Who Are You, Really?

You’ve probably read somewhere, or heard that you are not your thoughts, but get perplexed by your thoughts commanding your feelings most of the times, and sensations from those feelings make you return to the same ever clinging thoughts over and over; if you are not this loop of thoughts, then who are you really?

Studying behavioral science has given me the great insight of mental training and personal development in general, as well as to teach others that we are not our thoughts. Whatever thoughts or feelings pop up or linger in our head at any given moment do not define or control us, unless we allow it.

In general, any time you run into a disturbing thought or emotion, remember that it does not define or control you and you can actively choose whether to engage in it or not. If you choose to engage, think of how, and the consequences; if you choose not to engage or participate, just acknowledge the thought and shift it to something else. Build a system – when you have annoying, inconvenient thoughts, just say something like:  - hum, there you are, you came back… but I really have to go now; then visualize yourself somewhere else nice and pleasant. I usually sing myself out of that place and go to my favorite beach! Not literally… in my mind! But this is me; you may develop your own system.

It is often I hear “I cannot stop my thoughts”, or “I think too much”! Well, that is normal – everyone thinks – not too much or too little; and thoughts cannot be really stopped but they can be actively shifted for our convenience.

Having this well cleared up and assumed, let’s go back to the question in the beginning:

 -  Who are you really (?), do you know?
-   Would you care to know?
-   Are you interested in finding out?

I like to know; I’ve always liked to know the reason of things!  And I like to know the function of reason as it gives me a whole different perspective of my life and what I am here to do in this lifetime. After all I came to do something, and I like to have a clear understanding of what that is, and knowing who I am is the definite key.

In the book A Course in Miracles it says in Chapter 21,  V. The Function of Reason- 1.Perception selects, and makes the world you see, it literally picks out as the mind directs”…
Reality needs no cooperation from you to be itself, but your awareness of it needs your help because it is your choice”…
…”Reason lies in the other self you have cut off from your awareness. And nothing you have allowed to stay in your awareness is capable of reason”…

It is important to be whole, by activating your whole self – spiritually, mentally and physically so your perception of who you are is clear, is real and you know the reason.

Some people wrongly think that life purpose has to be something grandiose…and so they look in the wrong places.

Life purpose is linked to who you are, and many times you don’t do YOU for many years because you are directed the wrong way, you keep resonating with the wrong you, simply because you have the wrong idea of who you are.

If you are one of these people, you may stop this loop by meditating today on who you really are!

Ask yourself: Who am I, really?

You are not your thoughts, we’ve said that in the beginning, but you are not the family, friends, properties, cars, money and all the other things you have or even your job or your business, either! Funny enough, your hobby, if you have one might give you a hint!

Make time and space to meditate and ask yourself:  - Who am I, really?

In that meditation space, close your eyes and in your mind separate yourself from everything you own, or everything you think belongs to you, like family for instance. Breathe deeply a couple of times and place yourself totally naked (not literally) and alone with your awareness; feel that you, feel that awareness of you, feel the energy of you, feel all the love of you and in you,  and when you are ready, ask:  who am I, really?

If the answer does not come into your mind’s eye at that meditation moment, it may come to you through a dream or through something you visualize in your mind another day, or even through some situation that occurs in front of you at another date; be alert but do not worry, if nothing does not occur to you, it means you are not ready, yet, to find your way. Remember the teachings come when the pupil is ready.

If you are one of the lucky ones to receive the insight to your question of – who am I, really (?) savor it, ask more questions if necessary, clarify whatever needs to be clarified and then go live your truth. Remember – when you know the truth, live it!

Much Love and Light!


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