The Energy Field – What Science Proves

We often hear that we are ONE and that is, simply because we are all entangled in this gigantic field of energy called Multiverse which spreads throughout the entire Cosmos, and along the years, cosmologists, philosophers, physicists and biologists have proven that several of their experiments have verified  theories about how energies work, behave, act and react, depending on time, space and reality; they have proven all is related, all is subjective, all is entangled; let´s then  talk about The Energy Field and  What Science Proves.

The Quantum Entanglement was first discovered by the Austrian Theoretical Physicist Erwin Schrödinger  in 1935; later studied by Einstein as well as other scientists. The Quantum Entanglement is a quantum phenomenon that has no equivalent in conventional physics. The groups of entangled particles lose their individuality and behave as a single entity – as ONE!  Any change in one of the particles leads to an immediate response in the other, even if they are spatially separated.

The Quantum Entanglement came to prove We Are All ONE and our energy influences all others.

It came to prove that when we interact with another, no matter how far apart we are, we become entangled by ours as well as their energy, which permeates throughout everything and everywhere through space and time.

For those that need to see everything before believing, or just the plain curious, there are many videos on YouTube by many scientists;  I like the Physicist Brian Greene not only for his reputable work but for the way he presents the theories in a very simple manner. Just click at the end of this article on Quantum Entanglement titled - Quantum Reality: Space, Time, and Entanglement. 

All this said, we now understand that science has been proving a lot more than what the main media and mainstream people tend to believe, only because, most are still living based in a “material – 3rd dimension” world belief, not having the wish, need or even urge for the required quality time in order to wake up to the true reality of life. Never judging, solely stating the actuality of facts,  I do realize not all are prepared to change, I do understand that each being  must have their time and space to travel their path, so, my responsibility and commitment, as a light being and energy healer, is to plant the seed by sharing information and the wisdom channeled through me.

My perception tells me it is our main responsibility to be well by protecting and owning our good energy – by being well  - we influence our field as well as everyone else’s. I will go into explaining how to clean, protect and shield your energy field in another article but for now as a generic advice – keep good healthy thoughts and practices. Do and eat everything but never too much of something in particular. Have good thoughts, good intentions, gentle manners, practice compassion and understanding, walk barefoot in the sand or grass, whenever possible, be 100% truthful and  love yourself unconditionally – as you are the best you´ve got in this lifetime. 

Last but not least – put yourself in the first row! You are the first in everything you do:  love yourself first; take care of yourself first – when you interact with others, everything will be easier because of the simple reason of you being well, by taking care of yourself first. Plain and simple!

Science has proved how we have become ONE by the immense Creation of Energy Source called God; let us now with that understanding, contribute for the up keeping and well-being of all by manifesting the best feelings, sensations and vibrations in this gigantic energy field we all are part of.

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better" (Albert Einstein)

Much Love and Light

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