Spring, Metamorphosis and Renewal

Spring is time for renewal; nature does it every year, and human beings should do it as well. This spring we are all called for more than a casual or light version of a renewal; we are actually called upon the absolute need for a whole metamorphosis.

Nature shows us the hard work done during the dark winter days, and comes out full of light and beautiful bright colors in the spring.  It´s like a proud mother showing us all her offspring.   As for human beings, spring is a good time to let go of the old and make room for the new, giving space for the traditional “spring cleaning”, but there is so much more change and renewal you are called upon, and so much is left undone, that sadly accumulates over the years keeping you stuck on “play repeat” without realizing that you are not evolving…it’s like you are always on a frenetic move but not going anywhere.

Letting go of what is no longer needed or serves you in order to make room for the new, opens the door to endless possibilities and it is the way into a true metamorphosis.

Metamorphosis is a biological process by which an animal physically develops after birth or hatching, involving a visible and relatively abrupt change in the animal's body structure through cell growth and differentiation.

Metamorphosis is the way some insects and amphibians change in their life. Rather than just growing bigger, they actually change form. We usually associate metamorphosis with butterflies but there are others like frogs, salamanders, grasshoppers and dragonflies.

Some of us have had the pleasure of seeing the transformation of a caterpillar into a beautiful and colorful butterfly.Humans are not able to make such a physically striking transformation, as caterpillars, unless by plastic surgery which in this case is something unnatural.  But speaking of natural transformations that can be done by anyone willingly is the option of mental or spiritual metamorphosis. The idea is to embrace change with the beauty and grace of the caterpillar/ butterfly, to one’s transformation, with the advantage that humans can do it as many times as they desire.

This spring, we find ourselves in a metamorphosis sort of desperate need - it’s like, either you do it, or suffer the consequences. There is no more time to spread the silver dust on top…you must clean what is underneath first.

The brain hardwires everything that we repeatedly do – this is how habits are formed and are so hard to change as the stories we tell ourselves over and over become default paths – hardwired until we go in and destroy them.

Many people have been convinced over the years, of certain society beliefs that more is better – more is best – and that belief has led too many into over-consumption of just about anything! That belief has become hardwired in those people’s brains, becoming their way of life. They actually believe it is the way to live happily and successful, while they do not even think there is a dark side or consequences of living with those hardwired beliefs.

Remembering one of the sayings of the late George Carlin, the American stand-up comedian, actor, amateur philosopher, author, and social critic, from the HBO show “Life is worth Loosing” – “people spend money they don’t have on things they don’t need”.  Carlin was very critic of his beloved Americans and their way of life, being the greatest consumers.   Carlin passed away in 2008 and if he was still alive today he would be saying: I told you so!

Excesses in globalization brought the excesses in everything including consumerism.

Excess brings selfishness and unbalance, selfishness and unbalance brings estrangement, rupture, loss of self, falling-out or simply put – a plain failure of all systems in the whole collective.   Of course this takes years to form, but the longer the excess is carried on, the harder the fall. And ladies and gentleman we have fallen, whether or not you have felt it – we fell to the ground and we must rise up but into new territory; we must NOT return to the same place we fell from.

Every crisis provides the culture for change, and this one is global! Remember we are ONE?

The darkness of fear and anxiety that so many are feeling right now is equivalent to all the springs they did neglect the spring cleaning and left it for another time.

It is not the time to blame, claim or complain; it is time to clean up, shift, change the hardwired brain from the survival mode and use this time to cocoon yourself and look within; use the down time to go within and self-reflect and re-connect to who you really are, who you really are supposed to be before you took in all the beliefs of others that do not serve you.

Concerns of globalization, climate change, usage of weapons, race, gender, drugs and big pharma, taxes, finances, and world economy statuses, are all put on hold on the shelf of less important issues to take care of for now, because there is something, that unexpectedly (or not) was brought into all of us, to serve as the great purge or the great equalizer that is showing us who we have been, what we have done and who we really are and what we want to do to change, as an individual as well as collectively.

It is sad to read or hear people say they are “stuck” at home! It is sad to read or hear people say they are bored! Those same people used to complain they worked too much and rarely had time to be home, relax or enjoy their family time. Do they not realize how unbalanced they are (?!) how out of touch they are!? Do they not realize how lucky they are to just have a home? Do they not realize how many people out there do not have a home? As written previously, it is not the time to blame, and I am certainly not bringing these issues with a judgment sort of mind, I am merely stating facts - that should be remembered in order to wake up and make the so needed changes.

The opportunity is given  to cocoon and go within, don’t fall into the trap of using the time off to do everything possible in order to forget what is going on or around you. If you do that you will continue in the same spiral as before. Don´t fall into the trap of merging into the fear and anxiety of the ones spreading the news, either.

Be informed and alert, do what is recommended of you, and for you,  as a responsible citizen but then immediately connect to your breath, quiet your mind through meditation and do all the inner work you need to do. It’s okay to feel vulnerable, it’s normal to feel the ups and downs, and it’s important to bring yourself to balance more than ever at times as these, by acknowledging the feelings and then letting them pass through.

Time alone going within - is not the same as being alone with a constant distraction – in as much as it is good and pleasurable at times - this is not what is requested of us right now.

When we are alone and go within, we open the door to a whole new world of possibilities, where we begin to become self-aware.  When we go within and become self-aware we may make corrections. When we  hear ourselves and we allow ourselves to feel the feelings, we release and move dissonant energy that may have been trapped or stagnant for decades. We can learn to speak to our higher self and listen to it.  We can look into past traumas and shift them out of our life. We can clear out regrets and resentments of the past, or the worries and anxieties of the future; then come back clean into living in the present moment in a comfortable and even blissful new way. It is then that the metamorphosis comes through; while it might not be easy, or comfortable, the reward is sure peaceful and truly rewarding.   The integration and connection with ourselves so that we can re-integrate or re-connect, as ONE big human family with ONE beautiful home called planet Earth. 

We are surely not called to heal everyone – we are surely called to heal ourselves – in turn, when we heal ourselves we heal everyone around us by sharing our healthy beautiful vibration frequency.

Remember Love generates more Love – a smile and being gentle might be a courageous gesture right now that generates more smiles and more gentleness.

It´s time to be informed and on alert and it is time to think of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. It is also time to go within, and it’s time to go without  - whatever does not serve you and humanity in general. The faster we all move, this spring  and shift the old not serving us all paradigm of the caterpillar, the faster it will die through the needed renewal and metamorphosis and a beautiful new “butterfly” world will emerge through the Age of Aquarius.  

Much Love and Light!


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