Patience is a Powerful Force

Many say “patience is a virtue”, but recently, I have been taught that patience is a powerful force and I will elaborate on this idea today.

On a normal day to day living in today’s society, one is shown that patience is a virtue that most people do not practice anymore. According to those who think that way, it is because life is supposed to be lived in the fastest way possible.  Some even say “patience is for losers”!

Sometimes as the Universe moves in continues progress, purging, cleansing and expanding, while some of Gaia’s habitants learn, adapt and evolve, most still keep on delaying  the learning, the adaptation and the evolution, and so, within this very dense energy that keeps building up, a sudden “energetical burst” similar to a volcano has to erupt and provoke a localized change which sometimes as a roller coaster  initiates a global change. This is what is going on now. As some would say, it was, and is the “butterfly effect” taking place.

Some have come to teach, to warn, to advise - while others won’t listen or believe because they are here to believe ONLY when they see.  The teachings, the warnings and the advice serves the purpose to help with preparing  for a change – not for any kind of Doomsday message!

So now everyone sees! While seeing, the tendency is to blame on everyone else to what is happening, while forgetting that it’s all part of life on this planet.

All beings are livings beings – humans, plants, animals, bacteria, fungus, viruses – are all part of life on Gaia/Earth or Mother Earth (whatever way you like to call it.

We are all living on this planet because we chose to, and the minimum we should do is to respect all living beings. This being said, each human being should also know how to live in a healthy (for all) environment, but unfortunately this is not a reality.

When we all learn that we are all part of this gigantic wide web of energy called Universe and that what each individual person does affect the other sooner or later,  we will then also believe in the butterfly effect  which is the idea that small things can have a non-linear impact on a complex system. This theory is imagined with a butterfly flapping its wings in China and causing a typhoon in Mexico. Obviously, a single butterfly flapping its wings cannot cause a typhoon, but several small events may, however, serve as catalysts that act on starting adverse conditions in a roller coaster manner.

Today’s adversity may be perceived as a new opportunity to opening a new window on certain mentalities for their expansion, which will facilitate the so needed evolution of our human species.

The restraint, limitation or restrictions which all amount to a narrower boundary around ourselves is being, often, taken as arduous, painful or stressful, when in reality should be an opportunity to do all that has to be done but in a different and less stressful way – in a climate of immense gratitude for the ones who still have to work for the benefit of all of us, who can work from the comfort of our homes.

What does this entire “sort of rambling” have to do with patience being or not being a virtue and, or, patience being a powerful force?

A virtue is the conformity to a standard morality or a particular moral of excellence; but patience is in reality much more than just a moral standard.

Patience is considered the waiting for something or someone in a calm mode, but this is obtained many a times with the exercise of restraint, limitation, or sacrifice and pain.

Waiting is an essential skill.

Patience is a powerful force.     
How can one use the essential skill to work the best way with such a powerful force?

-          By using faith.

Faith is complete trust, complete and naked truth  - the simple knowing given to us by our intuition, and when we learn to use this tool, we learn to practice patience with the powerful force of knowing  - that whatever we are waiting for - will be arriving as soon as the Universe delivers it us.

How do we do this?

-         We synchronize the energies of the essential skill of waiting with the patience as a powerful force, ignited by the faith tool embedded in us since the beginning  of our creation as a species.

Much Love and Light

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