God, Humanity and Religions

What if God was like one of us?

What if God was in all of us?

I was raised, believing God was a Christian Catholic God, only because I was told to go to Catholic Church and... and much later on as an adult, I was part of a wonderful catholic community doing a lot of volunteer and totally altruistic work. In that community the priests, the nuns and volunteers all had a main goal - helping others and doing good – and with no taboos we worked together the best we could, even though, there was sometimes, an ego, here and there, trying to overshadow or overpower the goodness.  With this thought in mind, I often think of God vs today´s humanity vs religions and all its power, but what if God was like one of us? Not like the song, but for real? What if God was in all of us? Like the catholic say: God is in all of us… but they never explained why and how?! And why not?

One day someone who had converted from Catholicism to Judaism said in a conversation, something so simple as complex  as -  “my God” to which I responded with a question:

 - Your God? Your God is different than mine?

Of course the discussion that followed was long and each one was left with the same personal opinion, but the point here is, the fact that the “my God” made me start thinking into what I came to a conclusion years later,  which made way, to another long conversation, with someone else about God and Religions.  This person is a smart, intelligent, hardworking engineer -  a Christian, Roman Catholic, but, there is always a but, isn´t there?! …He is a fanatic,  and according to him, God is “his” Christian, Roman Catholic God and all others who follow other  religions are a bunch of (too many) unfaithful people just like the agnostics and atheists. Wow...that was kind of draining, but of course he did not like what I had to say and had no answers to my questions: - "if your God is only the Father of all the Roman Christian Catholics, then who is the Father/ God/ Creator of all the others? Are the rest all fatherless? Are the rest Godless? Are the rest all doomed?". 

According to Google, today, there are about  4,200 religions in the world (what??? really??? is this for real???? is this even possible????) and the ones with more popularity are Christianity: 2.1 billion, Islam: 1.3 billion, Hinduism: 900 million, Buddhism: 376 million, Sikhism: 23 million, Judaism: 14 million. 

God must be laughing out there (yes he has a sense of humor) with so many worshipers of so many religions… wherever he is!… Wait a minute, wait a minute -  but he is supposed to be everywhere! How is that possible if according to the religious people he is only their Father?

More and more I believe God made a mistake giving humans freewill!  As it is, so many people have a tough time making up their minds with the easiest things like what to eat… each one claims their diet is the best (!... )  how can we expect these people to decide or  believe who GOD really is?

God said through Jesus – he is everywhere, he is in us, and I thought that was metaphorical, since God meant love, he is everyone including us. Okay, fine, but what about the ones that are not so nice and are kind of “no loving people” ? Hum… sort of confusing this metaphorical way of thinking - GOD=Love=Everywhere. I needed to decode all of this, I just needed to, and as soon as I did, synchronicities aligned and a wonderful scientifically dense book came into my hands and I felt more blessed than ever. The puzzle was finally making sense, but before going into the details of the book and the theory behind it, I will go into my thought of who God is.

God is:

-          God is the Creator of ALL
-          God is the Origin and Source of the Multiverse
-          God has no Religion so he is above all Religions
-          God is  the non-punishment Creator
-          God is the non- judgmental Creator
-          God is ALL Knowing

By this time I needed to make the connection between science and the mystical God in order to explain to myself, how being everywhere including inside us was possible. I knew it was true because I see not only with my eyes, I see with my heart, so I know he is here with me, but I only wanted to see with my eyes (as well) that proven theory, so I could share with the ones who do not see with the heart (yet) .

One of the great things about being aware and awake is the fact one recognizes the synchronicities in a broad clear way!

When one searches for – one finds!

I had read and heard Gregg Braden, the scientist who says he is bridging science, spirituality and the real world. I find his wisdom fascinating and follow his work along with other scientists and fantastic authors, some of which do seminars together around the world.

So, I read Gregg Braden’s book about who God is, where scientific complex work has been done to prove his theory, that very little people know about (?!), but then again, not all humans want knowledge, so the God Code is out there only for the ones who want to know who God really is – with no fantasies, no mystics, no clouds, no taboos.

The spoiler of the book is: God is ENERGY, God is all the Energy that maintains the Multiverse together, God is in us in our DNA with specific beautiful and clear as water code.

If you would like to read The Code  with your own eyes read the book The God Code,  and then answer yourself these questions: What if God was like one of us? What if God was in all of us? And then,  if you would like, go and spread the word – We are a little Spark of God, independently of our religions or belief systems.

Before I go I would like to make clear, I have absolutely nothing against any religion, but today I choose to learn from all,  while following none and instead, I choose to follow the God that is in my heart.

Much Love and Light!

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