Post Spiritual Awakening

A spiritual awakening is an appeal to the higher or consciousness of the WHOLE, and deeper mental awareness of who you really are.  It is a process and like any process, some take longer than others, but independently of how long it takes, it brings inevitable personal transformation and a shift in one’s global worldview and interests; post spiritual awakening brings out a new way of life where enlightenment grows, making way to the full comprehension of your life in general or a situation in particular.

I have celebrated my fourth anniversary of my awakening, and looking back in my path, and looking in the mirror, nothing compares - where I see the same person in the mirror, I do not see the same person in my today’s daily routine, beliefs, wishes, wants and needs, and much less the vision of the Universe and God.

I realize I gave some extra work to my Spirit Guides and Angels for my awakening as I apparently was delaying by procrastinating and as they said at the time - “I was pretending” not to recognize what I had in me! What I described to be an appeal, the spiritual awakening, in my case was really a plea or an urgent request to “wake up”!

The signs along my road went unacknowledged for so many years, as I persistently thought they were not for me. I kept helping others through third parties, thinking I couldn’t do it myself. I guess I was blinded by insecurities and lack of trust in myself – I literally did not know who I was.

I thought it was strange that a friend called me “Indigo”, and as I didn’t know anything about it I had to research and then admit  - yeah… that sounds like me!

But four years ago I was told bluntly and plainly:  - You are a “Healer”  and you must start working on that!

I went on to learn about myself, my true self, my whole self, the one that comprises - mind, physical, spirit and the transcendent part of my whole self. I opened up my Akashic Records and I learned until now what I am supposed to know about my past, present and future – what is useful for now - and I work daily to become the best version of myself.

I went on to study, took courses, studied some more, and my new life is a different reality where everything still looks the same from the outside. I did not become a vegan – like some say they did, or started dressing differently, or did I become a guru and put myself on a pedestal, nor am I always in a Zen pose or state.

As God said: I am, that I am, or I am what I am!

Each person has their own path and identity, I am always repeating this – awakened or not awakened -  each one of us is different and because I’ve always thought this way, resides the reason I don’t like routine, where many look like sheep following the Shepard.  I guess this is the Indigo in me, and because of this trait of mine, I've always preferred to follow my truth instead of what is trending at the moment.

As I learned more of who I really am, and what I can do now in this Universe, in this lifetime  - what was expected of me, what I expected of myself and how to be of service to the WHOLE - I opened the door, surrendered and allowed the God in me to take over. As I opened the door to God, I accepted the help available to me by my Spirit Guides and Archangels and a whole new relationship was established, so that we can harmoniously work together in the name of God the Creator.  

It became clear to me why fear was so long gone. I felt as fear from my past had made space for the faith and eagerness of the forgotten true me, to make a whole new installment.

“If it would be the end of my time now,

I would come back with the clear perception

Of belonging to the WHOLE”

Virginia Dias

On the global physical plane, Planet Earth has begun its sort of own spiritual awakening as well,  and I’ve written about it here with specific detail and further here as well.

The process is supposedly moving from a fear-based environment to a love-based environment and though as right now, seems very chaotic, that is the process taking place.

No stone will be unturned, no truth continue to be hidden!

Before getting better it gets worse as many are resistant to change and fight it as best as they can; whether they like it or not, a spiritual awakening, on a global level, is happening! Many will continue to be in denial and it will be like they will be living in the other Earth, what the late Dolores Cannon referred to.

The question for you is: Are you allowing it, or have you chosen to remain asleep?

An ever-increasing number of people have already chosen to awaken spiritually! The choice is totally personal though.

This awakening of our connection to divine energy happens differently for everyone, where for some, it can be a slow and steady process, for others is a spontaneous spiritual awakening. It’s like one day you say Eureka, I see the light, and you start being enlightened about everything with a whole new perception and perspective.

Whenever and however it happens to you, choose your truth and live it.

As I have integrated and reintegrated the new all of me into an upgrading of myself, I’ve studied and learned many new concepts, creating my new ones, and evolving in my own way and rhythm where one of my mottoes is “learn with everyone, follow no one”.

The pleasure of Post Spiritual Awakening is the clear perception of it all - it is the enlightenment that tells you that knowing - is the divine state achieved after experience and evolution is the knowing, experiencing and being – it is the joyous bliss of being the true you – the one you chose to be before arriving on Planet Earth, where you and God are ONE.

Much Love and Light!


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