Rethinking Physical and Spiritual Nutrition

As a kid I had a problem; I did not like to eat!  I was never hungry and my mother used to frequently say to me: - “do you think you’re nourished by the air you breathe”?  Well, little did she know or I, for that matter, she was not very far from the idea! Years went by, and with so much that I have studied and experienced, I think it is time we talk about rethinking physical and spiritual nutrition.

As I grew up with continuous “no appetite” and was punished for not eating, by teenage years I was already in the kitchen, when no one was home, trying to cook by myself, to experience eating my own cooked food. The adults loved my experiences and I thought – wow(!...) I was able to cook and actually started to like eating – but never large quantities of food; I was satiated with very small amounts, so even though I was eating,  I would still not get away from hearing: - “so you think you are being nourished by the air you breathe”?

As a young mom at 23 in the seventies, I was already into good nutrition and so my daughter did not eat baby food from a jar. I took the time to prepare her nutritious meals made from healthy foods bought in a whole food store nearby, which at the time was something rare. I made her raw fruit and vegetable juices as well as pureed, and would leave it in the refrigerator for whoever would be babysitting her while I was at work.  At that time I was looked like I was odd or strange or even a peculiar young woman. As for myself I was taking supplements and I would take my homemade meals to work, where everyone would like to take a bite, nonetheless, while giving me a little smirk!

Years later I decided to study Nutritional Science and became a registered Nutrition Counselor. As years went by I continued to like to cook based on a nutritious varied and balanced regimen and up to today I honor the same; claiming that quality, freshness  and variety is the main key. I also praise simplicity; the simpler the dish, the richer is the taste, and it´s important nourishment value for the overhaul health.

In my studies of Nutritional Science, I contested the idea, defended by a majority at the time, that people should eat 3 main meals plus small other portions in between.   My thought was and still is: the digestive system needs time to fully digest, and burn the excessive fat; if people are always eating, this is not possible!

As years go by I see people eating larger amounts of food, especially in the United States; I am not surprised by the obesity levels and how sick they are. Within the elderly who are sedentary and don´t have the same nutritional needs as an active person, it is quite sad to see them living on medication, instead of on a restrictive diet to get them back into a healthier way of life.  It is quite sad to see all of this!

At the beginning of my awakening journey I remember seeing a video of a “breatharian”  and I thought to myself:

-          What is a breatharian?  - What is bretharianism?

Per Wikipedia -  Inedia (Latin for 'fasting') or breatharianism /brɛθˈɛəriənɪzəm/ is the belief that it is possible for a person to live without consuming food, and in some cases water. Breatharians claim that food (and sometimes water) is not necessary for survival, and that humans can be sustained solely by prana, the vital life force in Hinduism. According to Ayurveda, sunlight is one of the main sources of prana, and some practitioners believe that it is possible for a person to survive on sunlight alone. The terms breatharianism or inedia may also refer to this philosophy when it is practiced as a lifestyle in place of a usual diet.

Per  - INEDIA  - NOT-EATING, BREATHARIANISM (inediate, not-eater, breatharian)
This is a state of man (inediate, not-eater, breatharian) characterized by the absence of eating, resulting from (or rather being a stage on the way to) expanding of the Consciousness sphere in which man lives. In general an ideal (fully realized) inediate, breatharian or not-eater has no need to eat or drink to keep the body working perfectly. A breatharian consumes no food and no drink, they need only air to nourish the body.

At this point I was laughing out loud and talking to myself: - was I a “trying to be a bretharian without not having a clue to what it was? Did my mother mocking me about it, have any ancient knowledge(?!), without remembering it as real and an authentic possibility?

Through my research I found many breatharians spread-out through this Universe and I was quite amazed, as even today when I say to some well educated person I know about this – I get an immediate laugh with a reply: “that´s crazy and not possible as a person will soon die with no food or water”!

Nothing happens randomly, and the first video I watched on this subject was by a good looking well-built Israeli man, Ray Maor, who, as he explained ,  after hearing some Brazilian guy tell him about this, he, like me, went ahead and researched about it. He was so fascinated by this that wanted to try it and decided to accept a bet!  He did the initiation process while being filmed and monitored by a doctor,  and he won the bet! 

At the age of thirty one Ray decided to go through a 21 day fast - pranic initiation  - that changed his life. Ray has since then invented a 10 day pranic initiation, making it possible for others to have the same experience with less stress, and in a shorter period of transition time.

The balance between the mind and the spiritual and emotional bodies in perfect harmony is definitely possible with very little or no actual food. As Ray says, he eats whenever he feels but mostly likely when friends want him to go out to eat, for the social outing experience.  He does not eat regularly, although he has a magnificent body and works to maintain it, but not the same way as most people do. He now coaches others and takes on Pranic Workshops around the world. He is totally committed to this new lifestyle and to teach others as well.

I then read his book “A Year Without Food” and was really amazed by all that I had learned.

Two years into this, while working on energy every single day, I started realizing that day by day I needed even less and less food. One day this past summer, I was at the beach and suddenly realized I hadn´t eaten in over 24 hours and was feeling quite amazing between the sun and the ocean. It was then, I realized why Ray Maor was introduced to me via Youtube!

I had been introduced to a new concept to my knowledge,  but in a way that I would understand why my specific need of less food than the majority of people had a specific reason.

My lack of appetite was finally understood!  I was being nourished by the energy I channel and bring into myself, consistently, every single day for almost 3 years now.

Realizing that it is possible for a person to live on life energy was for me an eye opener, and  at times I still laugh thinking -  I was an early “wanna be” breatharian without knowing!

Prana is nothing else but Life Energy, Chi, The Force, The Infinite, Cosmic Particles and what anyone wants to call it. All in all and in simple terms it is the universal life energy, and I channel this energy, consistently,  every day in my regular work.

When we breathe, we are breathing in air and energy. Universal Energy is not only found in the air, but in all space. Energy is everywhere,  we breathe it and may channel it – we just have to learn how.
Universal Energy is invisible to the human eye and is still impossible to measure according to today’s science.

We can´t live without air; we may live without water for a while, and without food for even longer, but we can´t live without Universal Life Energy; when this energy is disconnected death of the body is immediate, and the soul moves on to a different realm.

Each person’s consumption of Universal Energy is different from the next, and the percentages are also dependent upon the environment.

It is quite incredible analyzing people´s energy and seeing that some are totally dependent on food! They almost shut all the chakras except for the solar plexus. These are the ones who for sure would die if they don´t eat.

Recognizing that I needed less and less daily food because I was being nourished by the Universal Energy I was channeling every day, was an experience I did not plan in a conscious sense, but presume I planned it long ago when I chose my path. As I made myself available into being a healer and started to dedicate personally into this new lifestyle, I concluded that I could choose to go without food for longer periods of time, if I wanted to, because I was being nourished by the energy I channel every day, and this made me think how wrongly we have been taught and that we should start a new discussion on rethinking physical and spiritual nutrition altogether.

While I don´t plan to make major changes as of now, nor do I advise anyone to do it, I do invite you to research this matter further and see the possibilities that will be brought into the future, when we as the collective start changing our ways of nourishment, onto healthier habits and countless experiences and possibilities.

Having an open mind about what we don´t know or see with a naked eye is, in my perspective, extremely important for our evolution; putting skepticism aside and bringing the dialogue about Rethinking Physical and Spiritual Nutrition to the table and demystify old myths is then a priority in my conversations.

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