Fate, Destiny, Freewill, Faith and Karma

As part of a non-ending story, each human, following each one’s own beliefs may live by fate - not learning with Karma, whilst others follow their destiny making new choices as they go along, using freewill  with awareness of true faith and evolve.

Popular belief attributes faith to religion; in this case, having faith in God or Saints with the expectation (hope) they will answer the requests (prayers). In other words, faith as part of this religious belief system is an expectation of fulfillment done by Higher Beings. It also puts the blame or responsibility on the Higher Beings when things don´t go as expected, or normal, according to their own conviction.

But faith is much more powerful and important, than the hope, that someone out there in another realm will answer or do the work of oneself. Faith is complete trust, complete and naked truth, the simple knowing given to us by our intuition, and this, depends on no one else but us.

Faith is the truth in, and, within us.

If we have this truth clear in us, and exercise it in our everyday life, we will be able to use the powerful tool God gave us. Mind you, God only gave humans this power, this tool called freewill; other species on Earth don´t have it and neither other beings in other Planets.

Because we have this tool to use whenever we want, God does not judge or punish for our decisions or actions, contrary (again…)to religious or popular beliefs. We are the true owners of our decisions, actions and reactions. For every decision made there is an outcome and we are the only ones responsible.  God does not interfere, unless we ask, but we will go into this in a specific and separate article related to meditation and prayer.

Destiny is what one has chosen to be and experience before being  born into this lifetime. I usually say: it is what we have chosen from the “menu”. Some will ask: - Do you really think I chose to be miserable, or poor, or sick, or incapacitated?  And I will answer: - Absolutely!
– Why? – Because life is experience, and we choose what we want to experience in order to evolve.

How do we know the difference between abundance and lack if we don’t experience both?

How do we know what contrast is?

How do we know the difference between pain and pleasure if we don’t experience both?

As Stephen Hawking said through channeling right after his death – he chose to live using only his mind, and for that he did not need a functioning body. Brilliant as he was, he had a superior experience, stretching his capabilities and science to the maximum.

Again, because of popular beliefs, the tendency is to think, those are considered less fortunate and they are being punished - so the response is pity, instead of compassion.  In reality, they are on their evolving journey and should be given all the respect and compassion for such a grand mission.

Karma is not punishment, karma is the opportunity to learn and change. Obviously if we don’t learn what we decided to put on our “menu” and keep on making the same mistakes over and over again,  it will keep repeating until we do, and are ready to move on to experience something else, and this may take lifetimes.

Fate is the negative part of destiny; it is the life one leads if and when nothing is done to be better, to learn, to overcome, and to evolve. In reality, fate is the life one leads when using destiny the wrong way, when freewill is not recognized or accepted, when Karma lessons are not learned,  and there is absolutely no faith.  

Fate, Destiny, Freewill, Faith and Karma,  when used properly, with the perfect awareness of being instead of doing or having, will definitely contribute to a life of achievement, completion  with subsequent evolution.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience” ( PierreTeihard de Chardin)

Much Love and Light!

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