Riding the Quantum Leap

After the last article on   Energy Vibration and Frequency, due to actual events taking place in our daily life,  it is important to talk about Quantum Leaps, what they are and how to “ride” them, go with their flow or stay stagnate.

In review - let´s just say that subtle energy is based on frequencies/ vibrations that cannot be seen with a naked eye but affects organisms at a cellular level. This science of Quantum Physics was first suggested by Albert Einstein.

Einstein explained that light exists in a particle-like state as packets of energy (quanta) called photons. The photoelectric effect occurs because the packets of energy carried by each individual red photon are too weak to knock the electrons off the atoms, no matter how many red photons are beamed onto the cathode. But the individual UV photons were each strong enough to release the electron and cause a current flow.

In practical terms - subtle energy is about things which are so small that they can’t be seen but which influence all forms of life including bacteria, fungus, and or viruses.

Subtle energy is at a stage today where the talk about, the presence or the knowledge of or about bacteria or viruses is in such a repetitive powerful way… it is hard to grasp as hard to measure, but it is more and more powerful, the more we talk about it, the more we focus and fear it; its effect will make a difference – for better or for worse – depending on what your perspective of life is!

In Quantum Physics a Quantum Leap is a transition from one orbital to another or from one energy level to another; from one state to another or from one place in space to another in a gravitational field. For an entity to undergo a quantum leap, it must have potential energy. The potential may be gravitational or electric or any other.

The leap involves a transition to a different potential energy.

There are several reasons, explanations or proofs done on Quantum Leap theories, but the one I resonate with more is the Zeeman Effect, which comes from experiments proven that where spectral lines are different under a magnetic field on an atom.  The increased spin on particles changes the resonance frequency, thus changing the orbital distance.  A constant magnetic force is a transverse wave that either increases or decreases the proton’s spin depending on the direction of proton’s spin relative to the magnetic spin.  This causes the electron to be further from the nucleus (when proton spin and magnetic spin are aligned) or closer to the nucleus (when proton and magnetic spin are opposite). 

Nothing travels faster than the speed of light, however with the concept of a quantum leap between field configurations turning into the same field with a different configuration is even more complex to recognize how it all interconnects and flows through mountains, valleys, continents and its habitants.

I do Quantum Leaps every single day with my practice of remote Reiki healing or clearing and shifting energy,  on several individuals which carry different energy vibrations - and doing it in the same space time continuum,  I do have a clearer understating of what it is and how it works, but to put it very plainly - a quantum leap is a transition from one state to another; where the states may be different and the leaps may be big, but they may be minuscule – which in the long run they will amount to a lot – where the long run may be just now, later today or tomorrow - as nothing travels faster than the speed of light.


A quantum leap is a way to a very rapid shift into a new reality and you must choose what you want your life to be in this new paradigm – ride the new wave or stay behind (?!) – Riding the Quantum Leap with the clear knowing that the Universe is doing the clearing, shifting and purging all densities from Earth for the Age of Pisces to leave, while allowing the New Aquarius Age to flow in and evolve, as intended since the beginning of times – might be the way to go, but the choice is yours to make.

Much Love and Light!    

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