Talking to God or Talking with God?

This title might be suggestive of simple different semantics for the same thought, but I truly believe that talking to God is different from talking with God, and I will explain my reasoning.

A good conversation always involves talking as well as listening.

Before moving into the subject of Talking to God or Talking with God, I would like to - once again – as I have done in several articles here in Awakening of a Blue Moon – disclose that - MY GOD has no religion – MY GOD is above all religions, and I know there are over four thousand religions out there! I respect all of them. I was born and raised as a Roman Catholic and taught the New Testament – Jesus life more precisely, to teenagers, and I loved it. Jesus is actually my only idol, but I must take God out of the religious context because - My God is the Creator of ALL – the Source of All – the Energy of All and for All. And by the way – I say MY GOD but I know God is not only mine… I do it in a very tender-loving way! 

God has no genre, God has no beginning and no ending, God is in everything, and God simply is in everyone independently of religious beliefs.

When God said to Moses “I AM THAT I AM” in Hebrew “ehyeh asher ehyeh” was translated to “I will be what I will be” or as Rotherham translates it, “I will become whatsoever I may become.”  This expression in Exodus 3:14 is an idiom, an expression that has a meaning that cannot be understood by the individual words, so the interpretations might be diverse.  So, what does “I AM THAT I AM” mean? To me it means “I AM THAT, and that, and that, I am everything”.

The conviction that God is everything became clearer to me when I started to study Metaphysics and Quantum Physics and also after reading the book The God Code by Gregg Braden, where he publishes his detailed research about this subject. Difficult but fascinating and revealing read!

God is everything because God is the source of everything and is in everything; placing God in any specific sort of religion is to me, diminishing the true powers and importance of our Creator and Source.

Talking to God is to me similar to praying to God, where usually a formatted religious prayer is used to talk to God, which frequently is some sort of asking for something to happen. I’ve been there! I’ve done this many times in the past, as I did not know a better way to communicate with God. I am not insinuating this is the wrong way to communicate with God, I am just saying there are other ways, and I found them!

Over twenty years ago, a friend of mine told me that someone we both knew had written a book about talking with God, and as he had been invited to the book signing, he wanted to know my opinion, as at the time, he thought she was either crazy or taking advantage of the gullible. I answered: I don´t know if she is either one thing or the other – the only thing I know is that I also talk to God, but the problem is I don’t hear the answers. My friend looked at me in total amazement, and I was convinced that at that moment he thought I was as crazy as the other one who had written the book. The book was a success, by the way, firstly because she was the daughter of someone famous so the publicity was totally free, but after this initial effect she started to be followed by a preposterous and ridiculed media and so she moved to another country.  All I know is that this woman is doing very well with all the books she has written since, and all the work she has been doing spirituality, which includes teaching.  Whether she is speaking her truth or just to the gullible, I don’t know because for some reason I was not curious enough to read any of her books – maybe because I was then, coming from a misconception approach, as I knew this person from childhood where she was a “complicated” child. Preconceptions and judgments do sometimes originate misconceptions, which are wrong… but in this case I did not even give it the time to find out. In any case, I never forgot this, and to me it is a perfect example that in those days all I knew I could do was “talk to God”. I basically recited prayers to God and when I felt in trouble I would ask, please, please, please get me out of this one and I promise I won’t do it again! But I had it wrong, I admit that!

As I learned better, Talking with God became to me some sort of an upgrade from talking to God! It’s as I said in the beginning:  - A good conversation always involves talking as well as listening! And I have been able to do this; I have been able to learn how to listen, and how to respond.

Talking with God is having a good conversation – like a one on one talking and listening with respect instead from the premise of worship or adulation.

I loved to read the trilogy “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch, because in these books I recognized MY GOD – the one who even has a sense of humor, and talks with me in an informal sort of way that I love and respect.

I’ve learned that once you’ve asked God for something you don’t need to repeat it, as it will not help the matter. Remember the saying -“Ask and you shall receive”? It’s true, and this is related to The 12 Universal Laws and How they Influence Us, I wrote about here.

And I learned this, in a specific request where God told me all I had to do was to wait, and gave me an analogy how this happens, but because of my persistent request, God said: - you put your request in a factory, the factory receives the request and validates it, then the factory manufactures it, then it rides in a conveyor belt to be sent out, and finally the item is sent out for shipment and delivery. Because I like to be “cute” I asked: where is my item now? And the answer was:  - out for delivery! Because God is also funny, he continued: deliveries do take a long time sometimes; other times they are even lost! Okay, okay, I got the point! I totally got it, and we both laughed; I actually laughed out loud – lucky me, I was alone, otherwise I would be called crazy!   

These are the kind of talks I have with God where while I am totally respectful - I am the way I am – humorously talking about important issues that pertain to my personal life. Of course there are moments that are not so humorous but the reason I am bringing this up today is to convey the thought that when God said to Moses -   I AM THAT I AM - as in I am what you need me to be; if there are people who want to pray, plead, cry and worship God, I have my personal approach which involves none of that, and lucky me – I have finally learned to listen as well.

Talking to God or Talking with God is something I find to be extremely personal and I don’t give advice on how to do it or which approach to take, but one thing I can assure you, as per my perspective – while talking to God can be done anywhere even in big crowded places like places of worship, talking with God can only be done in total silence, so you can have that good conversation that involves both talking and listening, with the special privilege that - listening to God is simply sublime while done in the midst of the silence of the Universe.

Much Love and Light!


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