The Power of Daydreaming vs. Meditation

Daydreaming is some sort of a natural basic way to calm the mind while meditation is basically organized daydreaming. We can say meditation is organized daydreaming, and there are many different ways of doing it. Either way, the power of daydreaming or meditation is still very much undervalued or even misunderstood.

Society insists on the motivation or obsession of productivity or distraction. It is like, you are either supposed to be productive or distracted!

In the area of distractions most of the younger people spend infinite time playing games or watching movies or series, where adults/educators contribute or work to destroy daydreaming in youth, until most forget or become incapable to enter the daydream state that was once normal or second nature. The word “bored” is often heard from these youngsters, but it is heard as well by the adults who have become so entangled in their beliefs that productivity is THE WAY to being successful –or the way to be - that relaxing and becoming still to hear themselves or nature, makes them more and more out of touch with their inner selves. I am often curious as to what makes these people happy, or if they know what it really is.

What makes you happy? Or better – are you happy? Where is your joy?

Contemplation is the highest form of happiness, it is philosophical wisdom. This involves the scientific understanding and the intuitive knowledge of eternal first principles combined with demonstration. Of all the pleasures in life, contemplation is the most continuous and self-sufficient. It aims at nothing outside of itself. Nothing outside of the self matters more and nothing outside of the self is needed because the self is complete.

Either contemplating the inner self or the outer world is a continuous wonderful learning process in life that should be continued or newly taught, motivated and valued; when we learn to observe we learn what life is.

The simple pleasure of contemplation is present in daydreaming and meditation, independently of the method used for meditation.

Distractions are good but the need for a constant distraction is often the underlying condition of denial, hiding away or running away from thinking about life as it really is; it’s living in a parallel reality of the book being read, the movie being seen or the game being played. It is the way many people find to run away from themselves. What are they afraid of?

At this time, as Earth slowed down with less noise around her, the air became clearer and more pleasant to breathe, it is perfect to try out and exercise contemplation via daydreaming or meditation, or both, and give it the power it needs to become, again, a natural motivation for the bliss of being alive in this lifetime.

Much Love and Light! 

Let silence take you to the core of life (Rumi)


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