Be Careful on What you Focus on

Whatever you bring into your daily life, good things you desire or bad and uncomfortable things you fear, concentrate as powerful thoughts in your psyche.  The more you focus on these issues or things, the more powerful become those thoughts; reason why you should be careful on what you focus on, on a daily conscious way of life.

Whenever you give your undivided attention to someone or something, if not careful, you also give your personal power away to the thoughts and feelings of (someone or something) that moment. When these keep repeating in a pattern, may become a loop in your mind, which in this sort of an instance, you may manifest something you don´t hope for, but simply what you have been absorbing from others.

What you focus on is what becomes powerful. When who think about things in a positive way, the result is positive. If you are fearful, negative or angry, you will manifest more fear, more negative things around you and more anger.

The science that explains why this happens is called experience-dependent neuroplasticity.

The core of this research is the finding that experience changes the brain.

In simple words: experience – good or bad – changes the brain for good or for bad!

Experience-Dependent Plasticity is the continuing process of the creation and organization of neuron connections that occurs as a result of a person's life experiences. Differing life situations and circumstance influence how certain areas of the brain develop and continue to grow.

Neuroplasticity refers to the lifelong capacity of the brain to change and rewire itself in response to the stimulation of learning and experience. Neurogenesis is the ability to create new neurons and connections between neurons throughout a lifetime.

Not much more than a decade or so, it was thought that the brain stayed fairly much the same and wasn’t open to influence or change, but now we know that just isn’t true.

The expression “Change your thoughts, change your life”, from our dear late Dr. Wayne Dyer makes all the sense  when you tap into this idea that whatever you focus on in a conscious way may manifest into what is preferred for you.

Be Careful on What you Focus on, and more than ever have in mind that if and you focus into a collective thought of fear, more fear will be manifested not only into you, but also into the collective!

Instead of focusing on what the main collective is focusing on right now, you may shift your focus onto the direction of your very own personal preference.

I invite you to join me in an exercise:

-        Figure out what is your preference and shift into that direction.

-        Whatever direction you choose it should include joy.

-         Imagine walking in that way and stand in that new place, when you arrive at, wherever it might be.

-         Align and surrender your energy to this special place you chose and arrived at, with joy. Stay there, and simply receive the good energy feeling with the ultimate sensation of worthiness and gratefulness. Nothing and no one can change this feeling but you.

-         In this place and scenario of alignment and surrender, you understand how to master the alignment of your thoughts, as well, and your life flows the way you manifest it.

-         Your perception becomes clear.

-        You turn your receiving mode on (from the Universe) and you have fun with life, you chill out even when dealing with difficult or odd situations.  You know exactly what to do.

-         Nothing takes you back to the old times, you are back in charge, you feel free, in command, and your goal is JOY.

-         All along the way, no matter what – in every way, in every corner, you no longer have to be careful on what you focus on, because in this new place you are standing, you will move along YOUR flow and you will figure it out as you go, every minute, every hour.

-        You smile at life and life smiles back to you.

Much Love and Light!

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