The Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius

Astrology's studies basic principle is that cosmic bodies — the sun, moon, planets, and constellations — have influence over or are correlated with earthly events. Astrology unveils to us the influence celestial bodies have on our personal life as well as the collective; as we have been transiting from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, the next few days will be of extreme importance for a good transition. Let´s see why and how we as responsible collective may help.

On the cosmic level, we know there are twelve constellations across the zodiac. These make up the natural zodiac; they do not move and always remain in the same place around the zodiac. However, because of a particular movement of the Earth's pole, the Sun crosses the Equator at a slightly different point every year. With the passing years, this point shifts from one degree approximately every 72 years and shifts signs approximately every 2,156 years. This movement is called precession of the equinoxes. A complete cycle lasts around 25,868 years. At the end of each cycle, there is complete synchronization between each sign and each constellation.

Every 2,156 years, a new age begins. From 498 AD to the year 2,654, the spring equinox occurs in the Pisces constellation, so technically we are still in the Age of Pisces, but we at the same time transiting to the Age of Aquarius.

The Age of Pisces

The symbol of fish serves to interpret the Age of Pisces. This age's influence has lasted for at least two thousand years. The sign of Pisces is a sign of sacrifice, charity, mercy, compassion and pardon.
The sign of Pisces is associated with Neptune, faith and divinity. During the Age of Pisces, all humanity was invited to believe in God. The lives of martyrs, strong believers, were ended in the worst tortures, as a proof of their faith.

Since the Age of Pisces is not yet over, we still feel its effects: in fact, religious wars are still raging on in the world, although these occurrences will progressively disappear as we are influenced by the Age of Aquarius. In fact, the sign of Pisces is the symbol of forgiveness, of secrecy, of seclusion. 

Finally, Venus, the planet of love, is dignified in the sign of Pisces.

The Age of Aquarius

As previously mentioned, technically speaking, around the year 2,654, we will experience the Age of Aquarius to its maximum, although until then, we will feel its influence increasingly.

It is an age characterized by technical progress, by technology, by spectacular inventions created by science.

The sign opposite Aquarius is Leo. This indicates that we must focus our efforts in the pursuit of excellence, perfection and mutual respect. During the Age of Aquarius, Man will really be the King of Creation, in the image of his Creator- a Co-Creator!

We are currently being influenced by the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius. In fact, we are progressively leaving the Age of Pisces and progressively entering the Age of Aquarius. We are therefore in a position midway between these two astrological ages.

The greatest challenge we will have to face is of a moral order. Indeed, we are leaving a period that lasted two thousand years, during which our spiritual lives were dictated by religious authorities.

The influence of religions will lose ground in favor of personal moral standards. The problem is that we will need to make an effort to develop these new standards, as we will be immersed in a technological world. It will not be easy to build new moral standards, new moral codes; they will have to be personal and adapted to the new circumstances of life.

Morally speaking, we will develop moral standards whose foundations will be based, for instance, on new agreements of Global Rights and Freedoms.

The influence of the Age of Pisces invited us to show love, goodness, mercy, compassion and generosity towards our fellow human beings – all with a tremendous amount of sacrifice – sort of like carrying Jesus cross along life.

But the influence of the Age of Aquarius invites us to show love for ourselves with altruism for others, while favoring scientific and technological solutions. In reality, we are invited to love and respect all living beings – not only human.

Uranus is associated with the sign of Aquarius and is a symbol of sudden changes and progress.

By transiting from the sacrificing love in the Age Pisces to the love oneself and others of the Age of Aquarius – we will hopefully come to know real universal fraternity.

The Age of Aquarius invites us to elevate our souls through love of our fellow man and to take the scientific and technological means at hand to improve our comfort and well-being.

From an astrological point of view, two values represented by two opposite signs (and two planetary positions) are the focus of the Age of Aquarius: the Sun in Leo and Uranus in Aquarius, and we are invited to see, touch and feel the differences:

1 - The Sun in Leo invites us to take care of ourselves, love ourselves and fully develop all our talents.
2 - Uranus in Aquarius invites us to show altruism and love others.

These two values (self-love and love of others) are not incompatible. Not at All! Actually, we are encouraged to enjoy a just part of the benefits and joys of life in tune with ourselves and others. A fair balance is to be reached between one’s aspirations and desires and needs as well as those of others. This should lead us down the path to joy and happiness.

Our technological boom was not because of our “superior” intelligence or inventiveness - it was and is -   all part of a careful  universal plan to prepare us for this new phase - this new cycle, this new era, this New Age of Aquarius. Of course the skeptical will do everything to resist and persist as they do not like change, and they may stay behind if they want, we still have freewill, but this shift in energy will help the ones eager to evolve and ascend into this new age.

Although as how everything is on a global level we can´t see this now – a major key trait of this new age is “humanitarianism without prejudice or preference.” This could represent the emergence of pro-active intergovernmental organizations and unified global movements. I was astonished when I read this in one of the books by Neale Donald Walsch –“Conversations with God”.

Indeed, it would be the end of selfish desire and the beginning of the selfless free expression of the soul of humanity. So much change…but for any change to occur there must be an individual choice, then the collective.

This is a time of the merging of the opposite energies - the masculine and the feminine. 

Independently of genre, we all have masculine and feminine energies – a lot of unbalanced ones I may say, but now it´s time to harmonize and balance them, as these two divine energies within each one of us, will once again work together with God, The Divine, The Source, The Creator, The Universe. 

I used to ask: How can I help, I´m only one?!...

The answer to my question came through when I started to do energy work, it´s over 3 years now.  I was told that through my work I could help an unaccountable amount of living beings across all continents, including Gaia, Mother Earth. I soon realized that through the synergistic efforts of the individual - the collective consciousness can be modulated, transmuted and changed. I felt humble and honored when I was asked to help channel energy with a collective group of Angels last year to North America. It was an experience I will never forget and will forever be grateful for.

You may help to raise the vibration of our Planet as well; if you just take a few minutes of your day to meditate and place an intention/prayer for it.  The Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius is an ongoing process and if each one of us helps, the shift will for sure be a smoother ride.

Much Love and Light!

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