Being in Our Very Own Flow

It is the beginning of another year, another decade, and many are doing a brand new wish list, a New Year resolution list, but what we should be doing first and foremost is – to focus on receiving clarity, in order to start this new year and decade, in our very own flow.  

Take note -  I write  - “our very own flow” – meaning our own, not someone else´s!

There is a tendency to follow or to go with the flow that is trending on social media, or to go with the flow of the family or friends, forgetting or neglecting our very own needs and desires.

It is too often, when I ask “what is it you want to change so you have joy in your life” I get the answer “I don´t know”!

There is a state of numbness or confusion, and this  is common because we, too often, don´t stop to think or stop to listen to our own wishes, needs and desires. We just go with the flow of others, we let everyone else´s flow take us on a never ending river, but when we get back to the shore we ask: - how did I get here?

If you research being in the flow, you will find almost 70.000 entries with a variety of different opinions with an array of guidelines. They are all good intended, I am sure.

I only advise you to do one thing:

Make silence and ask yourself what you need to do, to change and be in your very own flow.

Being in your flow means you are offering no resistance in your normal and healthy flowing energy.

Being in your own flow means you will be aware of what you want, where you go, how you feel, 
simply because you are following your heart´s desires and just let life flow through it.

Being in your flow means you consciously allow YOUR life´s path flow through YOU.

Much Love and Light

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