Mood, Trait and Character – How to Sort them and Change them

In psychology, a mood is considered an emotional state. In contrast to emotions (feelings) moods are less specific, and less likely to be triggered by a particular stimulus or event. Moods are typically a short lasting state or mode. What is the difference between Mood, Trait and Character – and how to sort them and change them?

Mood differs from temperament or personality traits, as the latter is longer-lasting – sometimes endures through a lifetime. Nevertheless, certain personality traits such as optimism and neuroticism may predispose certain types of moods. Long term disturbances of mood such as clinical depression and bipolar disorder are considered mood disorders. Mood is an internal, subjective state but it often can be inferred from attitude and other behaviors.

Most people consider the character traits described as aggressive, arrogant, bossy, cruel, cynical, domineering, finicky, fussy, greedy, grumpy, harsh, impolite, impulsive, inconsiderate, intolerant, nasty, overcritical, pessimistic, possessive, resentful, rude, thoughtless, unkind or vengeful as negative traits that can come and go and can be provoked by a certain situation.

A certain mood may also be provoked by an unexpected event with someone who offers reactions such as the ones mentioned above.

Moods, traits or characters can fluctuate through life in a balanced and normal way,  as long as there is no long term -  repetitive negative actions – for a prolonged time -  provoking constant bad situations, frustration, annoyance, ill feeling and uncomfortable  moments to others as well as to the person provoking them.

Usually there is an excuse for these perpetrators – “he/she is the way he/she is.
There is also an excuse for the elders: “old people are just like that – grumpy”.

Let´s take this example of the “old folk grumpy syndrome” and analyze  reasons and possible ways to avoid this state or mode in the younger generations.

There is a general tendency to excuse instead of analyzing the reasons and changing or avoiding the culprits. The way our society has been evolving in so many ways and receding in so many others, we haven´t paid enough attention to the fact that if people go through life accumulating bad energy, or not having fluid and harmonized energy throughout the whole body - there is a very strong chance - their body is full of dissonant energy (bad energy) as well as energy blocks causing them (dis)ease which in turn make them resentful, untrusting and grumpy (to say the least).

The “old folk syndrome” is used here as a mere analogy,   in order to better understand that the accumulation of undesired energies throughout life, lead into a state or a mode that is totally uncomfortable and undesired, but excused or disguised by beliefs regarding mood, trait and character.

Now that we have sorted them out – how can we change them or just soften them out?

As the planet continues to change from The Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius as I’ve written here in this article, more, and more  people will be awake and adapt to the new energies; kids will be born with innate clear knowing of how to balance their energy and will teach others the new (ancient) ways of healing that they are supposed to be bringing back as a new way of life.  The need for drugs from Big Pharma will decrease as alternative healing will become more popular.

But in the meantime what can one do to better their life existence, be healthier and happier in their daily routine?

In one shot: Clean up the energy of the space you live in, and, or work; clean up the energy of your body, and channel new clean energy into the whole body – throughout all the chakras. When this is done, just maintain the balance with good healthy energy practices that may involve nutrition habits and a new healthier lifestyle altogether.

In case you need assistance, I do offer this area of services which you can find  by clicking here.

Much Love and Light

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