Let´s be clear about Black Magic – what it is and what to do about it

I have written extensively about energy on this platform – Awakening of a Blue Moon – focusing on recognizing the different types of energy that influence our wellbeing, and today I will be writing about the most difficult ones - the dissonant, harsh and malicious energies of black magic; let´s be upfront and clear about Black Magic – what it is and what to do about it.

This is not a topic I like to talk about or even write about – nonetheless – it is a topic I was guided to learn about in some sort of an intense “live course”. As I learned step by step, about black magic and the density and malignancy of its energy as well as its enduring effects, what seemed at the time as an ever ending course, it also gave me the clear and simple knowledge of what this power is and how it can destroy someone’s life if it is not recognized and dealt with the appropriate way.

There are “learnings” that seem like battles difficult to win, endure or even overcome and Black Magic is surely one of those.

I have written about dissonant energy in several articles and even more specifically about some toxic ones like these described (read) HERE but nothing compares to the energy levels and the force of Black Magic.

Before this “live course” on black magic, although I was not totally naïve about the subject – it was something I preferred to pretend to ignore but I was obviously wrong; how could I major in and work with energies if I did not have knowledge about the dark side – the black magic energy? Today I am able to understand how important it was for me to vividly learn about this dark side of energies and about the people who live to use them.

This “live course” was long, hard and exhausting at times – even with all the help and guidance I had from my Spiritual Guides and Angels, I felt drained so many times, I truly felt I was going through another dark night of the soul… so what I write today about this subject in an ultra-resumed way, is not out of any text book, but out of what I was taught by experience.

Is there anything such as Black Magic?
-          Yes, absolutely!

What is Black Magic?
-          The manipulation of energy with the purpose and intent of  harming someone.

The same way energy is manipulated to promote well-being and heal, the way I do it as a Reiki Master Healer Practitioner, it can be used to harm, hurt or even totally destroy someone.

As healing benefits from techniques such as Read Here, Reiki, Bio Energy or others alike, come more and more to the front line of alternative techniques of healing  and more people become aware of them and use them for their well-being, it is also important to realize that not all in the Universe is used for our welfare, safety and good health – there are some “evil” spirited people using their “special” techniques, carrying their agendas out there… and we have the right to learn what they are and how to keep a distance from them.

As I’ve stressed many times in other articles, each one of us comes into each lifetime with a project, a path, an agenda – this being each time for a different experience. Some say it’s to learn, some say it’s for the experience, all in all - my perception says - when we learn we experience!

The experiences or lessons are diverse, and as an example – where I simply do not like physical pain, there are others out there who do –some even pay for it!

The challenges each person chooses are viewed, preferred and felt in many different ways depending on the agenda each one has to defend to accomplish their purpose.  It is wrong to think that each person has what we as a society understands as a “good” purpose. Good or bad, complicated or easy, dark or saintly, it is our choice which path to take. Definition of good and bad, independently of the society views, depends solely on the perception of each beholder.

It is difficult not to judge, it is difficult to step aside without judgment even with the plain understanding that if someone has come into this lifetime to experience the performance of black magic, they will find their preys and they will have assistance from the astral plane. It is even harder to accept that there are Angels of Destruction out there helping these people. It is what it is, and we live and learn, and when we do we live it differently.

I have been taught by one of my dearest Spiritual Guides that compassion is the understanding without judgment or paternalism and I am still learning how to achieve this regarding each and every case of black magic I have been aware of. 

If you are interested knowing who these Angels of Destruction are just Google the term – for the sake of not carrying their energy on this article I am not naming them here. I can assure you they are real and they do their work.

Although I don’t know how many types of black magic there are, I do know  - the more known such as Voodoo, Candomble or Macumba, which are African derived and considered as religions, or the simple Witchcraft or Wicca, all use different techniques, rituals  and instruments for their own performance, most of them being quite ancient.

There are other types or ways though - as malicious and as effective for their purpose - with the advantage of being so much easier to use, and whoever comes with the agenda of using their embedded tools for black magic, it’s quite easy - actually!

