Infinite Imaginary Bridges

A bridge is here symbolizing the gap between people.

Curiously it is by this bridge on  my photo, I normally do my grounding but that we will go into in a specific separate post.

Physically - Whilst giving the perception of a measurable distance, there is a real possibility of connection, a way through, a clear way of making a long distance the shortest way possible.

Spiritually – It is a quantum leap as the speed of light, which can be proved by Quantum Physics. 

I am here and I am there - wherever you are - upon reading, you will be blessed with the light that transcends through me because it is my intention in all my writings through this - Awakening of a Blue Moon - where you only have to put yourself in a receiving mode (if you want to).


Close your eyes for a minute and breathe in the energy I put into these words.

The general energy I put into my writings in this Awakening of a Blue Moon website, is of harmony, tranquility and universal love, but there will be posts with specific energy which I will reveal in each one, if that is the case.

A true believer each one’s experiences are unique, I also learn from the practices of others, so the intention here is to be able to help by sharing what I know and do.

Don´t sit tight waiting for my insights, although I promise they will be plenty; instead or maybe in the meantime, breathe in the energy of harmony, tranquility and fly away with the wings of universal love that have been waiting for you all your life.

May the party of life be celebrated with love and light throughout infinite imaginary bridges .

Much Love and Light!

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Payment or Donation by Bitcoin -  My BTC  Wallet:  1JrUdcwXKfCj1kXKeLJuFgfgxckF52yxSw