Angry or Irritated often?

Ever thought why you are often angry or irritated? Ever given some deep thought into the real reason without the excuse of something outside yourself ?!... If you truly have no clue, let’s go over the possible real reason behind you being angry or irritated often and how to deal with it.

Ever thought you would like to be like the hippies in the seventies – where nothing really bothered them and their mantra was “peace and love”?! Well, the hippies used psychedelics which helped them calm down and view the world through different lenses, but I am not suggesting this at all. My proposal is to walk you through to pinpoint to the reason and then eliminate it and balance it.

Maybe you feel angry so regularly as well as irritable, short-tempered and grouchy that you are known by family and friends, that it’s because of your character and that cannot be changed. Or maybe it’s not your trait or character but it’s something that along the years of accumulated stress you started to get used to snap at everyone around you, or everyone who pushed your buttons, sort of speak, because your anger comes out of nowhere and you don’t know how to control it. You even heard that anger is best to let out, okay… but if this was to be true, did you ever think of your “victims” – the ones who have to put up with your anger tantrums?! What if they would do the same to you?

When you start right in the morning where you stumble and hurt your toe into the shower, then you spill your coffee, and go on in a roller coaster of sort of morning “accidents” which cause more anger making you snap at everyone in the house, while you drive or in a public transportation, anywhere you go and anything you do( ?!...) and then you say: everyone sucks, everyone is against me, why is my life like this? Why do I always have bad luck? Why me?

It’s time to evaluate your situation and if you want, change it! I say "want" because you must want to, some people don't want to change!

Change yourself, change your life!

When someone in the morning says to you “good morning” do you say out loud or to yourself   - “maybe to you-not me”?!

Where does this sort of unexplained anger come from and what does it mean?

I say “sort of unexplained” because it seems that way, but in reality everything can be explained and while there may be many different causes, sometimes only one is enough to trigger you. Usually it starts with the need to control people or situations and that makes you overthrow your boundaries and say yes when you really want to say no. You do things you don’t feel comfortable doing and with time you become resentful, drained, unbalanced and depleted of your good energy.

In turn, lack of good sleep makes you even more irritable and you start blaming everything and everyone for your behavior – it’s anxiety, it’s hormonal, it’s stress, it’s age, it’s relationships, it’s family, it’s coworkers, it’s the job, it’s fate, it’s karma, it’s bad luck, it’s whatever comes to your mind because at this state, you have become incapable of getting to the root case – your unbalance.

Anyone in today’s society has the same challenging situations and your priority should be to learn how to manage your emotional state, in order to manage those situations in the best healthy way possible – and it is totally possible as long as you recognize where it’s coming from and decide in a determined way to change it.

The need to do this work is your choice and your choice alone; don’t expect others  to support you in putting up with your anger tantrums all the time; don’t expect others to stop  pushing your buttons ; don’t expect life to change overnight to accommodate you!

Stop controlling and blaming what is outside of you and concentrate in balancing yourself – you can’t change the world, you can change yourself to perceive the world in a different way.

Your anger issues have a “start button” - a “trigger issue” and you must investigate what it is and where it comes from.

Once you realize and decide you want to do this you may do the exercise through meditation, but first,  the very first thing to do is to take a sea salt bath to clean out all the dense energy in your body and balance it with all the minerals the sea salt has.

Put one pound (+- 500gr) of coarse sea salt in your bath tub and fill it as usual. Immerse your body in the water, leaving your head out, and if you want say these words out loud or in your mind (it doesn’t matter which way): - “I am grateful the sea salt minerals are cleaning and shifting all the negative, dense energy from my body and make it possible when this is done, to receive new energy from source and balance it throughout all my chakras, in order for the new source energy to flow harmoniously through my whole physical body as well as my etheric body”. When you feel like it, wash yourself the way you usually do with fresh water and you’re done. You should feel totally refreshed!

This procedure with salt baths, have to be done as many times as needed to clear all the dense energy you have – sometimes only once is not enough - this has to be measured, but since in this article I can only recommend this as a general advice, and supposing you will be able to do it all in one session (salt bath), you may then proceed to the next step – meditation.

Sit down or lay down – whatever position is more comfortable for you.   Make sure all distractions are turned off and you are alone in privacy and silence.

Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and start feeling your body from head to toe. Breathe in from your nose and out through your mouth. Feel the air coming in through your nose and out through your mouth. Feel the feeling of being in silence, in peace and calm. If there are thoughts coming to your mind acknowledge them and say – “I understand but now I am busy, please go away “and get back to feeling the calmness and the breathing. Feel the energy in your body from the top of your head to your toes. Feel the feelings as energy flows through all parts of your body. When ready tell your higher self you need help and need to ask a few questions. Ask whatever questions pertain to your anger and frustrations that lead to anger and irritability. Ask what are the triggers and why. Once you ask the questions stay in a receiving mode of listening. Once you hear your higher self give you the answers, ask what you can do, what you should do to approach and correct this situation. Maybe you should prepare these questions before starting the meditation so you don’t get lost in thoughts.

This must be done as many times as necessary to get the answers. If you don’t succeed the first time, it may be because it’s not the time, or because you were not relaxed enough or not in the necessary self-hypnosis state. Try again another time.

Remember, you may change YOU, in order to change your life, and only YOU can do this – nobody else can. You can do it by yourself but you must believe you can and then be determined that you can. You don’t need drugs or psychedelics! Your mind does not control you - you control your mind. Be the boss!

Once you are able to do all the work needed to come back again as a balanced being, you will be able to look at life in a different way, because you perceive it differently. You act instead of  react. Traffic will continue to be the same, spilling your coffee may happen again, people may get on your nerve,  be obnoxious or push your buttons, your job may suck and the sun may not shine every day, but you will not be triggered into reacting and having an anger tantrum ever again because you are balanced and know how to maintain yourself balanced; angry or irritated often? – Never again, you say to yourself!

Don’t forget to smile!

Note: The above method may be applied for stress related issues, depression or anxiety. 

Much Love and Light!


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