Meditation and Prayer

I have been saying for years - there are times I need silence to hear my inner self.  I started saying this way before my awakening, and so, knew nothing about meditation,  and the prayers I knew about, were the ones I learned in church – the ones done through repetition of the same words over and over, to the point I think some people just say them automatically getting lost in the words. Nothing bad about it ( I guess); though, if there is not an understanding of the real meaning of the words and the intention put into it, it will be just time wasted. Meditation and prayer can be much more productive, once one knows how to do it and use it to its own specific benefit.

Since childhood, I did my own meditation without knowing I was doing it… because I did have the capacity of making silence and hearing my inner self. I remember sometimes being asked: -How do you know that? And I would answer: I don´t know how, I just know! Of course I would not be believed and all I got would be a rolling of their eyes! Only decades later I realized how I knew – I was dipping into my Higher Self for the answers, through my very own, innocent way, of meditating.

Nowadays, as I am, and don´t pretend to be a Guru or a Buddhist Monk in this lifetime, I have learned to meditate per my specific needs and that is what I recommend to anyone. My needs as an Energy Healer are probably different than from those who are reading me.

While Meditation is a practice where by focusing the mind on something, a word, a complete sentence or music, in order to achieve focus and clarity of mind, it can be done to reduce stress and anxiety, whilst helping reduce depression and pain, while producing a sense of  peace and harmony, as well as a better perception of being  - who we are - by tuning in with the Higher Self.

I usually meditate in the morning as soon as I wake up, still in bed, while in a light hypnotic state as it helps to dip into my Higher Self as well as to check-in with my Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels in order to know what I need to know that day.

Before or after some consultations and therapies I do need an additional focus so I meditate for that while asking my guides for  specific guidance.  

At night  I do my meditation just before sleep, and for most, of all of the several meditations I do each day, I do not have a recommended time, it is whatever I  feel the need for. I do not use any special position for meditation either; I do it laying down or sitting normally. I meditate at the beach or the park, without drawing any attention, as I am in a normal position, as I said,  I am not a guru or a monk so I do things I find most comfortable for the time and space I am at. I am practical and pragmatic so I don’t complicate what naturally can be so easy, comfortable and peaceful. 
When reading the “The Power of the Subconscious Mind  by Joseph Murphy I learned much more about the true power of prayer:

…“Scientific prayer is the harmonious interaction of the conscious and the subconscious levels of mind directed for a specific purpose”…

…”Desire is Prayer”…

…”Law of life is law of belief”…

… “It is not the thing believed in but the belief in your mind that brings results”…

…”Universal law of action and reaction”…

It is my conviction that when we pray with our very own words specifying our very own desires, with all our faith and belief, the results are then fruitful.

“Ask and you shall receive” – these were Jesus’s words, but how is this possible?

For certain things we need to use mind over matter, while for others we must use soul over the mind and for this, we must tune into our soul using the power of our heart, putting out there into the Universe, our true new deep desire in a prayer with our absolute belief.

When in doubt ask the Spirit Guides or the Guardian Angels,  as they are always with you but do not interfere, as they are not allowed because of the freewill law;  though when you ask they will answer you,  and the answers can come in several different ways, just pay attention and stay focused and true to yourself.  You may also ask for them to send a clear answer - one that you are able to understand, as they know your specific capabilities.  

I remember hearing Gregg Braden, the scientist, telling a story about something that happened with him which illustrates that the faith we have to put into our prayer, is the answer to get the results! In short, the story is: One day a friend of Gregg’s who is from an American Indigenous descendant family, invited him to go to the mountains pray for rain, as where they live in the state of New Mexico, U.S.A. there was a terrible drought. That day, was, as usual,  dry with a beautiful blue sunny sky,  and his friend showed up at his house to pick him up holding an umbrella. Gregg asked: why are you bringing an umbrella it’s a beautiful day out, no sign of rain in the skies? And his friend replied with a question: aren’t we going to pray for rain? And it did! Before they even arrived back in the city it was pouring rain. Everyone who was not a believer, as his friend and all the indigenous families, were amazed over the event. The Town Mayor was just overwhelmed with what that prayer contributed that day!

By now you realize why I said in the beginning that while “reciting” over and over, words that we´ve learned in religion class can sometimes be a waste of time! And while they are not bad, they might not have any effect as to what you want. All you need,  is to believe in yourself and the power God has given you to change your reality any time you need to. Through meditation you regain clarity and focus, then through prayer you put out your desire in a precise way with total faith in yourself - the Universe - God -  the Source -  will prevail and produce the results you desire.  In this way,  all of us are able to harness the power, both  meditation and prayer really have in order to be enlightened by and  benefit from.

Much Love and Light!

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