As different and easy mental techniques are used for the manipulation of energy for good purposes such as healing and well-being, the same method can be used for the black magic or simply sending a surge of bad energy to someone. Let me clarify though, that these cannot be done by the same person – either the person works for the well-being of someone (white magic) or they  work for the harm of someone (black magic), as the agendas are different, they are in opposite  spectrum of the Light Forces or the Astral Planes.

Black Magic may seem as a Psychic Attack, which is a conscious premeditated anger, violence or aggression on someone’s energy field or their specific energetic area of the body or chakra. A Psychic Attack is often performed by someone who does not even know what they are doing , as in reality all they feel is a very strong negative emotion regarding that person; but there are others who do it deliberately and very much intentionally.

The difference between black magic and a psychic attack is in the magnitude of the effect pretended, but the method used is the same - they focus on interfering and manipulating the targeted person's energy field, the chakras or a specific part of the body. The most common way is to mentally send negative energy to the targeted person with the specific intent.  This is usually and easily obtained by direct eye contact with the target for the transfer of energy, through the use of a picture of the prey or the use of an object belonging to the victim or even yet through a mental way - by thoughts, visualizations or both.  The amount of power force used determines the intensity of the “spell”, and it may destroy a person.

There are people who simply transport bad dissonant energy because they are negative in their way of thinking, their way of life or are stressed at all times, but they are not in any way holders of evil energy. On the other hand, the ones with the dark agenda are very often - bright smiling but quite deceiving people who are looking for a new victim for their experience. Many of these are also the so called ”energy vampires” as they live and thrive out of other people’s energy; they have no good energy of their own so they literally steal it from the ones around them that have it.

Sometimes these deceptive people take their time charming, alluring and conquering their prey and only aim and engage in their black magic procedure, when they think they are sure to succeed; when they do, while continuing to pretend to be a lamb, they are indeed already attacking like a wolf, often using their charm to seem emphatic and offer help in their own attacks. It is important for them to become engaged in their own attacks as they are purely sadistic.

The victim has to realize what is happening - from a sudden and very striking headache or to all sorts of sudden maladies with no specific origin, to elaborate accidents out of no reason – the sort of thing one usually identifies with many “bad luck” incidents - anything can happen and continue to happen for years on end, even with the unfortunate conclusion of the destruction of the person - if nothing is done to stop the attacks!

When the black magic performer senses he or she has been discovered or unmasked, he or she starts to fight it even with more force from their Angels of Destruction; literally it feels like a battle between good and evil! At this point it is extremely important to proceed with extreme caution and to my knowledge – no person on the physical plane can do this alone without the help of their Spiritual Guides and Guardian Angels.

I am not going to write a step by step of what to do to prevent, stop or recover from these attacks as they are way too complex and each case has to be approached differently, privately, and must be handled with extreme care.  In case of need, just use the message form at the end of this article and write to me about your doubts or concerns; I will, though,  give you a generic advice:

1         - Take weekly salt baths, and use these techniques as for regular energy cleaning  just as described here.
2         -  Place a glass cup of water and coarse sea salt as in this image, in certain areas of your house; discard and replace it when either the water has evaporated or has reacted as an eruption like a volcano, or the glass simply brakes without anyone touching it or moving it. See the changes in the water in the image.

3          - More important of all – consult your Guardian Angels and Spiritual Guides as to what is going on, the purpose of it and what to do about it. Speak to them frankly and place all your doubts and concerns – then learn to listen. Remember, you need to make silence and learn how to meditate and talk to these assistants that are by your side but never interfere unless they are asked, because of the freewill rules.

This article has been in the drawer for a while but today Archangel Metatron came out to assist me in the writing of it, as well as to assure me that even though I did write about Black Magic, all of us – me writing and you reading – are all protected under the umbrella of white light, the white bright light of God/The Universe that will shine wherever Love is.

Much Love and Light!

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