we are awakening, we simply feel strange in our skin and when falling ill, we often blame it on something other, than, simply being out of balance within our very own essence. Once we start realizing what is truly going on, we begin the process of our spiritual awakening, and then who do we talk to? Who do we open up to? I see in my mind, the astonished faces of the people I tried to talk to when I didn´t know better, and now I simply smile!

Spiritual awakening is not a “woo-woo” something, reserved for monks in Tibet  or other parts of the Eastern Word, who are more inclined to a lifestyle that embraces the spiritual and the whole being wellness as a natural process.  Spiritual awakening is happening to all of those who have decided to catch the ongoing train into the Golden Era where  darkness does not exist.   

Spiritual awakening is simply put:  - a remembering of who we are in our true essence and what and how we have chosen to live in this lifetime. Furthermore, it serves us to recognize who we are, instead of being a copy of someone else, just because is either genetic or trendy. During this process, instead of transforming ourselves we learn to emerge as to who we are. We open up to a new us, that is not new at all, it was always there but we did not see it or remember.

When we are born, we purposely do not remember who we are and what our purpose is; this is the way it is intended to happen - I can only guess it is for the challenge, for the experience. Then as we grow up we take in a lot of the beliefs from our parents, immediate family, teachers and then the culture around us and  society in general. We simply follow the rules, we obey; follow the crowd - our crowd. During teenage years downloads of information start flooding our minds and some of us rebel towards the beliefs previously installed, and the struggle begins with a push and pull of energies. This struggle can go on for a lifetime – or not… as it really depends on 3 factors:

-           1) We make a decision to live this lifetime in a sleeping mode and not evolving. This decision is made prior to birth.
-           2) We decide to live part of our life asleep, and then awaken at a certain point and then evolve. This decision is made prior to birth.
-          3) We make a decision to brake with our ” status quo” and play the card of freewill, where we start doing all the necessary changes and mental work to awake spiritually, then  live a life true to our essence into evolving. This decision is made prior to birth but it may be changed any time during lifetime.

Whatever the case may be it´s always our choice and our choice alone. What is good for us might be bad for someone else right next to us, not because of black and white, or good or bad, but because the  perception of each one of us may be different. When we choose and make a decision then we are able to live our truth.  

All is well when we understand all of the mechanics of this process, but how do we tell family and friends? Some will look at us thinking and simply saying we are getting a little crazy, or they will say: it´s menopause, it´s a middle age crisis, it´s teenage hormones, you belong to a cult, or simply say – that´s not normal!

The process continues and we go through several phases; with all the feelings and integration of different energies one feels at best, meditating forever and never come out of it. It´s a feeling of floating or flying and never wanting to come back to the “normal” life that feels so abnormal to us. Simply put -  the burden it is to absorb other people’s dissonant or even dark energy, sometimes even carry it as our own, and then clear it, shift it and regain our good energy back is hard work and many times exhausting. Then it´s like wash rinse and repeat!  It is tiring, especially when we know most of the “others” around us do not understand us, believe us, or even want to understand or believe because of their closed minds.

The ones working for the collective know it is our job as we offered to do it altruistically.   We work every single day, sort of in a backstage, to shift and clear the dissonant energy and channel the divine pure energy back into Planet Earth; it is not easy to anyone, but those who do not do this sort of work, find it even harder and inexplicably so, when they find themselves in days that simply do not feel like getting out of bed, and never mind talking to “humans”!...

One day we wake up and say: where is my tribe? Who can I talk to, without complaining…  just talking and sharing views and experiences, without being judged or criticized?

Consider it´s a phase, another phase! Consider it´s something that happens while we are adjusting and integrating. As we progress and become a better version of ourselves we are then well able to hold and sustain better energy as well. We start resonating to healthier energies around us – choices, relationships, needs and wants.  In this phase or process several of “our” people stay either behind or we don’t find them interesting or even important anymore. Simply put, some people  vanish from our lives. We start “mingling” with the ones we resonate with, and out of the blue, new ones for the “mingling” start emerging in our lives because of the vibration we are emanating.  Our contact list starts being reshaped and this question -  Who do you Talk to after your Spiritual Awakening – no longer makes sense because the needs and wants  are finally a match to who we truly are.

Once you know the truth live it!

Much Love and Light!

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